This just keeps getting better.

May 20th, 2010 // 36 Comments

Shortly after the judge threw the book at Lindsay, French police are now saying she never reported her passport stolen which completely contradicts everything her lawyer said in court. On top of that, authorities say Lindsay will be stopped and arrested at customs, according to TMZ:

The rep says, “Anyone who enters the country who has an active warrant in the law enforcement database will be detained by their office and local authorities will be called.”
Law enforcement sources in L.A. tell us either the Los Angeles Airport police or the LAPD would then take Lindsay into custody and book her.

I can just see Lindsay trying to sneak past customs wearing a pair of those glasses with the fake nose. “Who is this ‘Lindsay Lowhands’ person you speak of? I’m just a simple drug mule carrying cocaine into Ameri- wait.”

Photos: INFdaily

  1. Bwa ha ha ha, I can’t wait to see how this develops!

  2. Burn her at the stake!

    Hilarious! Finally, a judge that has some balls. An arrest warrant, a decent sized bail amount and a SCRAM bracelet that measures her blood alcohol content. Legal conditions guaranteed to make her fail, seeing as how she has no intention of doing any of them.

    So, since she’s an alcoholic who has no intention of stopping being a fall down drunk and thinks the rules of society don’t apply to her, the question is will she ever come back? Or will she pull a Roman Polanski? Personally, I think she should pull a Jim Morrison.

    BTW, I love how she’s “working hard to get the situation cleared up” by not requesting an additional copy of her passport from the US embassey and by going out to party the night away dressed as a swing shift hooker in training…

  3. Taz

    why is his face so red?

  4. JesseJimmy

    Two quick ways to identify white trash that is trying to “dress up” and look professional:

    1. Check the shoes. They’ll be wearing cheap shoes (can’t see Michael’s shoes).

    2. Check the collar. Nice collar stays, Lohan. How long was that dress shirt on your floor? Shit.

    Oh, btw, the reason his face is so red is because he’s likely an alcoholic too. Family curse. Well, that and being freeloading worthless pieces of shit. That’s the other family curse.

  5. mer

    She should stay on the run. Go all Wesley Snipes and shit.

  6. Sardonic

    He obviously got hired to do some advertising for Red Dead Remption. I bet they paid him well, right Fish?

  7. Emily

    Wow Lindsey, you’ve got quite the receding hair line today.

  8. Sport

    Why does this ass clown have his own lawyer?

  9. havoc

    Does France extradite for the death penalty? Just curious. At this rate, it may come to that…..


  10. Sam A

    Finally!! She needs to be in jail. Shes fucking worthless…

  11. Sam A

    Finally!! She needs to be in jail. Shes fucking worthless…

  12. Dr. Who

    Michael is probably pulling it to the thought of Linsay behind bars.

  13. Danklin24

    She’ll be out in 2 days max. Hell will freeze over before any celebrity does any real time in jail.

    Haha i said celebrity. i’m funny.

  14. bitch PLEASE

    Why does he look like a cross between Billy Joel, Porky Pig, and Bruce Willis…

  15. Danklin24

    Actually, the French can just have her. We’ll gladly give their POS country a worthless whore. Theres lot of them there already. One more won’t hurt.

  16. i feel like this is it. lindsay is in her final hours.

  17. Samantha Ronson

    Lindsay you did it this time. I hope the women love you in there. I hope you get raped by groups of women, though i know you will love it. It will be just like when i use to fuck with my eight inch cock. Yeah you liked that shit you dirty bitch. I can only hope that someone in that jail has a bigger cock than i, but lets not kid ourselves.

  18. Jen


  19. mel

    hopefully she’ll never try to come back to the US and we can be friggin rid of her at last!

  20. Run bitch, run! If only she had saved that money to pay off the legal system instead of snorting everything. She could be the female Mel Gibson. Oh well. Just put her in jail and let the taxpayers feed her.

  21. Badger Bob

    I don’t think she can stay in France to avoid prosecution. We have a reciprocal arrangement with the French such that they are obligated to detail her and hand her over. Provided that the lazy California justice system faxes the arrest warrant to the French.

    It would be an interesting move for her to request asylum in France.

    Someone please tell Lindsay that Iran won’t extradite her. Please please please.

  22. e


  23. SO RIGHT

    Why is Michael Lohan in photos? What does he have to do with anything? His kids want nothing to do with him. His ex wife wants nothing to do with him. and he’s in no way, shape or form a celebrity, so WHY is he everywhere? Just stop photographing this asshat and stop buying the pics!

  24. clarkehead

    Not to be a total dick, but let’s keep this all in perspective here:

  25. imho

    She probably sold her passport for drug money. I’m sure it will turn up on e-bay soon…LOL!

  26. Danklin

    #25, i know you’re not being a dick and i’m not trying to be one either, but troops die in wars, its happens all the time. Are we supposed to stop and mourne all three thousand of them? It sucks that they’re dying, it really does, but its good to focus on other things for a change. Even meaningless people like this chick.

  27. I know, I like it. It's just like when I fuck with my eight inch cock. Yes, you liked that shit you dirty bitch.

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  30. captain america

    just when the U.S. is getting better this MORON appears on scene!!

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