Tiger Woods banged LeAnn Rimes

March 24th, 2010 // 64 Comments

Tiger Woods reportedly got to LeAnn Rimes before she married Dean Sheremet in 2002, according to Us Weekly:

“They hooked up and everything,” the source tells Us. “Tiger was really into her. He likes those blondes!”
Alas, Rimes’ dad protested because he thought his teen daughter was too young to date the famed golfer, seven years her senior. “Then her dad almost had a heart attack,” the source adds. “And he made her stop seeing Tiger.”

Of course the most hilarious part of this story is the fact LeAnn Rimes’ dad didn’t want her dating a black guy but had absolutely no problem with her marrying a backup dancer who probably hand-picked the flower arrangements. I want to say that was God’s way of teaching Papa Rimes a lesson about racism, but in the end LeAnn committed adultery with a white guy so it all worked out in the end. High five!

Photos: Splash News

  1. TW

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  2. Rough versus a stabbed Grace Park

    Who cares if she’s not a classic beauty. She look like if I bang her shell return the favor.

  3. penumbra

    Glad to see others have called you on your stupid fucking unsubstantiated racism claim. The reason we can’t get beyond the race issue in this country is because supposedly enlightened liberal assholes like yourself obviously don’t want to.

  4. Lezza

    Yunno- deep down Tiger is a nerd and Leann is basically the same. Both were child prodigees that were tightly controlled by their parents and expected to be perfect. Now neither one has their head screwed on straight. I can see how it worked.

  5. cbme

    Everybody knows that this is being blown way out of the water because the tabs knows that all of you short on brains people (who are obviously not southern thank goodness) will jump right on it and make it as dirty as you can. One thing that southerners can be proud of is that all of the foul language in the previous posts comes from other parts of the country and not the Bible belt. Another thing that is obvious is that trailer trash started with some of YOUR relatives – otherwise, you wouldn’t be brave enough to show what your tongues and minds are thinking about. It must be great to be able to speak with such filth as your elevated society does. Makes on wish they were from the same trailer park.

  6. Tiger Woods will hold his first press conference in 5 months on Monday April 5th

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  10. yeah

    i dont know about you guys, but lean is beautiful. sure these pictures are bad but her face has a rare beauty to it, that is different from other white chicks. my opinion.. who agrees??

  11. yeah

    i meant LeAnne not lean lol

  12. ava

    I bet the nasty mouths are the same jason, sam, g, and co. Find em wherever this subject is up.

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