This is where I want to be buried. Right between here.

October 8th, 2009 // 92 Comments

Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis attended the American Ballet Theater 2009 Fall Gala last night and I still don’t believe these two are going to be in a movie where they have insane lesbian sex together. It’s logistically impossible. It’d be like trying to film the Ark of the Covenant after you opened it. There’d be nothing but melted cameras and faces all over the place, and probably even some dead Nazis and Harrison Ford carrying a bullwhip, I’m not ruling anything out.

Photos: WENN

  1. Truthfirst

    perfection! heaven!

  2. first



  3. Milatalie

    YAY I’ve always been told that I look like their love child. Hmm wish I could watch my own conception. Is that sick????

  4. Randal(l)

    Oops, I just Befouled this computer. God how I wish I wasn’t in a public library right now.


  5. Alex

    Nice! Two smoking hot Israeli chicks. Yum.

  6. Caesar

    The Romans proved that God (well the phoney one) didn’t exist when they destroyed the temple where the Ark was laying around uselessly, remember?
    Yeah Hollywood’s tards in their revisionist history made it all magical when it was opened by the evil Nordics but don’t forget, that was childish horseshit. The box is empty and as useless. Just like all religions.

  7. Danklin24

    This seems way too good to be true. If it is true, i hope the scene isnt lame as hell where all it is is kissing. I hope its a melt your face off hot moaning and groaning sex scene. Natalie Portman you better not fuck it up. We all know what a little fucking prude you are and bitch about getting naked after you’ve already done it.

  8. Danklin24

    #3 you need to send me a pic, STAT!

  9. Excuse me, I need to go change my underwear now or it’ll be sticking to my leg in a few minutes.

  10. Danklin24

    #5 Mila is Ukrainian you dumb fuck.

  11. Christina

    Fair play they are stunningly beautiful girls, men you degrade them by wanking and by being general wankers.

  12. Kangaroo

    Portman is a visual snoozefest. Kunis is ok, but overrated. She has no butt. – just a back with a hole in it.

  13. chango666

    They are both soooooo tiny, I could fuck them both at the same time . . . oh hell yes . . .

  14. knows

    Nice to see Israel is finally letting us have a little peek at how lovely their women are there! Best in the world – by far! Puts all other nations to shame!!!

  15. Jenna

    Is it just me, or do these two look like a hot trailer park mess in this pic? I mean, they’re gorgeous – no doubt…I see the appeal. But there’s something in the way their make-up is done that gives off a total white trash vibe. :-D

  16. Harry

    Portman > Kunis.

  17. Lee

    I’m so in love with Mila Kunis! She’s such a good person and stays private instead of going around like a skank (Paris Hilton) acting like she’s god’s gift. It’s so refreshing to see down to earth actresses with morals and no egos like Mila & Natalie who are sweethearts, are REAL and actually have talent unlike some people in Hollywood *cough Meagan Fox cough*

  18. Moses

    Damn those commandments!

  19. No GayTards

    I would eat both all day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Ryan the Canadian

    Straight Chix dyking for pay is nothing to party about. Women do it on their own dime in nightclubs the world over. Why pay when you can have it for free? Besides, these chix are not hot. Neither one…..I have fucked hotter and put up with half the stress these two would cause. If it was between fucking one of these girls or jerking off with steel wool, I would take the steel wool…..throw in some comet for additional friction…..

  21. Something about this post makes me think about The Wizard of Oz. Maybe it’s that they’re both Munchkins.

  22. Dildozer

    Kangaroo is right. But damn I would still like to stick something in that hole. And I do mean my pink thingy. Then make each of them taste the flavor wave from each other’s various holes!

  23. sean

    i’ve made them both pregnant with my sperm.

  24. yum yum

    Fuck megan fox. Mila K is the shit.

  25. canadian goose

    One on my face and the other on my penis please

  26. Mancomb Seepgood

    What I would give to be a fly on those titties.

  27. douglas

    These are the best of the best. But Natalie wins via her Harvard Degree.

  28. mramosster

    This is where I want MY PENIS to be buried. Right between here. (photos)

  29. Turd the third

    From what I here a lot of ballet performers are bisexual, so in that vain I think these two chicks should go down on each other and send us in a few picts. I am sure that would keep the stupid fucking wankers and pudshooters on this site busy for the evening.

  30. Really?

    @15, I don’t see it. They both have neutral colored lip gloss on, blush and eye shadow that is subtle. The only thing that stands out is the eye liner which also looks good. Please see Christina Augilera pics for trailor trash make-up applications.

  31. Stoner

    I want to be buried there too! wait was that harrison ford?

  32. Danklin24

    #20 you’re a damn fucking liar. Stop trying to sound like you’re the man. You wish you could get girls as hot as Mila Kunis. She’s one of the best looking actresses there is. I bet the girls you fuck are one hair away from having a full mustache.

  33. nastyjay

    for some reason, my cream flying everywhere is all i can think of

  34. Danklin24

    whoever calls this average is fucking delusional

  35. jumpin_j

    Put your head between two pieces of cardboard. It’s pretty much the same thing.

  36. Lee

    #32: Nah, he doesn’t fuck any girls at all. I have no doubt that the troll is a fuckin’ virgin who’s life is so sad, lonely and pathetic that his hate for everyone is so extreme that he even hates on gorgeous girls like Kunis & Portman. The only pussy he’s seen that isn’t on the internet is his ugly mothers .

  37. Lee

    #32: Nah, he doesn’t fuck any girls at all. I have no doubt that the troll is a fuckin’ virgin who’s life is so sad, lonely and pathetic that his hate for everyone is so extreme that he even hates on gorgeous girls like Kunis & Portman. The only pussy he’s seen that isn’t on the internet is his ugly mother’s .

  38. Dannggg

    FINALLY…a no SKANK posting and I must say I hella luv these chicks…I would wine and dine them…then…play fine with em

  39. id buy that for a dollar

  40. Delgo

    I’d let them poach my gefilte fish.

  41. Sport

    Very, very nice. I agree with the title.

  42. Ryan the Canadian


  43. vintage rough

    What is the natural resource of the Ukraine besides ridiculously hot chicks? I mean can we get an excuse to invade already, don’t they sell plutonium in the black market? this broad got the same little button nose and pretty mouth as the chick who black mailed De la hoya…

  44. Patient Zero


    Ok. Well, well you see…

    Right. So, I’ve ummm…. I’ve ahhh…. Well see, I’ve had an erection lasting for more than four hours.

    What’s that, then?

    No, no actually, I don’t take Viagra.

    Right. Well…

    Well, you see it all started when I saw the picture above.

  45. shankyouverymuch

    2 hot little J.A.Ps

  46. Pete O'file

    The problem with being between these two chicks is, you will have done so much blow to get there, you may as well have been born without a unit. Fact is, you’ll be up for a week trying to get it to feel, before ending it all with your shit in a roadkill raccoon with a .45. It’s how my cousin Randy ended up. Just say no.

  47. shawn

    Natalie is a terrible actress. She’s so awkward and uncomfortable in every film.

  48. Sha66y

    Ukrainian and Israeli hotness. Going to find my yarmulke…

  49. Puh-leese

    @3 – Being told you look like a celebrity by some dude living in a cardboard box behind the bowling alley doesn’t count. Also, I think it’s time you knew, some guys will say ANYTHING to sleep with girl (or someone dressed as a girl) Isn’t that right @20? Tell me, did the chicks that were “hotter” that you got with have unusually large knuckles and an Adam’s apple? And by Adam’s apple I mean penis.

    You friggin’ fruit….

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