Tiger Woods had sex with dudes?

Apparently Tiger Woods has a mistress named Loredana Jolie Ferriolo (Why not?) who’s shopping around a tell-all book that claims the golfer really was sticking his penis in everything. RadarOnline reports:

Loredana recently attempted to sell her story for $1 million and graphically described group sex that included incidents of Tiger with other men, RadarOnline.com has learned exclusively.
Loredana says she is planning to spill all about how she and Tiger “came about, his healthy appetite for arranged sex, threesomes, girls next door, girl-girl, and an answer to all the rumors surrounding Woods’ sexuality.”

Granted these claims are the crux of locking down a lucrative book deal, it’s also pretty much a fact Tiger Woods ran around Vegas with a massive erection impaling everything in his path. So technically, that doesn’t make him gay. Just a man so devoted to his craft that one time he got it stuck in the windshield of a taxi until a hooker called the fire department.

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