This’ll wake you up.

February 18th, 2010 // 104 Comments

Does Richie Rich actually design clothes? I ask because it seems like every single one of his fashion shows revolves around Pamela Anderson showing everyone where the hepatitis is. Maybe I’m just ignorant of the inner-workings of the fashion industry, but I’m pretty sure he hasn’t designed a single thing since he found the magic flute that controls Pam’s every move. “Shit, fashion week already? Damn you, mimosas! *doot a loot toot ootle loot* Nipples. Stage. GO!”

Photos: Splash News

  1. DJS

    You know, she is fit for her age and the pictures I have seen of her here without makeup are actually better than the ones with makeup.

  2. craqataq

    i hate you guys for calling it a day at 4pm! i understand witty posts are more laborious to write than perez’s bullshitttt, but seriously deliver the goods in larger quantities fool! i need more!

  3. nar

    Yhey you can get hepatitis man ..why You blast the woman? hepAtitis i virus ISNT just for gays, prostituTes and drug addictS , even you can get it ,so shup up and i hope KARMA GET YOU …

  4. Wick3d

    I hate the SLUT.I’ll be celebrating the day she dies.
    She portrays Women our age as skanks .
    I assure you we dont need to take our clothes off /trowel our makeup on/get plastic surgery for attention.
    A worn out skank

  5. Wick3d

    I hate the SLUT.I’ll be celebrating the day she dies.
    She portrays Women our age as skanks .
    I assure you we dont need to take our clothes off /trowel our makeup on/get plastic surgery for attention.
    A worn out skank

  6. Jammy

    She just can’t except that she’s old already! she wont let herself age gracefully, instead she continues to make a fool of herself in these ridicuolus getups! act your age already Pam!

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  8. Man In Black

    I’m sorry. I have been away for a while. Who is that guy?

  9. she’s getting older.. she needs to drop more hardcore vids


  11. bill

    Sorry guys, I would still hit it. Getting older, but the body is still bumping.

  12. Fati87

    Say what you will about her, but she has a pretty great body for a woman her age.

  13. she looks better

    I think her face looks less haggard now than it has for a long time…A little help from the cosmetic surgeon no doubt.

    Is ageing gracefully a thing of the past? Women like that depress me honestly..I’m in my 20s and sometimes I feel I’d rather die young with my fresh-faced natural looks rather than turn into Pam and Madonna-types who are forever getting botox, facelifts, cheek implants etc.

  14. Shedabitch

    LOL.. you know its funny.. cause some of these shots its like.. OMFG what the hell happened to her face… and some others are like woah… older mom of two, no fucking way!!!! but whatever, maybe if she quit wearing the makeup like that, i would say stop being a whore, but its what she does.. so .. meh

  15. Irene

    Faark she has an amazing body. I would be very happy to have that at her age.

  16. beating off to iren's tits

    i fucked pam 3 years ago at swingers party.she sucked my cock AFTER IT WAS IN another GIRLS ASS!!.chick is wreckles..

  17. Sal

    all ya’ll are a bunch of retared American’s!!… she banging hot! go Pam!

  18. whoa!!!
    check this video out

  19. Yeech, looks like a tub of yogurt several years past its use by date!

  20. pam you old whore

    the flat ass old bimbo has done it again !! Hahahahaha… Hey , she still looks very good for a 40 year old stripper ! She really does, kudos to the old stupid canadian whore, but keep in mind one thing, when she wakes up in the morning, without her make up and hair extension….Geesh… i guess it makes you think WTF i slept with my grandma ! .. well, this apply to all women that wear shit loads of make up, extensions and whatever other fake shit they put on their faces and tits to make them look “BEAUtifull” no matter what age they are !… SHOW no mercy or respect for this kind of “women” !! ….

  21. captain america

    the older she grows the more MAKE UP she uses.

    (this is an american problem though)

  22. Blshyrkh


    Thanks a lot GW for letting me see this….

    I will have nightmares now…

    By the way, her boobs always looked fake (but awesome) but is it me or those things look like they’re about to fall off her body??

  23. ashleigh

    her body looks great but her face has aged badly.

  24. Irene Barcelo

    She needs to stop doing this and act her freaking age. Her body is giving up on her and she should too.

  25. Covert Koala

    It’s not her fault, the hep has gotten to her mind, damn you Tommy and your sewer stick!

  26. bitingontinfoil

    When will this hep-infected skank learn?

    a) It’s not 1990
    b) She’s pushing 50 fer Chrissakes!

  27. It didn’t have to be this way.

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  30. howlingatthemoon

    Is that Heidi Montag?

  31. JANE

    Before any of you ever in your life again comment on her looking like shit, remember that she is 40 something and her body is AMAZING and prob better than 70% of 20 year olds in America. She has no cellulite and no stretch marks, and she has great legs. Who the fuck cares if shes wearing a shit loud of makeup she’s obviously on stage here but nonetheless her body kicks ass regardless of implants or not, you cant fake a body like that and only so much surgery can make you look that good so I’m sure she has had little to no work done on her body. Think about that, and your fat mothers before you make fun of her. Her sons have a LEGIT MILF as a mom unlike the rest of you guaranteed.

  32. One step forward, two steps back.

    Get a stylist, put some clothes on.

  33. mom

    pamala anderson looks very nasty.i would not want to be in her shoes.pamala anderson looks tore up from the floor up.her make up does not cover her ringles.her outfit was all out of place.bad need some facial work you are in a desprate need of it before coming out in public and making a total ass of yourself.

  34. PAMELA

    Grow up already. People are people. Women should not wear or buy makeup, and change the way they dress. Maybe then they would get more respect. Stop with the damn implants too. Stop being fake! You make the naturally beautiful people look like they need to compete. If men would only grow up, we would be at peace already.

  35. whoprey

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  36. fatman from ct

    the worst thing is that this woman still tries to pose like she is shy and never done this before….Mercy mercy already give it up old hag and your hep b ways…it is now disgusting and no one wants to see it…

  37. grace

    she acts kinda pathetic but she’s so fucking fine

  38. wheezy

    wOw-I thought this was a cross-dresser!!

  39. wheezy

    wOw-I thought this was a cross-dresser!!

  40. I call 'em as I see 'em

    So the “clothing” that this guy designs is for strippers, right?
    Or tranny hookers?

  41. richard

    I think she hot I would stand in line to lick her from top to bottom and then role her over yummy 50 or not she’s hott…

  42. Well. She still has a nice body.

  43. xiangxian

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  44. Ilan Ben Menachem

    i think she need to wear nothing

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  46. i think she looks great for 40

  47. The face makeup is beginning to show the years,Of course she’s filthy, but she ever has been. Now that she’s older, everyone acts all offended,Her body is ease pleasant other than for the fake ones but she looks bad here and no ring strobe or anything would help.

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