Tiger Woods banged his neighbor’s daughter

April 7th, 2010 // 61 Comments

Tiger Woods allegedly slept with his neighbor’s 21-year-old daughter just a few yards away from his own house, according to RadarOnline:

Coudriet is now 22 and recently confronted Tiger when all his mistresses were revealed because she was furious that she was just another conquest, according to the new issue of the National Enquirer.
The Enquirer says that Tiger and Raychel began making out within sight of his house while Elin was home. They then had sex in a private office Tiger keeps nearby.
And, staying true to his pattern with other women, Tiger texted Raychel repeatedly after their tryst. But, according to the report, she felt guilty about having sex with a married man and never got back together with him.

While I’d bet all three of my testicles this happened, I’m amazed it took this long for the “Tiger Woods is raping our daughters” narrative to kick in. Of course now it’s only a matter of time before he’s peepin’ in windows then helping Tom and Huck raft down the river to find Injun Joe.

I’m kidding. He’ll just steal our white women. (Halfway there!)

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  1. t6

    I wonder if he would bang Jesse James, they’re made for each other.

  2. This is not surprising in the least bit. Watch the press make this PROSTITOT a celebrity. And she is going to love every minute of it.

  3. fernnananando

    Tiger woods is my best friend!!!!!!!!!

  4. no chance this 22 year old isn’t a grade A smokeshow

  5. You Idiot

    Where are you getting that narritave? I guess if you want to see something badly enough, you’ll see it (unless it’s decent bikini pics on this site)

  6. Captain_Insano

    It’s always hilarious how these dumb bitches sleep with married men and then are shocked that they find out they are just being used for sex.

  7. pimp

    this dipshit obviously never got laid before he got paid…

  8. Kirk

    More power to him! It is hilarious reading about all the cretins that were willing to have sex with him, thinking they’d get lots of money in return. Hah. Keep doing it Tiger!

  9. small asian penis

    #7 I couldn’t agree more…
    He is starting to show his age.

  10. You're nobody till somebody Rough you

    Somebody get some additional security on that man!

  11. Georgeo

    “she was furious that she was just another conquest”

    ROFL. WTF did she think was going to happen?

    Rhetorical question, don’t answer that.

  12. Dank

    Jesus, who efffin cares who he had sex with? It doesnt really affect me to know all the girls he fucked. I’m sure there are tons of them we havent heard about and you know what, im pretty okay with that.

  13. lololololol

    at least she was legal. can’t wait for it to come out that tiger was some creepy uncle.

  14. Taz

    How does Tiger have neighbors? He should live on some fifty acre plot of land.

  15. Ugh

    Seriously!!!! Women WTF….you are only screwing him because he is famous….lets be honest, if you saw this guy on the street and he wasn’t a celeb, there is no way anyone would hook up with him. Get a fricken grip and deal with what cums your way!

  16. bonhomey

    Fish, what’s w/ the “Tiger Woods is raping our daughters” narrative?? To my knowledge, no one’s voiced that but you. And the Huckleberry Finn shit is just plain racist, despite your probably thinking the opposite. Please restrict your asinine commentary to the Kim Kardashian/Shauna Sands/Lindsay Lohan pics and “stories that you apparently can’t get enough of.

  17. Savalas

    $500 says she’s black and obese!

    Wait, is it too late to change my bet?

  18. toolboy

    Nice how this just happens to break during the Masters…I am sure her parentswill have a plaque placed on the spot that El Tigre took their daughter, hopefully they’ll include what’s Par for that hole.

  19. Jimmy

    The story’s kind of fishy, not that it’s made up, but the motivation behind the revelation. What young woman would want to come out and admit this ever occurred? Oh yeah, I forgot, many young women are stupid, vulnerable and lack the ability to ascertain how this will appear down the line. Is this another attempt to get some compensation from a tabloid or to appear on Oprah with the entire studio audience, composed of Tiger’s alleged mistresses/one night stands/whores/baby sitters? On the other hand, should this episode of “Tiger’s Lays” be true, we may truly be witnessing just the “tip of the iceberg.”

  20. xylus

    Anyone that spells her name ‘Raychel’ deserves to be ‘just another conquest’…

  21. Deacon Jones

    Well, like the old saying goes…

    You can take the….oh, forget it. Goes without saying.

  22. chris

    tiger the narcissist

  23. diogo


  24. Mama Pinkus

    I have to agree with Ugh above; if Tiger wasn’t rich and famous these women would not give him the time of day………the man looks like a cross between Mr. Potato Head and a chocolate bar.

  25. Bob Barker

    @17 – he goes for white chicks – pics available elsewhere if you bother to google

  26. TCLTC

    hey, at least Tiger doesn’t have to worry about anyone starting rumors that he’s gay. what’s next, pics of him in a Hitler costume banging some chick from behind?
    really though, wth is the big deal – he’s rich, famous, straight, and everywhere he goes hos are throwing themselves at him – is it such a shocker he bangs all the willing hos that offer it up? the only thing that surprises me is that there isn’t a parade of little Tiger Woods bastard babies.
    John F. Kennedy banged every ho that came his way, he was married, and president of the USA , at a time when Americans were far more conservative about that kind of thing – so now, in 2010, we’re outraged a professional golfer would do the same thing, but nobody better say boo about saintly f’ing JFK?

  27. TekMoney

    I say keep ‘em coming, Tiger. If his wife didn’t leave him when the first 5 groupies came out, the number can reach 40 and it won’t make a difference. I’d love hear from a non-white girl for once, though… now THAT would be scandalous! >_>

  28. shittin condoms

    lucky he got money cause dude is jacked the fuck up

  29. some guy

    I have to say, that is impressive. He is a married man and all that jazz is morally reprehensible but, . . . wow. The man is really a god. All these stupid women coming forward about their one night bootie call with Tiger can go ahead and stuff it because like someone else said, they are really no better than he is – anyone claiming that they were taken advantage of is a hypocrite because they were surely interested in his fame and wealth.

    I also find it funny that ‘white america’ is a having a field day because Tiger is banging more luscious young white succulent pussy than most white men can dream of it; all you can cry yourselves to sleep knowing that he ‘is ugly and its only because he is rich and famous’ and pretend that this doesn’t apply to just about every non-black millionaire knee high in pootang.

  30. Savalas



  31. Martay Luther

    Oh Lordy! Dat dair blacky slept wit dat dair white bitch!
    Me thinks Dat he do it again!!
    Nigga be, Nigga do!! Day all da same….
    dat all he gotta do! Now he out playin golf so he can get mo money to sleep wit more bitches! He sleepin wit all dat rich white ladies!

    Ooooh lordy lord!!!

  32. GQ Guy

    He needs to end his marriage and play the field. Stop all the rehab crap and get laid.
    Elin is never going to be there for anything but $$$$’s; hell that is why she went there in the first place.
    Men, if you are not gettinjg enough sex from your wife, cut your loses and leave.

  33. q

    isn’t that one of the commandments?

    thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s daughter

  34. DumDum

    White chicks black dicks.

    Any chick who spells Rachel with a “y” deserves to be humped & dumped.

    Elin is such a stupid blonde whore. Leave the ape, forget the rape.

  35. who dat

    I don’t think shes that hot. looks like she has big hips/ ass.


  36. dee

    these gold diggin btches get what they deserve.

  37. XX

    So she felt guilty for sleeping with a married man, yet she is upset that she could have been just a conquest and nothing more? What an idiot. Thank goodness all women aren’t like this.

  38. Ch4p3l

    @16 If you don’t like it, leave…like maybe move to Africa. And get AIDS. And die.

  39. the bare naked truth

    Why is everyone so shocked that tiger is bangin all this white pussy…white women are WHORES. FACT.

    You don’t believe me? Close your eyes…think back to high school…who sucked off the most guys in school? A white bitch. Who banged the whole basketball team including the 7 foot african mutha fucka with a bone in his lip and the waterboy? A white bitch. White women are the most cock craving bitches on this planet. Asian women at least only bang asian n white men…white bitches fuck EVERYONE. Paki’s too!!!

    White bitches haha gotta love em

  40. I hope Tiger wears a shirt the first day of the Masters that says “The Man” with a arrow pointing to his face and the “The Legend” with an arrow pointing at his hog, and I hope its sponsored by Nike. The man is a god damn legend.

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  43. captain america


  44. Does the 22 year old look like a 48 year old? Let’s see her.

    Never mind:


  45. Tiger’s my pimp-hero. I know everyone’s condemning him publicly, but most guys are silently cheering him on for every ho he bangs.

  46. peter north

    @46 fatburning furnace

    couldnt agree more … and im one of them.. Go tiger! go tiger! go tiger!
    to the “T” to the “I” to the G-E-R !!

    “walang pangit pangit sa titing galit”!!

  47. Lupe

    God he’s such a skeeze. It sucks that he plays golf so well. It would really be nice for him to just disappear from the public eye.

  48. tom selleck's rectum

    @TCLTC: No one is pissed at Tiger for cheating, Guys are pissed because this guy had the means and the money to bang 5 star models-hookers and he was hitting on waitresses most guys have a chance with.
    Its a waste.
    The other people who are pissed is because he is a fucking hypocrite and he was and still is selling us an image.
    The ONLY reason he stopped banging on the side is that he was caught.

    I dont mind John Daly and people love him because he is real: warts and all.

    Tiger was about selling you an image and he cant stop himself from still being a fake.

    Had Daly been banging chicks left and right, hed have been a folk hero.
    When Tiger did it, it was “Ha, I knew all that goody two shoes was an act.”

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