This is what Tiger Woods cheated on.

December 2nd, 2009 // 375 Comments

Because my journalistic instincts enable me to cut to the very essence of a story, here’s more bikini pictures of Tiger Woods’ wife that surfaced online thanks to their inability to argue without taking a sand wedge to an Escalade. I’m pretty sure the only way I’d get tired of having sex with this woman is if we were married for five years and I had enough money to make cocktail waitresses pretend golf is a turn-on. — Wait.

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  1. What i think

    @65 No amount of money would lead me to pump out two weird looking half-breed children with him or anyone else that i would not want my chilren to resemble, because money comes and goes but being a parent is for life.

  2. jkljkl


    lol, sounds like your parents fucked you up for life. what kinda idiot would turn down that much dough because of some racist views… thats just dumb. you could pay for all the skin bleaching you could ever want. and have round eye operations for all of those kids. youre stupid.

  3. Chris

    From the Chicago Sun Times: o Also, don’t look for Woods’ wife, Elin, to be moving out of the couple’s Windermere, FL., mansion anytime soon. The links legend’s spouse is reportedly being paid a hefty seven-figure amount — immediately transfered into an account she alone controls — to stick with her husband.

    On top of that, my source indicated Elin Nordegren Woods, the mother of Tiger’s two children, has demanded — and is getting — a total rewrite on the couple’s prenuptial agreement making the incentives for her to remain Mrs. Tiger Woods even more enticing.

    At this point, the couple needed to remain married for 10 years in order for Woods’ wife to collect a splitsville settlement of $20 million. I’m being told that time frame has been shortened — and the dollar amount increased “substantially.” … See More

    o Perhaps most important of all, the Woodses have already begun intense marriage counseling — at their home — with a counselor who has been conducting sessions several times daily

  4. What a ijit


  5. PhDiego


    He knows best. If you can have any hot chick you want, don’t ever get married.

    DiCaprio is following his footsteps, when he dumped Bar

  6. G&T

    @53 Fearsarewishes
    I apologize! I keep forgetting she didn’t get married in sweden.
    Still, she could put put the 20 mill in the bank and live off of interest like a queen, and be with whoever she wants! I’m sure that a Swedish model with 20 mill in the bank isn’t gonna have a tough time finding someone she likes to go have dinner with…

  7. Ms Whiplash

    Why wouldn’t he just let her divorce him? I don’t get it. He can easily afford any kind of payout, and then he can be free to fuck whoever he wants. He obviously doesn’t love or respect her or their kids. He needs to man up, pay up and shut up. He got himself into this when he decided to cheat. She’s a fool if she stays with him, with or without the money. Oh, and I have a hard time believing anybody would sign such a paltry pre-nup without an “infidelity clause” of some kind. Come on Elin, think! You deserve better than this (even if you did wear sweat pants and no makeup) . Christ, look at Eldrick, he walks around in fucking golf shirts and khakis!

  8. adaa

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  9. fearsarewishes

    @ 106

    Did you finish your homework?

  10. who dat


    just like I was saying bitch. You had no clue of what you were posting, and the article from the Chicago Sun Times proves it. Learn to keep your mouth shut, unless you know what you are talking about.


  11. fearsarewishes

    who dat:

    Read it again, cuntboy. The article to which you refer supports precisely what I wrote in #98.

    BTW – Stacy told Madison that you were being a total bitch in homeroom this morning!

  12. Lost Respect

    It doesn’t matter about her beauty or her personality, he made a commitment and he broke that, he cheated on her with who knows what, some reality star trash. Not only was what he did hurtful, but he also could have exposed her to sexual diseases. Its a shame that someone who has so much power and influence would make such poor decisions.

    If you don’t take marriage seriously its a shame, and whoever says that Woods is allowed to because hes a celebrity or a man has a lot of soul searching to do, and should experience the pain that adultry brings.

  13. Id

    You people and your comments are always so predictable. About seventeen of you replied with the same hackneyed line. Predictable sheep with mouths agape. So much for that squeaky clean image, Tiger. I wonder if adulterers can still be successful golfers? Maybe basketball or football would have been a better choice. We’re used to dealing with classless thugs there.

  14. who dat


    You are a FUCKIN MORON. You need to learn to read and comprehend.

    “Nope, she’ll threaten to divorce without a renegotiation”

    Just the opposite happened. The pre-nup was restructured. Give it up asshole. You were wrong. Stop trying to spin it. As you are no longer worth a response, knock yourself out. I’m done with your worthless ass.

  15. Alger Hiss

    #74 wins the game, fuckers….if you wanna fuck around, DON’T GET MARRIED!!!!!


  16. fearsarewishes

    who dat:

    The opposite of a divorce without a negotiation occurred? According to you she would divorce if they DID renegotiate?

    Thanks for playing.

    Now you may leave. No dessert for you tonight! And you are grounded this weekend!

  17. Jake

    I want to eat Elin’s pussy real bad

  18. Standing up for Elin and disgusted at the thought of Brianna in fishnets

    85. Brianna

    I love the fact that you say she isn’t a “natural” model and her poses are wrong, so is your name really brianna, or is it gisele?
    And supposedly you’ve seen better cocktail waitresses in Vegas, is this after you knocked back a few… ? because I picture you in a skeezy Vegas club, hanging out with the rest of the girls that look like they just walked out of the air streem. Get a life and stop hating on a beautiful woman, who of all things is a mother of two who now has to face the public scrutiny of her husband banging a vh1 tool academy alumni. I pity you.

  19. JustJess

    Please do your research #12-

    You think those women are gorgeous??

    She has no sex appeal – so she is probably as bad as Paris in bed. Wooden as all get out.

    Compare Pic 1 to a similar pic Alessandra Ambrosio put out a couple days ago. AA smolders, EN fizzles.

    Enter Rachel U – and it’s all downhill after that.

  20. Franko

    So easy for us to pass judgement on others….Question….who out there has not sinned in any of the top 10 commandments? Have you lusted for others? Question…..Can you, me or Tiger be forgiven for our sins? Answer…..Yes! Absolutely! ….we just need to open our heart to the Lord, repent, and ask for His forgiveness. It’s so easy and it’s for free!! Jesus died for you and me and Tiger. He took away your sins and my sins to give us everlasting life.
    “So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen. For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.” — 2 Corinthians 4:18

  21. Nushaun

    I wanna fuck dis white bitch

  22. Hey Franko!

    #120 Franko

    Hey Franko I am a religious person myself, but did you not hear the voicemail where Tiger asked his mistress to change her voicemail so his wife wouldn’t figure out who she was. This doesn’t sound like a remorseful person, but of someone who wanted to continue on and not get caught. I believe that the only way to be forgiven by God is to have a good heart and to be honestly sorry, for which I don’t think Tiger’s actions reflect.

    *I’ve met tiger and his voice is a dead ringer in the voicemail… no mistaking that.

  23. Hugh Gentry

    I’ve seen her up close in person…she’s not that hot. She probably doesn’t blow him anymore, so he had to look elsewhere.

  24. who dat oh an ass

    who dat-

    The only woman who don’t marry for money are the ones that have a soul.
    Obviously, according to your quote, you can’t get a hot woman, so go suck your own dick because those ugly chicks arn’t going to want your sloppy ass either.

    And please try to come up with something more clever than you must be a train wreck because im not so it would just make you look so silly :)

  25. Emma

    God I love the guys posting on here, they act like the end of the world is when they don’t get a blow or a screw! Are you not getting enough attention…? Well im sorry maybe shes busy raising your two kids, while your off traveling in tournaments?

  26. This is about Obama

    This is just a way for conservatives to express there anger that a black man is president. They can’t ruin Obama’s life, so they go after another black man and try to ruin Tiger. They all hate blacks because their so racist. If Bush were president nobody would care about Tiger as much, but conservatives are making this a big issue because they hate Obama is president and want to show what they can do to him in the media if he messes up.

  27. Call me Elin

    I’ll let Elin ride me all day and night 24/7 if she wants to get back at Tiger by doing a little cheating of her own. She should do a little tit for tat, as long as it means I get to suck her tits.

  28. Amber


    Oh give me a break, this is about Tiger Woods (who is caucasian, asian, and AFRICAN AMERICAN) cheating on his wife and commiting adultry! Im not racist and this isnt about race! When Jude Law and Bill Clinton commited adultry they were just as scrutinized. So please stop pulling the race card. Nobody brought up race and condeming him for adultry isnt about race it is about morals!

  29. Common Sense

    I like Tiger, but in this case he is not only wrong … he is an idiot. He has an absolutely beautiful wife at home, one he should be proud of and hold up on a pedestal forever. If he wished to have people respect him and his privacy, he should have NEVER allowed this to happen to him, or to ELIN.
    Now with all of this said and done … I’d love to eat her true blond pussy.

  30. C’mon with the women bashing, and man praising. She is from another country, what is she about 7yrs old mentally. He is the one who was the hunter, he hunted her for an heir, to produce Tiger II, that is about it. The whole thing was a sham. And do you really think, a Stanford graduate, (someone needs to read up,) he is no light weight, he is an intellectual giant would let a no rate model take what his father lived and died for? She’ll get about $40million and C’Ya, Alfeederzein, Gutenhaugen!!! Whatever that means. :-).

    I can’t stand his guts, because he wanted to split hairs and call himself every ounce of blood in his bood and the country it derived, hell, I can do that too, it would still make me a proud African American. What goes around comes around, Tiger. Chickens come home to roost. Never deny your heritage. It is obvioius what his heritage is by his actions. Makes him look foolish to deny it.

  31. JohnnyBGood

    #26 Nice try troll.

    This girls is not that hot. Sorry. Anyway even if she was remember what Billy Bob said about Angelina who is way hotter than this chick “Sleeping with Angelina Jolie is Like fucking the Couch”.

  32. who dat

    124. who dat oh an ass – December 2, 2009 10:25 PM

    Really, tell me how many women have you dated? Thats what I thought. None. Because you are a woman.

    The ONLY women who date/marry for love are the ugly ones. Truth.

    btw- I only date 8′s and above. That’s why I understand them so well.

  33. Jibbly Biggins

    55 – wow you are such a jerk. So continuing the human race is just part of the play book now ? How DARE a beautiful woman have children with a man she loves ? And then feel discarded after he fucks two attention whores ?

    You must be a sad, pathetic man craven for attention yet unable to connect to women because you secretly loathe them. It’s not about being poor, a – hole – your attitude is the real poison.

  34. fer

    There were reports that Tiger had to buy jewelry for his wife “Kobe special” because she was angry over hearing about the affair. I wonder if this means there is no pre-nup between Tiger and Elin? If that is the case and with women coming forward everyday talking about having flings with Tiger. It is too bad he smashed that car, after Elin and her lawyers are finished with him that is where he will be living!

  35. Who dat oh an ass

    132. who dat – December 2, 2009 11:02 PM

    Your satisfaction in what your saying makes me laugh =)

    I guess Adriana Lima whos made millions on her own, and married the man she loved, is just one fugly bitch, huh?

  36. And regarding the salcious titile ” This is what Tiger Cheated on” look at Rick Fox, and Eric Bonet, the most gorgeous women alive, all that, brains, looks, and Academy Award winners, Miss America, business savvy. They still cheated. Something is pissing these men off. Not sure what, nor will we ever know. Or maybe they’re just plain bored. Who knows what the air is like at the $100million mark. We ordinary folk will never know.

  37. who dat

    My mom says I’m smart, not stupid like you guys say I am!

  38. Tire Swing

    Tiger’s career is too well managed for him not to have a solid prenup. So she can’t just up and leave him and expect to be left mega-rich. She might also love him and want to hold the family together. But he’s such a putz for cheating like this.

  39. Ignorance

    Obviously majority of the people posting on this are either cheaters or have never been cheated on. My father cheated on my mother and let me tell you it doesn’t just effect the life of the mother or girlfriend who ever it is but also the children. I hope every one of you sick bastards who condone’s Tiger’s indescretions falls head over heals for someone and then they cheat on you and you emotionally crumble into a million pieces.

  40. SNIPSS

    These pics are old….. she is washed up now…

  41. ardgelina

    #130 people like you obviously have no pride in their heritage b/c if u really did u wouldn’t complain when someone wants to mention their real heritage not just some made up fake heritage b/c the african americans will get mad… He isn’t freaking african american!!!! He is mixed race. Mixed race people don’t have to claim one portion of their race. His mother is FREAKING asian how does that equal African American? His father is AA and half white… How is that African American? 1/2 AA + 1/2 white+ 1/2 chinese+ 1/2 thai= African American???? WTF?!?!?!? >:0 R u a freaking idiot? Hell yeah i had 2 throw an equation n there lmao Hello last time I checked the one drop rule doesn’t apply its 2009 he can claim every race he was every mixed with big deal! btw he never denied any part of his heritage! He claims all of it!!

  42. It’s so fucking funny that certain people condone cheating because of circumstances: she is a bitch, she has stretch marks, never home, pays me no attention, blah blah blah….

    You know what? If you are sick of it – or her – DIVORCE HER!!!
    Or him if that is the situation. Don’t be a fucking pussy and go off and fuck around. Great example for your children and the people who look up to him.

    What is this guy 18 years old?

    Be a man – cop to the fact it isn’t working out – start the paperwork- seal the deal then fuck till your pitching wedge falls off. If Joe Smith can get caught cheating on his wife – how easy will it be for Tiger?

    He is gonna give up half either way. Now he just looks like a shithead and a terrible father.

    Not everyone cheats – those are the words of the ones who are bitter and have no faith in humanity and after reading 85% of these posts, I am not sure I have much faith left either.

    You fucking clowns.

    For every pretty girl there is someone sick of putting up with her shit and for every little boy who doesn’t have the self-worth to respect himself and leave – there is a hot girl laughing her ass off at him and his hotel of whores.

  43. DoNotMarryGermanWomen

    Beautiful wives doesn’t mean they are good mates/partners. I had a beautiful woman, charming in public, but was an absolute horror and psycho in private. Really hurtful and didn’t have a clue about building a relationship. Elin could be like her. Although I never strayed before we broke up, I can see why Tiger could want to be with other women — maybe they could provide the emotional bond he lacked with Elin.

  44. hahahah

    hahaha you guys are just fucking homos and jealous bitches. This girl is hott as shit. im a girl and ill say it. quit hatin.

  45. shankyouverymuch

    Chimps can not think logically, end of story!

  46. Anonym

    She looks awful without makeup., Tiger’s mistresses are waaaaaaaaay cuter!!

  47. jj


    let that shatter the bubble all the men out there live in

  48. jj


    I was waiting for someone to say that!! BRAVOO!

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