This is what Tiger Woods cheated on.

December 2nd, 2009 // 375 Comments

Because my journalistic instincts enable me to cut to the very essence of a story, here’s more bikini pictures of Tiger Woods’ wife that surfaced online thanks to their inability to argue without taking a sand wedge to an Escalade. I’m pretty sure the only way I’d get tired of having sex with this woman is if we were married for five years and I had enough money to make cocktail waitresses pretend golf is a turn-on. — Wait.

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  1. Yes

    #42 is dumb, #5 is right. If you have a life as big as Tiger, you’re going to fuck some tight little bouncy sex kitten that’s on her knees begging for your junk in her mouth.

    His wife is probably a fucking bore in the sack. Simple.

  2. verga

    just goes to show that no matter how hot a woman is, somewhere there’s a guy who’s fucking fed up of her bullshit.

  3. fearsarewishes

    @ G&T

    Go back to school, counselor. There is a pre-nup that locks her in to $20 million IF she stays married for a minimum of 10 years. Not clear what happens if it is less than that or if she can prove infidelity but you can bet your ass it’s less than $20M.

    That’s a GREAT payday and one she knew she would be getting from Day One but a word to all you high school MENSA candidates out there blathering on about HALF of his money; that’s not how it works when you are wealthy and have great lawyers surrounding you.

  4. See Alice

    Hmmmm Lets see . Whats a billion dollars divided by two ……………..

  5. who dat

    Part of this problem going on is Elins fault. She executed the golddigger 101 playbook so well, this is what she got. She hooked tiger by always looking like those pictures 24 hours a day. Never turning him down for hot sex, no matter what time or where they were.

    She had to sign a pre-nup. So to get around it, the playbook says, crap out at least two children as soon as possible. Now you are set financially for life. In doing so though, her body goes to shit. Her self esteem is low. She no longer feels sexy. No longer wants to have sex. Dresses in sweatpants, no makeup. She looks like hell behind closed doors and doesn’t care. Tigers dick (or any other guys) isn’t going to wait.

    Now Tiger hasn’t had hot sex for months. He travels around the world. Has unlimited hot sexy women at his disposal. There it is.

    I know most of you don’t understand this because you are 15. The others are to poor. Guys without money will never get hot women. Cause without exception, women are about money. They lie and say it’s about love. But it’s not. The ONLY women who date/marry for love are the ugly ones.

  6. Donnie Brassballs

    She’s definitely good looking. With the news leaking out Tiger’s ball is certainly in the rough.

  7. boris

    @25 she has a twin sister, do I need to say more?

  8. Even with a beautiful, stunning woman like this, some guys are like “eh, she’s okay.” Right. You’re full of shit an you fucking know it. You’d shoot yourself in the foot to sleep with this woman if she asked you to; you’re not fooling anyone.

    And a big LOL @ the “women are all about the money” novel, lol. Someone’s an ugly, broke bastard who needs to get laid… and it’s THAT guy.

  9. besiktasfan

    i say it’s worth it.

  10. Parker

    @39 that’s even truer than Elin “Bingo” Nordegren knocking out Tiger’s two front teeth. Which I bet she did. Which is why he won’t be seen in public. Until the divorce when she claims half his assets plus the home, a fat alimony settlement, child support, and full custody. Which is what she came to the US for in the first place.

    I bet she ordered out for Thanksgiving.

  11. fearsarewishes

    @ 55

    who dat, you are wasting your breath. Most of these kids think she gets half of the money and that one day he is going to miss her.


  12. I’d rather bang Emma Watson.
    Although, if I’m being very honest and coming from an authentic place inside of myself, I admit I would eat nearly anything out of Elin’s butt-hole. Honesty=bravery. Go me!!!

  13. Drew


    Well played.

    And I’ve seen better than her. I guess a site like this should be expected for only assuming the “superficial” aspects of why someone would be together. :P

  14. dapimp

    girls, ask yourselves these 2 simple questions:

    1) would you marry tiger woods if he asked you and you get your hands on all that money?

    2) how are you not a whore?

  15. Phew!

    Thank GOD no one who comes to this site generalizes. Wouldn’t want to think anyone has a brain that they only a small part of the equation. You don’t get married because of sex. And they didn’t get married because she was pregnant and he started cheating on her before she had the first kid. This moron couldn’t keep it in his pants even before he was a father. His PR team is brilliant. NO ONE expected this.

  16. who dat

    “Go back to school, counselor. There is a pre-nup that locks her in to $20 million IF she stays married for a minimum of 10 years. Not clear what happens if it is less than that or if she can prove infidelity but you can bet your ass it’s less than $20M.”

    Have news for you sport. The marriage pre-nup between Tiger and Elin is currently being renegotiated by the lawyers. If it is not substantially increased with regards to a guaranteed amount. Elin will file for divorce. The amount being proposed is $70 Million.

    If she divorces, the amount looks to be between $220-280 Million. If she was smart, she would divorce him now.

  17. jl

    You show me any hot girl and i’ll show you a guy thats tired of fucking her

  18. jl

    You show me any hot girl and i’ll show you a guy thats tired of fucking her

  19. fearsarewishes

    who dat:

    If it’s $220 to $280 million now why would she renegotiate for $70 million?

    Tiger hopes her lawyers think like you.

    Fuck you, sport

  20. M

    Cheating should never be tolerated. Have the decency to break up with your significant other BEFORE you go and screw someone else.

  21. Joe

    It’s like I always said, “Show me a hot girl, and I’ll show you a guy who is sick of fucking her.”

  22. bete noir


    So Right is right. Some of you need to grow the F up. Especially you women. Would she have even married him if he was poor? Of course not. If anything, her vanity is hurt. She can’t believe he would dare cheat on her. And now that it’s public for all the world to see, she’s doubley pissed. I never feel sorry for rich wives who’ve been cheated on. You’ve got money and a great lifestyle and you don’t have to bust your ass on some dead end job. What’s she squawking about. Get a divorce and get his money if you don’t like it. Otherwise STFU!

  23. Ronin

    All of you have interesting points. Maybe beauty is only skin deep and she maybe is the biggest bore on Earth. Maybe she should shut up because after all she will never want for a single thing in this life. Maybe Tiger is lonely on the road and needs a little somethin somethin to see him through. All of that really does not matter though.

    Plain and simple. He is married. He made a promise that he would love and cheerish her until death due they part. I am sure there was noting in the wedding vows that went, “I love you for ever and ever but after 5 years and two kids I get to lay pipe elsewhere.” And any chick that decided to take a roll in the hay with Tiger is plain and simply a whore. Married men are off limits ladies. If you get involved with a married man, then you are doing something that is evil. And let’s face it, we all know Tiger is a married man. Shamey shamey street walkers.

    Tiger’s wife has every right to expect him to be honest and faithful. Anything less and he should simply get divorced and move on. But sneaking around behind his wife’s back just really gives you a lot of insight into who and what Tiger is all about.

    He is an elitest. He believes he is special among men. Why? Because he can hit a freaking little ball into a hole a few hundred yards away better than anyone else. He is a poor example of a human being that has lost his way. Hopefully the golf club upside his head by his beautiful wife is enough to knock some sense into his head that what he is doing is not acceptable and he will wise up. Otherwise the wife might use a gun next time. Now wouldn’t that be an interesting story.

    Best of luck to you Tiger.

  24. who dat

    70. fearsarewishes – December 2, 2009 5:43 PM

    who dat:

    If it’s $220 to $280 million now why would she renegotiate for $70 million?

    Tiger hopes her lawyers think like you.

    Fuck you, sport

    You are out of control sport.

    The $70 Million would be guaranteed. To get the $220-280 Million the pre-nup would have to be thrown out.

    You are obviously out of your league, with regards to how the legal system works. Go back to the video games and leave the serious conversations for those who understand them.

  25. Hurf

    Whur all duh white wimmens at?

  26. fearsarewishes

    Legal lesson to who dat

    who dat (Elin’s lawyer) : We want you to throw out the pre-nup.

    fearsarewishes (Tiger’s lawyer) : No.

    who dat ( Elin’s lawyer) : OK.

  27. kenortega

    Nothing special about his wife at all. Dumb Cunt.

  28. not so much

    Nice body, shame about the face.

  29. not so much

    Nice body, shame about the face.

  30. Chris

    And she has an identical twin to boot.

  31. Chris

    And she has an identical twin to boot.

  32. YerMomma

    lmao and agree with #24… Cold fish.

  33. Brianna

    Her poses all look “forced”

    Good models shouldn’t look like that.. they should have natural poses.. she looks like she’s in physical pain in most of these pics.

    Bottom line: I’ve seen better looking cocktail waitresses in Vegas.

  34. Mai-Tai

    $70M in their world probably isn’t that much money.

  35. Ok, so it makes no sense whatsoever…..has he not seen what his wife looks like lately?

  36. Honestly just because most of you are saying they dont think she is attractive i think she is very pretty and most likely much prettier than anyone you will date or get with. None of us know they whole situation but he cheated on her with really really ugly girls, at least he should have gotten with better looking girls than his wife. I dont blame her for f*ing up his truck, she should divorce him, just because your rich and known doesnt mean you should cheat in that case just dont get married

  37. Steve M

    The pictures are hot, and the behavior is sad, but it is proof of the old line:

    For every hot woman, there’s some guy out there who’s tired of [sleeping with] her

  38. Gina

    @65… know whores that make this kind of money??

    Most whores I know barely make enough money to pay for there 5 kids and drug habit.

  39. who dat

    When I stick my finger in my butt it hurts.

  40. Lilly

    #5 You speak truth as to how things are, especially when a man is very rich. No one likes hearing it, but it is true. Exactly I don’t ever want to get married to a rich guy, 9/10 he will never be faithful and I couldn’t deal with it.

  41. who dat


    You can’t be older than 15. The Court decides whether any pre-nup that might exist would hold up legally speaking, not any specific lawyer. Now go away mosquito, before you end up smashed on the (cyber) wall.

  42. Sardonic

    It’s like this:

    Men love good pussy.
    And what do men love even more than good pussy?
    New pussy.
    That’s just the way it is.

    And when you have $$ and fame like Tiger your new pussy better be top shelf.

  43. a man's world

    #5 wins.

    Ladies if you are going to marry then let it be for money.
    If history has taught us anything, it’s a far far better thing to leave with your pockets full then to stay at home with the banjo and the STD Earl brought home.

    Collect money pass go and start again.

  44. #5 is still an idiot and so is #51. =)

  45. No matter how good looking they are, someone is tired of their shit.

  46. fearsarewishes

    who dat:

    Pre-nup that might exist? Fucking might exist? You have got to be kidding.

    Any chance the pre-nup that MIGHT exist may be pretty tight, counselor?

    Nope, she’ll threaten to divorce without a renegotiation and he will decide if it worth it to him to guarantee more than the $20M she gets if she lasts 10 years plus.

    Fuck you tough guy.

  47. roscoe

    maybe she’s just dead in bed

  48. Tired

    For every dickhead who reels off the tired, old ” For every hot woman….” quote there is someone sick shit of hearing unoriginal A-holes regurgitate the same crap ad nauseum.

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