‘Thor: The Dark World’ Has A Trailer Now

April 23rd, 2013 // 22 Comments
Thor The Dark World Poster
WATCH: 'Thor: The Dark World' - Official Trailer

Here’s the official trailer for Thor: The Dark World and it’s, uh, it’s not very good. It definitely gives off a “We shot this in Croatian warehouses for as cheap as possible” vibe, but from what I’ve read, a large chunk of the movie takes place across the Nine Realms which I’ll assume is where all the money went. Also, Loki’s apparently Hannibal Lecter now, so there’s that. Meh out of Meh nerd-boners.


  1. PJ Bandit

    Usually movies shot in Europe suck. But looks like it has Jaimie Alexander in the role of smokin’ hot warrior goddess and Kat Dennings in the role of awesome boobs. I’m on board.

    • anonymous

      Did you actually watch the Thor movie? Kat Dennings was in jackets and over-sized sweaters the entire movie.

      The two best reasons for her acting career were covered up.

      • PJ Bandit

        Think positive. Let’s hope the script is weak so the producers thought they need to spice it up with some boobage.

      • That Bastard Tony

        Don’t you know the first rule of Hollywood. When you’re the star, your co-stars can’t look hotter than you. Hence the covering up of the jugs.

  2. when did Russell Brand start playing Loki?

  3. Beer Baron

    Not very good? You better check yourself, son.

  4. Insert Name Here

    Thanks to my comic book nerd husband, even I know that Anthony Hopkins plays Odin, Thor and Loki’s father. Did you even see the first movie? Overall it looks okay, not great. But I already know I have to see it regardless. The things we do for love…sigh.

    • For those like yourself that did not get it, he was referring to Loki being placed in a glass box holding cell, the same way Hannibal Lechter was in Silence of the Lambs. You should find a new husband.

  5. 1. Since Anthony Hopkins is Odin, I was going to suggest that comparing Loki to Hannibal Lecter was beyond confusing, but apparently Loki’s the (underrated) Brian Cox version from Manhunter, so I’ll let that go.

    2. Croatia is where they film the King’s Landing scenes for Game of Thrones, so I’m not sure that was the insult you were going for. Also, that remark might have pissed off Iveski, so be prepared for his vengeance…oh wait, he’s Canadian—be prepared for his mild rebuke.

    3. I thought the whole point of “Weekend Nerdior” was so we wouldn’t have to wade through all these stupid nerd posts and instead enjoy the political commentary we all come here for—I mean, the boobs and dick jokes. Yeah, that’s what I meant, all right.

  6. It looks pretty good to me. I also agree that the first movie didn’t have anywhere near enough Kat Dennings boobage. In fact any scene where that wasn’t an action scene should’ve just been a close up of those two glorious globes.

    • Honestly I don’ t know why they bothered having Dennings in the first film. They didn’t give her character anything to do and they never let her show off the tits (because then she’d be upstaging Portman). And if this film is any indication, she’ll be largely absent from this film after they start World jumping.

  7. Frankly, they’re mere inches away from renaming the franchise LOKI (AND SOME BLONDE DUDE WITH A SLEDGEHAMMER).

  8. It looked alright, certainly no worse than that Man of Steel trailer you were nerdgasming about, Fish.

    Honestly the Thor franchise would have been better served by eschewing the love story…I love Helmsworth as Thor, but his first movie was only ok, this one looks to be about the same (but, then, trailers are poor metrics)

  9. Loki is the only reason I’ve watched any of the damn movies, and if THIS doesn’t get some goddamn Hiddleston on this site, I am coming after you with a machete, Fish.

  10. hailvictory

    OMG ANYTHING WITH NORSE RELIGION IS POSITIVE AND THIS TRAILER LOOKS EXCELLENT. “”Fish”", You are ultra-stupid and I hate you. WHY IS HEIMDAHL BLACK AND WHY DID THEY DYE SIF’S HAIR? Sif has golden hair and even the marval comic had a white heimdahl. OMG thank you affirmative action and immigration. “”Fish”", I hate you. HAIL ODIN! HAIL FREYA! HAIL HEL! The same norse gods were worshiped throughout Europe before Christianity came in with Pleidas and Knights Templar and forced people to convert or be killed (about 600 years 800ad – 1400ad). Norse religion is way more important that anyone thinks, because THE religion of Europe, with minor regional differences. Anything that shows Europeans true pan-European heritage (the truth we all shared before Christianity), is awesome as it brings people to the truth. This “”Fish”", loves affirmative action, hating white people, hating women, and hating people’s right to defend themselves against the tyranny of government and break-ins.

  11. nltruong

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