Tiger Woods is a hypocrite

December 18th, 2009 // 64 Comments

Back in 2007, Tiger “I Put My Penis in All of Vegas” Woods apparently went on ESPN and criticized Michael Vick for not coming out sooner about his dogfight scandal. Via SPORTSbyBROOKS:

“If you made that big a mistake, you’ve got to come out and just be contrite, be honest and just tell the public that ‘I was wrong.’”
“Waiting a long time got a lot of people polarized. … If he would have come out earlier, he would’ve diffused a little more of it.”

What’s ironic is during the same year, Tiger’s people granted an unprecedented interview with Men’s Fitness in exchange for their parent company squashing a National Enquirer story about Tiger having an affair with Mindy Lawtown, according to The Wall Street Journal:

Golf Digest editor Jerry Tarde acknowledged that he was “mystified” that Mr. Woods had agreed to this. Under Golf Digest’s contract with Mr. Woods, the monthly, which is owned by Condé Nast Publications Inc., spent as much as $1 million annually on donations to the Tiger Woods Foundation, printing the charity’s annual report and sponsoring many of Mr. Woods’s preferred tournaments, according to a person familiar with the terms. In return, Mr. Woods agreed to contribute monthly articles on golf techniques and limit his appearances in competing publications
Mr. Woods had cut an unusual deal with American Media Inc., the owner of both Men’s Fitness magazine and the National Enquirer tabloid newspaper. Mr. Woods agreed to the cover shot and photo spread in Men’s Fitness, whose circulation of about 700,000 per issue is less than half of Golf Digest’s nearly 1.7 million, in return for the National Enquirer squelching a story and photographs purportedly showing Mr. Woods in a liaison with a woman who wasn’t his wife, according to people directly involved in the arrangement.

All of this leads toward one simple conclusion about Tiger Woods: He should be forced to marry the now-single Kate Gosselin without a pre-nup. Although, there’s an off-chance he might actually be happy with that. Think about it: She’s blonde, white and will basically do anything for money. (Read: Burying cocktail waitresses.)


  1. yeah

    tiger is pissing me off… ugh so annoying

  2. first?


  3. bob

    whos dick do i have to suck to see TARA REID Playboy photos on here?

  4. David Duke

    Send him back to Africa or Asia

  5. saywha?

    big difference is that tiger didn’t break the law no one died because of anything tiger did; in fact, if gossipy losers weren’t so obsessed with this story, it wouldn’t even be a big deal. i never liked tiger woods or golf, but this story is overkill. who cares if he banged a lot of b*tches? he’s a billionaire athlete for crying out loud!!!

  6. Sean

    Actually, adultery is against the law in many states. You would have to figure out which states that Tiger banged which skank to figure out which law he broke

    That said, Michael Vick tortured animals. Vick set up contests to have dogs tear each other apart. He also ran a gambling operation.

    Tiger just screwed everything in sight.

  7. The Professor

    No one died when Vick did what he did. Dogs died. Granted, that’s not much better, but just making a point.
    As far as who cares and you’re excusing his actions because he’s an “athlete” (come on, it’s golf) with a lot of money, how about his family? We know his wife isn’t making excuses.

  8. Have we ever seen such a fall from grace? Not in my lifetime.

  9. Rupert


  10. Hohlraum

    yeah he’s a hypocrite cuz cheating on your wife is the same as having animals fight to the death for your enjoyment. :/

  11. Richard McBeef

    @3 I would rather suck two dicks at the same time than see Tara Reid naked.

    @8 What about when when OJ went from that lovable guy on the rent-a-car commercials to that dude that damn near decapitated that woman?

  12. Mulrooney


  13. saywha?

    how about this, instead of worrying about tiger woods, let’s get some nudies of his wife & mistresses. make yourself useful instead of making everything into a “news item”.

  14. saywha?

    lol @ tiger’s fall from grace.

    this is like michael phelps getting caught smoking a bong, michael jordan having a gambling problem, or bill clinton doing interns. no one will even care about this 1 year from now.

    don’t get me wrong, i hate tiger woods & the “sport” of golf, but i would rather see tiger go down for something real than phony gossipy “headlines”.

  15. Fans and Fagzz

    Sure are alot of people here that think that somehow it’s ok for a homely freak to have made a billion dollars for essentially never having had to add one useful thing to society and then thinking he is above his committment to his wife and children. Just show’s you what lowlives there are in this nation. No wonder is it falling apart.

  16. who dat

    He has such a huge ego, he actually believes his marriage is savable. Elin is going to take her $100 million and move on.

  17. R2D2

    So now “hypocrite” is a synonym for “ape”?

  18. Urbanspaceman

    #15 – Fans and Fagzz : Before he died, Earl Woods said that Tiger’s eventual impact on the world would go far beyond golf. I don’t know what that means but maybe Tiger just hasn’t got around to the other stuff yet.

  19. Rupert


  20. Sport

    unless you are showing us Tiger’s tits, I dont care.

  21. who dat

    Who am I kidding?

    I don’t care about Elin. I’m so gay for Tiger it’s crazy. I’d polish his club and lick his balls until he cleaned them on my willing face.

    God, I am sooooo gay for Tiger.

  22. samantha

    OMG for fuck sake… he cheated… like every other person in this world… he was not killing poor dogs… by making then fight each other… he had sex with a bunch of ladys… come the fuck on… a if it was Brad Pitt who was doing all the sex oh its because he is brad pitt and sexy… so he got some get over it… it is not that big of a deal…

  23. puhleez

    Obviously this wife of his was nothing but an ice queen who gave bad head, or maybe even none at all. The thing about marriage is, there is nothing in it for the man. For the woman, she has a money-making husband shackled to her as she gets ugly and fat and completely undesirable, and he can’t leave! That sucks!!!!

  24. It would not have mattered whether Tiger spoke now or before. He still slept with all the women in his life. Whats the difference when spoke?

  25. nunya

    Tiger didn’t break the law or kill anything you morons! It’s his PERSONAL life…idiots….

  26. who dat

    To the F-stick that keeps posting using my screen name. You are only proving I fucked you up mentally when I bitch slapped you here. Keep doing it. It only reminds me how bad I messed you up.

  27. cureholder

    Love the illiterate writer who quoted Tiger as saying “diffused.” It’s “defused,” idiot. (“Diffuse” means to spread out or scatter. “Defuse” means to prevent a high-pressure situation from exploding, like defusing a bomb.) And you even put it in the pull quote!

  28. G&T

    I’d be jumping in joy if I was Elin! a hundred million settlement, lifetime child support, and the possibility to go out and screw whoever she wants?

  29. Id

    There’s just no comparison here. Better a womanizing tool than a monster that profits from torturing animals. I mean, really. Vick is a maggot. Tiger’s just a man.

  30. Rupert

    Tiger’s just THE man.

  31. Rupert


  32. who dat

    I would love to meet and have sex with Tiger. I would even let him violate my wife and mother anally. Most importantly myself!

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  34. jwow

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  35. Heather

    Ya except for the fact that Michael Vick is a demented animal abuser that should be dropped off in the Arctic for the polar bears to have a go at. We’ll see if man wins over beast in that scenario. Tiger can’t possibly be placed in the same category as that neanderthal. Men cheat on their wives everyday. It’s nothing new & regardless of everyone thinking they have the right to be in on every single celebritys personal life it’s none of our business. It’s between Tiger & Elin. He’s a fucking golfer for Christs sake not a Politician. When we start thinking a pro athlete ISN’T cheating we’re the ignorant ones!

  36. who dat

    I want to sincerely apologize to all The Superficial readers for posting the most sophomoric, insipid and semi-literate comments that have ever appeared on this or any other site in the history of interwebs.

    I am a pathetic cunt.

    However, the fact that I am a ridiculous, cartoonish effeminate male is no reason to hate. I love a thick cock in my dumper, I love to finish a good fucking with a load on my face and I looooove to clean up that thick cock afterwards with my willing tongue.

    Fuck you all if you don’t like me for that!

    ::snaps fingers gayly::

  37. Tiger didn’t break the law or kill anything you morons! It’s his PERSONAL life…

  38. I think the guy has made the choice about the career. There should be no two opinions about it

  39. bete noir

    “big difference is that tiger didn’t break the law no one died” Uh- dogs are not people. Michael Vick would be on Death Row if this was about people.

    Celebrities are brain dead. They really should understand that their words are likely to come back and bite them in the ass.

  40. irene

    He probably is a hypocrite but in this case totally NOT a fair comparision. Everyone has their own standards & opinions for what they find morally reprehensible & in this case Tiger feels that way about what M.V. did, but not necessarily about adultery. I personally agree b/c at least Elin is alive, she makes out with a fortune & can find a far better man. Those poor dogs are slaughtered/dead & never had a chance. FU MV I hope a pitbull chews off your scrotum!!

  41. Trent

    Fuck you, superficial… Last time I checked, running dog fights were a CRIMINAL act. Putting your ding dong inside a bunch of consenting broads? Not so much.

  42. GG1000

    It wouldn’t have mattered a good goddamn what he said and when with all those skanks panting after tabloid $$$ , wanting to “tell all.” He knew perfectly well once the Enquirer broke Uchitel he was the one who was screwed for a change, once they start they don’t stop (ask John Edwards on that one). I mean, what’s he going to say about a hooker who claims he brought her back to his home? There’s just nothing TO say ’bout dat! Deny it and she’s likely to produce some cellphone shots. Admit it and Elin’s lawyers go nuts. S-C-R-E-W-E-D, no matter what you do!

  43. Tiger Woods is always in news. Earlier it was his super achievements in the field of golf that kept him on top of the Tabloids all the time. Then it was his accident, followed by revelations of his illegal sexual adventures. After all this, now it looks the Tiger Woods and his wife, Elin Nordegren is set for a Divorce.

  44. I think what she is saying is that libs don’t have a clue what is right and what is wrong, what is evil and what is good… and she’s right about that. Course, she doesn’t realize what she is saying..

  45. Tumbleweed

    We are all hypocrites. What do you think makes him different then you or me. Feel lucky you are not in the publics eye, it might be you on this page being picked apart. Oh wait, thats right you don’t sin!

  46. Grrlina

    This story is boring now. NEXT

  47. People pliz, learn to mind yo own business for once in yo lives. Even if u hate Tiger, whatever happened, happened. U can’t reverse it. This should be a lesson to those who cheat on their wives, husbands en the list goes on en on. Damn! Lusaka-Zambia.

  48. Adam Steel

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  49. I think what she is saying is that libs don’t have a clue what is right and what is wrong, what is evil and what is good… and she’s right about that. Course, she doesn’t realize what she is saying..

  50. C

    OMG leave mike vick the fuck alone!! How the fuck did he even get in this story! You people love fucking dogs more than you love humans and its a damn shame. Get the fuck over it. It happened and there’s nothing you can do about it. He paid his debt 100+ million in salary and endorsments by the way. You dumbasses wish you could live the lives that these guys live. Mind you own business and get a damn life. People are so damn quick to judge like half of you assholes have never done wrong! The difference between those guys and us is money and fame. There are so many rapist and damn people getting murdered out there and your worried about some damn dogs!!

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