Tiger Woods is a great son

December 14th, 2009 // 59 Comments

Jamie Jungers is now claiming she was having sex with Tiger Woods when his father died, according to News of the World:

On May 2, 2006, he was with Jamie in his marital home in California when his mum Tida called about Earl – who had prostate cancer and was in a hospice.
Jamie said: “She told Tiger his dad was in a bad way. Tiger immediately left to be with him and I stayed at the house. He was gone nearly three hours. When he came back, I could see he was preoccupied and worried about his dad – but when we went to bed he still wanted to have sex as usual.
“We went to sleep. I was beside him wearing nothing but a pair of panties. Then at about 3am the phone rang. It was Tiger’s mum. She called to tell him that his dad had passed away. Tiger looked utterly devastated and didn’t say a word. He didn’t even cry but I could tell he was heartbroken.
“I told him, ‘I’m so sorry’ and gave him a hug. I didn’t want to be in the way so I arranged a flight home to Vegas.”

At first I didn’t even believe Jamie Jungers slept with Tiger, but after she spent the rest of the interview calling him a “cheap fucker,” it became pretty obvious this is a classic example of why shower curtains are handy you always foot your mistresses’ credit card bills if you’re filthy rich. Otherwise they’ll tell people you used your father’s chemo as lubricant. Stop me if I’m getting warm, Jamie.

Photos: INFdaily

  1. Aunt Jemima

    First! unless you are jamie jungers and then you are just sloppy seconds.

  2. sds

    I hate tiger woods.

  3. Third?


  4. White E

    Why didn’t Tiger sleep with any black or asian women?

  5. David

    Attention whore looks pleased.

  6. Why the hell aren’t people painting scarlet fkin letters on these mistresses. Jebus! It’s like they don’t even care they are sluts! Yes tiger is a cheat… but holy crap! what must these girls parents think about them!

    What kind of crappy society have we become to elevate these skanks to celebrity.

  7. Why the hell aren’t people painting scarlet fkin letters on these mistresses. Jebus! It’s like they don’t even care they are sluts! Yes tiger is a cheat… but holy crap! what must these girls parents think about them!

    What kind of crappy society have we become to elevate these skanks to celebrity.

  8. sperminator

    i got into this one much before tiger did.
    and also the other one, and the other one, and the other one and the other one and so on.

    I am the sperminator.

    i am not going into professional golf; so why is tiger entering MY line of business?

    fuck you tiger.
    oh, by the way, i got into Elin too.Take that, tiger!

  9. chopper

    well, aint she special !!

  10. Anna

    If anything, Tiger should issue an aplogy to the general public for the barrage of nasty, stupid sluts that are being shoved down our throats day after day. I’m not some married woman who’s husband cheated on her, but it really irritates me how she’s just sitting there, all smiles, while she talks about screwing a married father. Enjoy your 15 minutes, you cheap skank.

  11. AGame

    wow, she’s such a piglet!! look at her smug wh*re face! u wld think that the best golfer in the world cld pull some better tail.

    he must really be into that ante-eyebrow rhinestone implant thing. at least 2/3 of the h*s have it.

    mayb that’s his way of branding his sl*ts?

  12. God spelled backwards is dog

    I heard a rumor that in Tiger Woods next video game these girls are unlockable characters. I can only imagine playing the back nine with a wii-mote.

  13. So what?

    #4: Becuase he prefers white women. Who gives a shit?

  14. This is seeming more and more like “Rock of Love, Bus”.

  15. KIKI

    @ 9. Yes, she is. Miss Piggy always brightens up a dark day.

  16. Don Boogie

    I could care less if she had regular threesomes with Obama and Muhammad Ali, why is anyone listening to a word that this low-rent whore has to say???

  17. Yes Virginia there is a Rough daddy!

    Way to come out with the tearjerker for the holidays Fish,,,such a heartwarming story…she practically nursed Mr wood through a very difficult period… *weeps*

  18. Dyslexic Cnut

    I’m about sick of all this and these classless cunts.

  19. J

    She was Number 18 wasn’t she?
    I wonder if Tiger jammed her backside with his wood?

  20. Jay Popeski

    Tiger really got his fuck on!

  21. j-sin

    Jeez, let the story go Superficial. Rhis is getting old and tiresome. Nobody really cares anymore.

  22. Jupiter

    I totally agree with you shawn. These women don’t seem to have any class. They don’t care that they’ll be painted as whores, they actually seem happy with the idea.

    Aim high!

  23. Drew


    Just because you don’t care, doesn’t mean it’s not relevant. Unfortunately, Tiger Woods’ affair is pretty much the hottest thing right now. Talk out your ass a little less next time.

  24. Miss Piggy got work!! Kermit must be mad that she fucked Tiger Woods, too! LOL!!

  25. Taz

    he should have just broke her off a couple grand

  26. mitmat

    Perhaps it was her subtle shot distributing technique from Rock of Love Bus that led him to her door. Farrah (Jamie) and Nikki are probably the only two women in history to make Bret Michaels say “it’s just not worth it”.

  27. KIKI

    @ 26. Miss Piggy and Kermit broke up in 1992. Damn, dude, how do you not know this? Have you been living in a cave?

  28. geoff123

    This pinhead isn’t even competent enough to be a whore. She is only a whore wannabe. When she asked for payment, Tiger stiffed her.

  29. Truth

    Please stop showing pictures of these famewhores… i’d rather you put up pictures of Heidi and Spencer when u write about these fugly bitches.

    This girl is the worst kind of girl… the kind that thinks she’s hot, but is really just white trash.

  30. dawne

    I’m so glad she ‘shared’ what she was wearing when he got the ‘Your father has died’ phone call. It was an impressive journalistic tidbit. This sow just may give Anderson Cooper a run for his “Keeping it Honest’ segment.

    Don’t be too hard on her, after all it is the season of giving………and she has given a lot…………of head. And noone can call her uncouth, she did give him a condolence bang on her way out the door.

  31. Schadenfreudelicious

    i agree these broads are attention whores of the worst kind, but as for the scarlet letter, that term only applies when you are married…as far as i know these ho’s were all single, so Tiger is the only one who can be painted with that brush…still skanks but not adulturesses…..

  32. kerri

    She is a pig. Tiger is gross but come on – do these woman know how bad they are making themselves look? What a smug b*tch. I guess all we can really hope for at this point is that Elin puts a hit out on each one of them with her millions. Or maybe Tiger would. Did you hear that other Grubby slut saying that she wasn’t sure if she would take Tiger back if he split with his wife?? She is the one that started this landslide for him – he likely wants to KILL her – not possibly rekindle their disgusting ‘love affair’. These women are horrible. Thanks a lot Tiger for subjecting the rest of the world to this!!! That is the real reason you have lost me as a fan – your total lack of taste in women!!!

  33. kerri

    And yes – they are UGLY. Each gets worse looking than the one before!!! GROSS!!! What is she wearing?? What is on her fat face??? White trash whore!!! If anyone out there knows who she is…please give her a smack across her UGLY mug from Canada!!!

  34. @ 34

    Are Canandians still touchy? You seem to be a little “touchy”.

  35. Racer X

    She’s THE prettiest of the Tiger skanks.

    /with so many Lynx on this about Tiger being a Cheetah, someone has got to be Lion

  36. cheezbox

    Oh no! Someone had sex as a temporary means to deal with grief and forget about things for 20 minutes! Shut up with this non-news. Anyone who has ever dealt with the loss of a loved one (or really dealt with anything difficult at all) knows that sex and it’s ilk are great ways to escape for a little while.

  37. @37

    you can think of sex when you just lost your dad, as a means of escape?I would think you would just want to be by yourself, not talking to anyone, just staring into space, CAUSE ONLY AN ANIMAL CAN FUCK when they lose a loved one…JACK FUCKING ASS…and what’s is sexes ilk…define it..moron…

  38. back to the point

    @37 Right, that’s what his WIFE was for.

  39. Tony the tigger

    Whores being whores. Nothing to see here, move along.

  40. constant

    What a mouthy skank! What is it with these women that they can’t just keep their mouths shut? They knew the guy was married, still wanted to be involved with him regardless and now tell the world private details. No shame.

  41. The hypersexuality (and apparent rapid breakdown) could be a telling that Tiger Woods is an MKULTRA programmed athlete – the trauma based mind control (including pedophiliac rape) would have left him with serious sex related issues. The programming would explain why his game is just unbelievable.

    At the very least, it appears his entire existence is ‘arranged’ and as of a few days ago, he was discarded.


  42. Just a matter of time before the love children start coming out of the closet. I really don’t think Tiger realizes everything that was/is at stake. You have sponsors that support you to the tune of $90mil a year and lose them. He may just be parking that $22mil yacht Privacy.

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  44. thai

    That’s really sad for himself. Instead of not leaving his father’s side, he chose to go back to having sex with someone other than his wife. The last few moments he could have had with his father was wasted away on some cheap skank who should have known better and left the situation way long before it got to that point. What morons. And that’s so selfish of Tiger. If the tables were turned and he himself were in that death bed, wouldn’t he want his father by his side til the end? What a horrible thing he did to not only his wife, but also to his father who was always there for him. What a disgrace.

  45. Phil

    I wonder if she was smart enough to yell “get in the hole” while Tiger fucked her?

  46. John Clay

    Any thing to keep the limelight on her self. the whores are fighting to keep the media’s attention. This is all white women are good for-hooking.

  47. Insatiable Peter

    This dude has the sexual competence of Caligula.

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