This ‘Thor: The Dark World’ Trailer Is Much Better

August 7th, 2013 // 16 Comments
Loki Thor The Dark World Trailer
WATCH: 'Thor: The Dark World' - Geek Week Trailer

Back in April, Marvel released a trailer for Thor: The Dark World that was.. eh. But this time around for YouTube Geek Week they’ve brought the shitness, and by shitness I mean I mean way more Tom Hiddleston because Internets love Viking Katy Perry. (Click that on your own peril.) On top of that, you’ve got Chris Hemsworth hammer-thundering the place which I’m pretty sure made me ovulate, and then on the opposite of those two’s spectrum, you’ve got Natalie Portman saying things like, “It could tear apart reality,” and you’re all like, “Dammit, Padme, Loki was talking. And now you’re blocking the hammer! Seriously, who brought her?”


  1. aj

    If you are so super couldn’t you manage to land with out fucking up my sidewalk? Just once?

  2. Cock Dr

    I dunno. It just seems so silly…swinging around that big silver painted styrofoam hammer.
    Comics fans will of course faithfully trek to their local multiplex.

  3. JC

    Forget reality–Natalie Portman could tear apart my pants just by wearing those jeans.

  4. Jethro

    Bob the Builder keeps getting weirder and weirder.

  5. This looks like either
    A) Zach Snyder is somehow involved in this film, or
    B) Someone else is trying to copy his style

    (im too lazy to take the 10 seconds to figure out which it is)

  6. Jeckaled

    This looks much better. Whew.

    And Hemsworth is eye candy- but that voice. Sounds like his trying to clear his throat after eating too much hot sauce. Or other things. You get the idea.

  7. I don’t need Natalie Portman in my super hero movies. I mean, thanks, but I’d rather just watch Thor smash shit for 2 hours.

  8. wow, yes, 100x better. it makes me think the first trailer was deliberately shitty to lower expectations.

  9. Slappy Magoo

    Was Natalie Portman’s “whoa” a sigh of relief for being in a completely CGI-created world without Jar Jar Binks minstrel-ing it up for the kids?

  10. That looks awesome. I can’t wait to see it.

  11. Jenn

    The important question is, How many times is Thor’s shirt off, and for how long each time? I need the facts.

  12. Brooke

    Whoa, much better. I hope this is better than the first movie, since I loved Thor and Loki in Avengers.

  13. It’s about FUCKING TIME we got some more Hiddleston on here, even if it is just a video trailer.

    Now when the screenings happen and the red carpet photos start showing, I expect some fucking coverage, god damn it. At least one Hiddleston for every time I’ve had to look at Channing Tatum’s clueless eyes or Lohan’s pancake ass, or I find out where you live and wipe Tabasco fingers on every roll of toilet paper you have.,

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