Tiger Woods didn’t use a condom with this

December 8th, 2009 // 73 Comments

Seen here in an undated photo that’s already making me itch, Tiger Woods mistress Jaime Grubbs claims the golfer never used a condom when they had sex, according to Us Magazine:

“He didn’t use a condom,” says Grubbs, who adds that Woods also didn’t ask if she was on birth control, either. “It wasn’t even discussed. He just never used one.”
Apparently, he also didn’t use condoms while bedding 33-year-old restaurant manager Mindy Lawton, according to Lawton’s sister, Lynn. “She said he never wore condoms,” Lynn told British tabloid, News of the World. “I was so worried she might catch a disease, especially as we suspected he was promiscuous.”

In related news, Playgirl is seriously “authenticating” cell phone photos of Tiger’s cock before publishing them, so I can only assume they’re looking for herpes sores the size of sand traps. “Hey, Ted, this one has a golf cart stuck in it.” “JACKPOT!”

NOTE: Added pics of alleged Tiger mistres/porn star Holly Sampson in case there’s any doubt he’s used a ball-washer for personal hygiene purposes.


  1. I think people show just let them deal with there business ,these womens that he so call sleep with .by looking at them are just out for money . now there getting what they wanted by talking about it..

  2. Nerd Jack City

    I’ve reached the point where I am actually impressed with Tiger. He’s the Wilt Chamberlain of golf. I hate that fucking sport, now I’m like “If I get good at this, I might be able to bang a superstar of “My First Sex Teacher? Cut me off some of that!!!”

  3. Overseer

    …and the black race wonder why it is AIDS ravages? Just think, Ellen has to worry about that now. Nice work you bug-eyed homely douche punk!
    Go home Ellen, back to your own kind.

  4. Rough 360

    Since we have our resident “Backwoodbitch” on the superficial, I might have to dub tiger “Barebackwoods”….

  5. anonymous

    wow. He is a moron! He could have killed his wife. I take back what I said about defending him for being human and having an affair (or two). He must be a sex addict and I don’t blame Erin for leaving or beating his ass at all

  6. AmericanWhiteTrash

    A society of skanks and whores. Fuck anything with some fame and cash. STD’s be damned! I’m gonna fuck him no condom anyway! Shit society will worship shit…

  7. Jay Popeski

    The truth is it’s very hard for men to get AIDS through unprotected heterosexual sex, and most other STDs are treatable with anti-biotics. I wouldn’t be to scared about Tiger’s penis health.j

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  9. YoMama

    Any of you people saying “How could Tiger cheat on such a hot woman????” … you have never dated a hot woman, have you?

    I have. And I’ve cheated on a couple. You know why? Because beautiful doesn’t always go all the way through. Other times, that beautiful, wonderful woman just refuses to fuck you. No sex, but “Sex isn’t all there is” and you get a ration of shit any time you bring it up.

    Now look at his wife again, remembering that they’re married, he’s barely ever home and they have a couple of kids, and first picture her saying “no” to sex. Then picture her saying “yes.”

    Which one seems more realistic?

    “Then why would he stay with her?”

    His image is built on this squeaky clean image. He risked losing more money in a year than all of us combined will make in our lifetimes if his family status was jeopardized. And that’s just in endorsement deals.

    I feel bad for the guy. Bad that he had to get married, bad he cheated instead of buying REALLY high-priced awesome escorts, bad that he got caught for enjoying his wealth.

    At the same time – fuck him sideways and his rich ass. I hope she takes him for all he’s got for being so fucking stupid and sloppy. He’s rich enough he should have paid someone to take all of his calls and do all of his sexts. I’d pay a motherfucker more to do that than Snoop paid his blunt roller back in the day.


  10. Gotta feel sorry for his wife there’s no fucking way that guy thinks with anything other than his dick if I was her I’d be out getting full blood workup’s to make sure I’d not caught aids/slut germs. I really feel bad for the guy though it must be so stressful being fucking rich and playing golf for a living …asshat.

  11. alessandra

    It’s funny how Tiger Woods is now seen as Black when he’s embroiled in scandal but was the Bi-racial wunderkund when all we knew about him was that he was the world’s greatest golfer. Posts # 50 and 53 are now exploiting racial stereotypes about AIDS and “Negros in the Ghetto”, BUT ALL OF TIGER’s TRICKS WERE WHITE, in case you didn’t notice, so what does that say about the seemingly low morality of white women? Actually, the whorish behavior of 12 white women is NOT a reflection on all white women. Thus, the stupid sexual carelessness of Tiger is not a reflection of all Black/Bi-racial people.

  12. Jay Popeski

    @61 He dates only white women because he’s rich. Wealthy men don’t find Black women as valuable as white women. That goes doubly so for white blonds.

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  14. it has to fuck his mother

  15. I think for him in running these abilities.

  16. row

    Grubbs states “he never used a condom”. She should have said “WE never used a condom”

  17. H_Chick

    What a dumb arse

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  20. wow tiger just likes them slutty

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  22. wow. He is a moron! He could have killed his wife. I take back what I said about defending him for being human and having an affair (or two). He must be a sex addict and I don’t blame Erin for leaving or beating his ass at all

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