T.I. probably hates snitches even more now

October 15th, 2007 // 104 Comments

Most of you probably heard about this over the weekend, but just in case, rapper T.I. was arrested on federal charges for having his bodyguard purchase machine guns for him. TMZ reports:

Authorities say the bodyguard admitted to purchasing about nine firearms for T.I. in the past and about 17 firearms for other people in the musician’s posse on previous occasions. The bodyguard claims the rapper gave him cash to purchase the guns, because T.I., as a convicted felon, was not able to legally buy firearms. The bodyguard was arrested last week trying to buy several guns. After his arrest, the bodyguard agreed to cooperate with authorities.

T.I., how did it get to this? I told you we were cool. There’s no need to build up an arsenal. First off, puny weapons are no match for me. It says so on my business card. Second, it’s in the past, man. Water under the bridge. But now you went and got yourself arrested by the police. I’d pour a forty on the ground for you, but I kind of drank it all. Malt liquor is bubbly, yo. Like soda pop. Did I just say “yo” back there? Yup. It’s official: I am wasted.

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  1. dink

    he can suck my single shot, pump action, malt blaster. Give a new meaning to “comin’ up hard”.

  2. polly

    Wow racists your are all so incredibly sad.

  3. White E

    I really hate all you evolutionarily starved browns and blacks. We Europeans should just exterminate all of your neuron-deprived existences. (We are already? My bad. hahahahahahaah)

    Crackas lookin out into the streets where da Bruthas be hid’ in da sun

  4. Pat

    #48. Wow Jim please brag to us about how you know things. So in your fucking god awefully boring as shit job which you must hate going to every single weekday of your life do you ever oh I don’t know go outside. Have you ever travelled anywehere? So all criminals are vbalck is that what you are saying.? That has got to be one of the most unitelligent ridiculous things I have ever heard.

  5. Profound

    Q. Why is aspirin white?

    A. You want it to work, don’t you?

  6. Calm down Pat

    “So all criminals are vbalck is that what you are saying.?”

    No, he was saying – quite clearly – that blacks have the highest criminality RATE.

    How many years did you spend in 8th grade?

  7. unicornzrawk

    So the people who are saying that T.I. couldn’t help himself because of the way he was raised (stemming from his ethnic background), are basically saying that T.I. had no critical thinking skills (stemming from his ethnic background).
    That’s not a great argument to use to support your race.
    And not all white people grew up with white picket fences and complete nuclear families. Why don’t you stereotype white people a little more, cuntface.
    You can’t argue against racial prejudices and stereotypes and then use them yourself.
    Backwards racist.

  8. thisgoesforeveryone

    If you cant tolerate being stereotyped, dont perpetuate the image.

  9. @ #49: homey

    @ #49: celebritard hunter

    T.I. be wantin’ da big gunz jus like in yo video!
    Fo shizzle!

    dey be wantin da big gunz fo TNB!

    POP! POP! POP! POP! POP! POP! POP! POP! POP! You know what I’m sayin dats how we do it doe!

  10. Never heard of the fucker and I listen to music all day so he must be shit.

  11. geoff

    Folks, its not their skin color. Its their culture, their language, their drug use, and lack of education that causes this. Stop being racist.

  12. Italian Stallion

    One of them coons came by my house to take my sister out and I said ” Look here nagger, if anyones gonna be having sex with my sister, it’s gonna be me”……..

  13. RichPort

    That is by far the worst Italian Stallion imitation I’ve ever read. C’mon! Throw some more work at me! You people are making me wanna go out and declaw stray cats with a set of rusty pliers!

  14. Dick Richards

    But. Paris, you’re a fool. Please don’t deny that you weren’y treating that whole entry as if I were actually Michael Richards. Oh, wait, was that entire entry a joke? You’re funny. Ha!

  15. Oh you poor pathetic creatures; you so need to stop being racist. Go to my site in the blue link and find out about culture, language, drug use and lack of education – PLEASE!!!

  16. D. Richards

    Look, I just got back from “geoff’s” site. Don’t go. His entry was a rouse to get people to visit a gay site. The only “education”, as far as a I can tell, deals with getting aids tests frequently and on how to keep your butthole clean.

  17. sharpeidude

    So who is this fucking moolie and why should people give a shit?

  18. I am a big fan of T.I.’s calculators and 1980′s computers.

  19. assblaster gasblaster

    @ 66: I just went too. Apparently, keeping your butthole clean involves a considerable amount of stored compressed gas . . .

  20. No penis = a big gun.

  21. He’s totally screwed. There goes his film career as well that was starting to take off. To see what I mean check out the site here….

    Where hip-hop and Hollywood collide

  22. OMG!!!

    geoff, you sick bastard!!! My eyes!! MY EEEEEEYYYYYYYEEEEEEESSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. SweetP

    Who dat is?

  24. Don't know what I'm trying to say, but saying it anyway

    OK, here’s a good one….to all you fake-liberalists….

    How come, no matter the education, the good upbringing, the ability to speak clear english, how come so many black people still say stuff like “we was” or “they was” CLEARLY knowing how to use the word “were” properly and in the correct context, as in “we were” and “they were”. Why is that???? Hmm, Hmm, HMM??!!

    Because it sounds ghetto, that’s why. Because ghetto is attractive to the white girls, that’s why. Because sometimes people LIKE to pigeon-holed, that’s why. Because certain people (Black, White, Latino) LOVE to play the victim, that’s why.

    Shut up with all the anti-racisim hypocrisy, OK. You can take the word out of the dictionary but you cannot, CANNOT change people’s subjective thoughts. People have a right to like, and DIS-like whatever they want.

    BUT, that doesn’t mean you can drape ropes over trees or wear anti-white T-shirts either. People need to grow up and hate all they want, but keep it to themselves.

  25. I'm the real Geoff shady


    I didn’t post that picture, someone who disagreed with my comment did and used my name. My apologies for that T.I. like behavior.


  26. Geoff

    Maybe T.I. shoudl be come a lawyer. (not).

    State Bar of California, Civil Rights Group Spar Over Affirmative Action
    Monday, October 15, 2007

    By William LaJeunesse

    E-Mail Print Digg This! del.icio.us
    Does affirmative action work? An explosive study that suggests it does not is pitting the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights against the State Bar of California in a battle over admissions data that could determine once and for all if racial preferences help or hurt minority students.

    “Currently only about one in three African-Americans who goes to an American law school passes the bar on the first attempt and a majority never become lawyers at all,” says UCLA law professor Richard Sander.

    In an article published in the Stanford Law Review, Sander and his research team concluded several thousand would-be black lawyers either dropped out of law school or failed to pass the bar because of affirmative action.

    Known as the ‘mismatch’ effect, Sander claims students who are unprepared and whose academic credentials are below the median are admitted to law schools they are unqualified to attend. If those same students instead were to go to less elite or competitive schools, more would graduate, pass the bar and become lawyers.

    “This is a serious issue and we need to see more research in the area of mismatch,” argues Gail Heriot, a professor of law at the University of San Diego and a member of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights. “What we need now is more cooperation from the California Bar” Association.

    Recently, a California bar committee voted 5-3 to turn down Sander’s request to use bar data collected over the last three decades on student test scores, law school admissions, academic performance and bar passage rates.

    The data, considered a gold standard by affirmative action researchers, is considered key to determine if racial preferences work.

    “There is no answer but to give him the information,” says black civil rights attorney Leo Terrell. “What is the state bar afraid of? We need to know.”

    But the Bar refuses to give Sander the data.

    “The release (bar exam) applicants sign does not allow us to release the information to third parties,” Whitnie Henderson told FOX News. “Looking at all the information we just decided it was not something that fit within the committee’s purview.”

    Henderson headed the committee that rejected Sander’s request. Contrary to her statement, twice in the last 15 years the California Bar released individual information to outside researchers.

    Law Professor Vikram Amar at UC Davis believes the Bar rejected Sander’s request because the study is “controversial,” examining the huge disparities in bar passage among different racial groups attending the same law school.

    Law schools do not disclose attrition, graduation and bar passage rates to minorities admitted through preferences and have opposed pressure to do so. About 62 percent of today’s top black lawyers attended the most elite U.S. law schools, according to Law Professor Richard Lempert at the University of Michigan.

    Unlike Sander, Lempert believes the number of black lawyers would decrease if affirmative action ended. He says race, ethnicity and LSAT scores do not predict future income or satisfaction.

    The Board of Governors of the California Bar may reconsider Sander’s request during its November meeting, but for now no one can say whether affirmative action actually does what’s intended.

  27. Dick Richards

    Oh, Tub-girl, you sure know how to make my heart smile.

  28. veggi

    Reached for comment, T.I. said “ooga-booga! ooga-ooga-ooga! BOOGA!” which immediately reached #1 on the rap charts.

  29. BunnyButt

    #12, frankly, your assumptions about life in white, middle class suburbia being sheltered, happy and problem-free are, at best, naive, and I’d even say offensive. White suburbia likes to hide it’s dirty little secrets; it doesn’t mean they don’t exist. I grew up in white, middle class suburbia, and here are just a few of the problems either I or close friends experienced in our “safe” suburban homes:

    * Sexual abuse, including rape
    * Physical abuse
    * Parental alcoholism and drug abuse
    * Child neglect and abandonment
    * Parental incarceration
    * Teenage pregnancy
    * Divorce
    * Long-term unemployment
    * Homelessness

    Oh, yeah, what a bed of roses!! So, before you assume that white suburbanites grow up “in a safe little neighboorhood full of Mommies and Daddies and white picket fences you don’t have a clue about anything beyond the leave it to beaver life”, maybe you should actually know what you’re talking about.

  30. BlackBeauty(StallionwiddaBigDik)

    White Devils like to keep a good brutha down. Why is that? Bush can buy all the guns he wants, why not a black man?

  31. Dick Richards

    Well, “bigdik”, Bush (although crooked) is not a mother-fucking convicted felon.

  32. deddog

    @24 and @34

    don’t be so jealous of the “haves,” i’m sorry you two have-nots don’t have anything to show for yourselves. in this country… money equals success… if you don’t like it then get the fuck out.

    funny that T.I. makes more money in a day than you two hillbillies make in a month. now go make my food and fix my car ya racist pricks.

  33. Oh BunnyButt!

    @ # 79:

    “here are just a few of the problems either I or close friends experienced in our “safe” suburban homes:

    * Sexual abuse, including rape
    * Physical abuse
    * Parental alcoholism and drug abuse
    * Child neglect and abandonment
    * Parental incarceration
    * Teenage pregnancy
    * Divorce
    * Long-term unemployment
    * Homelessness”

    Oh bunny bunny bunny bunny bunny bunny bunny bunny funny funny BunnyButt, you did not! You’re just making that up!

    My funny funny bunny bunny funny funny BunnyButt!!!


    Oopsie-Doopsie Poopsie-Doopsie : )

  34. deddog


    yeah you’re right. how could he be a convicted felon? i mean eventhough he’s almost solely responsible for the thousands upon thousands of disfigured and wounded soldiers… not to mention the few thousand dead… he could never be a felon. he’s the president. what a shithead.

  35. dude

    Who the shit is this guy again?

  36. President Bush

    I will not rest until I find…aghh never mind. Time for afternoon recess! Yay! :)

  37. T

    #12 – WTF does any of that have to do with HIM BUYING MACHINE GUNS??!!??!!

  38. twinglocks

    What’s this?? A black person on The Superficial? But it ain’t February. First off, T.I. gave his bodyguard an advance and the snitchin’ mufukka just folded under the pressure of the damn feds. The guns making an ‘arsenal’ belong to his licensed security. So step off y’all.

  39. thisgoesforeveryone

    The only thing that holds an individual down, is that individuals drive to be successful, if by holding on to the past, or an outdated ideal such as racism, the man, or woman who claims that its anothers doing, has effectively copped out. And because of such that they are where they are. They simply use history as an excuse not to work hard enough to break the cycle they find themselves in. Laziness is the reason somebody decides that criminal activity is the only way to get ahead, cowards are the only ones who use the shroud of bigotry. I have had the priveledge, in my short years, to have known successful people of all races colors and creeds. The only thing that set them apart from the immediate family that fails around them, was the courage to step up, and not repeat the past, that so many use as an excuse for their shortcomings.

  40. #89knowstherealdeal

    Agreed! Its about time someone got it right. Hey 88, it doesnt matter who was buying the guns asshole, license or not, those firearms dont belong on the street. Teach that punk ass rapper to put up his fists like a man, fucking pussy.

  41. ohsup

    stop snitchin!

  42. D. Richards

    #84. Don’t you ever talk at me again. You take me out of context and try to make me look like a cock. You’re a stupid asshole. I wasn’t taking-up for president fuck-up, I was merely telling “bigdik” why T.I. shouldn’t be allowed to carry firearms. You’re a moron for even bringing Bushes war-crimes in to play. Everyone knows he should be impeached. But, the fact remains that T.I is a convicted felon and should not be allowed to carry weapons because of said fact.

  43. Dick Richards

    God, what a dumb fucking piece-of shit you are, #88. You really make me angry. I hope you fucking die a horrible death. You know what I want for you? I want you to die in Iraq. Yeah, that would serve you just fine, hero. Don’t you think that Bush should be considered something more than a “felon”? I’m the idiot for your misunderstanding me. Die.

  44. Geoff

    #84. You comments are ignorant and lack critical thinking. The terrorists are responsible for for the death and disfigurment you claim is the Presidents fault. They pulled the trigger, they detonated the road side bomg. George Bush is responsible for making the decision to send our 100% volunteer military into harms way in order to save a civilization from self destruction under Islam or continued genocide between religous/racial lines. HIs goal is to stablize the MIddle East and prevent it from escalating to WMD. What gaul it takes to blame one individual for all that. My educated guess is that you voted for Al Gore and Bill Clinton the last couple of times. The congitive dissonance you’ve experienced voting for a rapist and a politically motivated liar is causing you to experience only negativity towards the person you didn’t vote for. That give you some, simple, feeling of being “right” for a change even though you continute to be wrong time and time again. Try some meditation, release your pent up anger, and give that some thought without rage or embarassment in your heart.



    It’s about time to find a new site, I guess. :(

    What’s TMZ like?

  46. Pete

    What a fuckin’ idiot … send his ass to jail.

  47. zebedee

    #61 It’s their low IQ, high testosterone and short time horizons which cause them to be poorly educated and poor (and violent) in the first place. It’s not skin colour, it’s the other biological differences.

  48. lkim

    Shows you how much sense the laws make.
    You are banned from buying something but all you need to do is ask a friend.
    Way to go !

    #12 Someone who puts “sitting on their white fat asses” sounds like they might be a little racist themself.. everyone should just ignore the racist comments on both sides as they are clearly talking out their ass and acting big because they are anonymous

  49. deddog


    you trust the government way too much. refresh your knowledge of the history in the middle east. our government has meddled over there, siding with Iran, Iraq… siding with whoever will present an economically advantageous short term result. and look where it has gotten us… yes we have a booming economy, but at what cost. i advise ANYONE that thinks this was was a good idea to speak to a soldier who has lost a leg or had an arm blown off by an IED. you do realize that WE put saddam in power don’t you? our government blows giant donkey dick… its corrupt, arrogant, and NOT keeping the American peoples’ interest at heart. i’m sorry, but i’d gladly pay $5 a gallon for gas if it means that another American is spared losing a leg and arm. but thats just me.

    P.S. i dont vote democratic, i’m libertarian

  50. mikeysnow

    T I used to stand for TEXAS INSTRUMENTS, boy did they make shitty electronics. I guess now it stands for Total Idiot.

    And for all the racists out there, white or black, human beings all suck. Get used to it.

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