Tiger Woods had sex with dudes?

January 7th, 2010 // 51 Comments

Apparently Tiger Woods has a mistress named Loredana Jolie Ferriolo (Why not?) who’s shopping around a tell-all book that claims the golfer really was sticking his penis in everything. RadarOnline reports:

Loredana recently attempted to sell her story for $1 million and graphically described group sex that included incidents of Tiger with other men, RadarOnline.com has learned exclusively.
Loredana says she is planning to spill all about how she and Tiger “came about, his healthy appetite for arranged sex, threesomes, girls next door, girl-girl, and an answer to all the rumors surrounding Woods’ sexuality.”

Granted these claims are the crux of locking down a lucrative book deal, it’s also pretty much a fact Tiger Woods ran around Vegas with a massive erection impaling everything in his path. So technically, that doesn’t make him gay. Just a man so devoted to his craft that one time he got it stuck in the windshield of a taxi until a hooker called the fire department.

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  1. Nerlyx

    First bahaha

  2. Willie Dixon

    Of course he had sex with guys. Just look at the cover of Vanity Fair.

  3. Kyle


  4. Ink_Webs

    poor Tony Romo…

  5. miked

    So Tiger not only banged a Perkins waitress but also Tony Romo?

    That makes complete sense. Tony Romo is a Dalls Cowboy part of an organiztion that from top to bottom are a bunch of c0ck sucking pu$$ys and we all know Tigers proclivity for the moist pink stuff…

  6. Mal Carne

    If you’re a guy and you don’t have a healthy appetite for “threesomes, girl next door, and girl-girl”, then you’re gay. Period.

  7. Rough: shooting from the lip

    Apparently this bellicose-whore will do anything to malign this man and explore a twice-night stand…Good luck taking up tennis! hope she get a run-in with Elin…

  8. Sooooo not fare that god saw fit to grant Tiger Woods with uncanny abilities at both golf AND convincing people to have sex with him.

  9. Mr.Peanut

    Let’s see… a guinea cokehead stripper who gives herself the last name “Jolie” and decides to capitalize on someone else’s name by “writing” a tell-all book (pamphlet) that discusses the private details of banging a MARRIED man.

    Yeah…SHE can be considered a reliable and truthful source of information. Sheesh…

  10. Rico Jones

    It is pretty sad that in todays world some whore can just make claims about someone and it suddenly becomes truth. It may very well be true but unless she has a tape of it there is no proof.

  11. joanie_k

    Who gives a shit about tiger anymore. Nobody wants to see any more pictures of his random tranny whores. Can we please stay focused on the nip-slips of people who aren’t gross?

  12. it’s gettin’ wierd already

  13. sunshine

    Tiger is paying a homeless guy ,to stand in line for him, to buy the first ticket on Richard Branson’s new air service to Outer Space.

  14. The Dude

    Anyone having threesomes, that isn’t in porn, is the fucking shit. I’ve decided. Go Tiger!

  15. omg

    LOL tony’s covering up….

  16. Rough: shooting from the lip

    Never mind tiger’s problem, it seems my super phone can only display only three stories from Pagesix. If anyone needs to be shipped out of space its Mr Ruppert Murdock or who ever made that decision…

  17. lol

    A black Albert E Newman can have sex with men women and dingo dogs.Money can buy you anything.

    Anything in the world…


  18. PunkA

    Wow. Stupid bitch wants to get sued apparently. I expect the statement from her reps any minute now refuting these claims stating she never made them.

    What happened to the good old days when whores kept their mouths shut, because you paid them too? Women are such bitches. They will screw you if you are married, then are all too happy to screw you again by talking about it. Please tell me the last time some Hollywood actress got railed because every dude she slept with came out and outed her? Because guys do not do that. But women are whores and can not be trusted. All women should be ashamed by the fact that this reality is now clear to see.

  19. Annie Loves Anal

    So you’re insinuating that Tony Romo had sex with Tiger Woods? Romo the homo? Of course….makes sense….he sure throws a football like one….

  20. @10 – shut up, you cock-sucking faggot.

  21. kayla

    i can not believe that this sexy m fer is baging dudes is he a fag?

  22. timmy the dying boy

    What’s next? He would stick it in that little hole in the ground when nobody was looking?

  23. 72duster

    I knew it!!!

  24. It's Not Ghey

    Two mens balls touching is the Ghey.
    Unless it is a DP on some chick, then it’s just Bromance.

    High-Fives while doing her front to back is not the Ghey either. Just keep looking your pal directly in the eyes or down at her ass/head.

    Oh, and if your tips touch because she is blowing you both at once.. So be it.
    Not Ghey!

  25. Bromance

    BROMANCE guidelines # 26 lulz!

  26. nuno

    so what

  27. Um… Romo rhymes with homo … urgh, gurgle, wheeze…

    Uh oh, I’m leaking.

  28. farty mcshitface

    i would not be surprised at all that tiger has been swinging his stick around and playing with other golfer’s clubs too. he probably putts from the rough and finds other golfer’s balls going for the hole in one.
    faggy dude.

  29. really??? has he so charming that man & woman like him??

  30. cc

    Loredana Jolie Ferriolo … geez, with a name like that I am sure she’s almost as credible as the pope.

  31. Sarah

    I’d still hit that

  32. Bru

    For what it’s worth, I think she’s the most attractive of the girls he’s rumored to have played miniput with.

  33. go tiger go!

    I guess he’ll be reduced to endorsing the fleshlight now.

  34. What’s all this bullshit . Every time tiger is abused with bad words in media regarding his sex scandles . People stop irritate him regarding his personal life. We all are living in a world like two types of rules for everybody .

  35. X

    theres no fucking way Tiger fucks guys

  36. X

    If somebody told me Phil Mickelson bangs dudes then I’d believe not Tiger though

  37. X

    If somebody told me Phil Mickelson bangs dudes then I’d believe it not Tiger though

  38. Doc Schweinstrudel

    I knew it! American men participate in group sex not because of women but to rub on each others cocks and yet being delusional to themselves about it

  39. Brian0523

    I’d bend over for Tiger and take his baby-batter in my tight asshole!

    Mmmm Tiger Juice!

  40. he does a bit like somebody who like a big rod

  41. Rick

    I beleive it, any guy involve in group sex that has another guy in the group is a closet case. Lmao, I wonder if Tiger was on the top???

  42. Rick

    I beleive it, any guy involve in group sex that has another guy in the group is a closet case. Lmao, I wonder if Tiger was on the top???

  43. Lou

    It’s true…no hole escapes his grasp, lol

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