Thomas Jane gets DUI going 124 MPH

Thomas Jane, or Tom Jane as he likes to be called, got picked up for DUI early yesterday morning. The star of The Punisher, and the only actor alive to make someone say, “Wow, I miss Dolph Lundgren,” was apparently trying to break the sound barrier when the California Highway Patrol stopped him, according to the AP:

The CHP says the 39-year-old actor was driving his black 2008 Maserati at 124 mph when he was stopped on Interstate 5 in Kern County early Monday morning. He was arrested on suspicion of DUI.

TMZ says Tom Jane failed several field sobriety tests and was also driving on a suspended license. Of course, it should be noted this guy is married to Patricia Arquette so he has a history of making astronomically stupid choices that no one should make unless there’s a gun to your head. Even then, really, how bad could permanent brain damage be? Heidi Montag seems to be doing alright for herself.

Photo: Getty Images
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