Thomas Jane Used to Dabble in Gay Prostitution

Photo Boy here with a slight hiccup in your normally programmed dick jokes as I’ll be filling in for Fish today. Like any good substitute that I can remember from grade school, I’d like to start the day out with a little gay experimentation. In a recent interview with The L.A. Times, Hung star Thomas Jane admitted to accepting sexual favors and experimenting with his sexuality as a struggling actor at a young age:

Hey, you grow up as an artist in a big city, as James Dean said, you’re going to have one arm tied behind your back if you don’t accept people’s sexual flavors. You know, when I was a kid out here in L.A., I was homeless, I didn’t have any money and I was living in my car. I was 18. I wasn’t averse to going down to Santa Monica Boulevard and letting a guy buy me a sandwich. Know what I mean?

Look, I think we can all relate to living in our cars and tossing a beeje out here and there for some McNuggets. Granted, I was parked in my parents’ driveway and had a full-time job but I wasn’t about to limit my future opportunities by not selling myself for sex. Or maybe I just wasn’t quite sure if I was gay or not because i hadn’t tried it out yet. What’s that? You say that’s a colossally stupid and insensitive viewpoint about homosexuality? The Punisher continued:

I don’t know. I think up to a point it’s a choice. But I’ll tell you what — it’s not a choice until you’re open enough to experience both male and female sexuality. Until you’ve tasted the food, you don’t know whether you’ll like it or not, as my mom always said.

In other words, dick was sort of like lima beans in the Jane household. I wonder what other childhood lessons got misinterpreted as encouragement for gay sex.

Don’t Talk Back = Handies behind the shed.
Clean Up Your Room = Naked leapfrog on the top bunk.
Brush Your Teeth = Bukkake.

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