This is what Tiger Woods cheated on.

December 2nd, 2009 // 375 Comments

Because my journalistic instincts enable me to cut to the very essence of a story, here’s more bikini pictures of Tiger Woods’ wife that surfaced online thanks to their inability to argue without taking a sand wedge to an Escalade. I’m pretty sure the only way I’d get tired of having sex with this woman is if we were married for five years and I had enough money to make cocktail waitresses pretend golf is a turn-on. — Wait.

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  1. marc b.

    where are the ass shots? very poor reporting.

  2. Tiger

    First? Maybe. Anywho, she’s aight.

  3. Georgeo

    OK, why don’t you post some non-airbrushed, no makeup, just-woke-up, no studio lighting pics? Have you seen this chick with no makeup? Looks worse than Helen Hunt.

  4. Savalas

    Papa was a rolling stone

  5. Voice of Reason

    I don’t mean to be a dick but if you make that much money and are on the road all of the time his wife should expect this shit. She has the right to be pissed that it has become public but other than that she should shut it. She has huge homes, huge bank accounts and no worries, a few women on the side should be no big deal. You want commitment marry a blue collar who doesn’t have the time, money or energy to cheat.

    I am not saying it is her fault, I am just saying she should expect it and get on with her rich ass life. The odds of having a ton of money and a meaningful relationship are slim and only a few can have the best of both worlds. One out of two ain’t bad.

    • Elin Golddigger

      She owes Tiger Woods her life.. Everything she has in life is in thanks to Tiger Woods. Her kids will live a careless wonderful life.. thanks to Tiger. Now she has what she married him for.. $. Hence why she didn’t try to fix their broken marriage.

      Hopefully she hooks up with a money hungry guy, and he can do to her.. what she did to Tiger.

  6. DuroyPrime

    I love it when guys try to tear down a gorgeous woman. I wonder “who is hot to you?” I bet it’s that Edward from Twilight…maybe Jacob now?

    No matter how hot a woman is, someone is tired of f*ing them.

  7. Gatorbates

    He’s a douchebag. She still has my number in her phone. I’ll be paying that ass a visit or two this weekend!


    Maybe she’s dumb as a box of rocks and has zero personality. Anyone ever thought of that. I mean beauty is only skin deep and maybe she’s boring. Sheesh…again, looks aren’t everything. I know lots of very pretty women who are such bitches and so gross that I’d leave too. Men should stop marrying women just because they’re pretty and then perhaps marriages would actually last longer. Not condoning adultery in any way, I’m just saying don’t assume that because someone is beautiful physically that they have something else to offer. Not always the case.

  9. Puddin' Taine

    hmmmm, maybe that love hole isn’t as tight as it was back then when 2 rugrats have popped out of it, hmmmmm???

  10. Don't care

    … one way or the other. But sometimes all that glitters is not gold … sometimes the hottest chicks stop giving it up after they marry your ass … did all kinds of things in every which way before they said, “I do” but after? forget it … and sometimes the guy is getting plenty and he is just an asshole … and sometimes it’s a little bit of both.

    Either way, so what.

  11. The old saying, “It doesn’t matter how hot she is, there’s someone who’s already sick of her shit…” Seems to fit the case.

  12. Tad Bit Tipsy

    I agree with #8. They make them gorgeous in Sweden, but about as smart as a bag of rocks. I mean what is a hot Swedish model doing marrying a boring white collar chode like Woods anyway, you know he’s got a tiny penis, must be the size of his wallet.

  13. The Great One

    this has nothing to do with her and everything to do with the fact that tiger has instant access to nearly any piece of ass in the world, and he finally couldnt help himself. i havent seen any pics of her yet, but she betterbe stupid hot.

  14. nobody turns down free pu$$y

  15. JamesToselandisaLoser

    Adultery rules!

  16. asdasd

    yup, tiger woods is a mega millionare and his wife was nothing before he showed up. A little puntang on the side should be expected and she should consider herself lucky. Fuck, I’m a straight man and I would gladly marry Tiger Woods and he can fuck whoever he wants, including me. The whole monogamy thing is relatively new and pretty unnatural, especially amongst the privileged classes. Go tiger, go.

  17. the biotch

    everyone’s so philosophical today. really, sometimes marriages fail? did you get your counseling degrees from crackerjack boxes or lucky charms send away?


    she’s hot. she may be dumb, but you know that going in. FWIW he doesn’t strike me as a rocket scientist either. he cheated, she caught him, she tried to wrap a club around his head. all is right in the world as far as i’m concerned.

    she’s not a very good model tho. she’s pretty enough, and her eyes are gorgeous and her body is smoking. but she looks physically uncomfortable in almost every single shot.

  18. fearsarewishes

    To all The Superficial readers:

    It is possible to be censored on this site. Or it is at least possible for your “comment to be held for review”. And then censored.

    Thank you.

  19. puhleez

    There is ALWAYS tighter pussy. This woman gets to free load off of Tiger’s billion dollar empire so she never has to work AND she expects him to turn down other pussy? What a controlling bitch!

  20. Randal(l)

    Damn it #5. A little to on the nose V.O.R. (is it cool if I call you V.O.R. I’m sure it is) Why is it such a shock that a fuck ugly Billionaire superstar “athlete” who travels the world would bang every fine piece of ass that comes his way. Was it the fact that he married a SWEDISH SUPERMODEL that made people think he only cares about finding his soul mate. I mean sure he has the kind of money that makes panties melt at the sound of his name but he isn’t so vain and superficial. after all, he’s married…to a SWEDISH SUPERMODEL.


  21. Rasputins Liver


    Yeah, she’s pretty damned hot lookin, to be sure. However, Fish man….

    I’m thinkin’ it comes down to this:



    I’m just sayin’, man.


  22. Rasputins Liver


    Yeah, she’s pretty damned hot lookin, to be sure. However, Fish man….

    I’m thinkin’ it comes down to this:



    I’m just sayin’, man.


  23. Valerie

    everybody cheats, especially women.

  24. show me a smoking hot chick and I’ll show you a guy tired of fucking her

  25. Meh

    I would be interested in seeing some of her past boyfriends before Tiger. Just out of curiosity. I’m sure it was all about love for these two and nothing at all with her seeing dollar signs instead of his cartoonish face and him seeing the whitest trophy wife he could possibly have. Fuck both of them and their mountains of money.

  26. gotmilk

    so she’s got some tits and a couple of greased up/airbrushed modeling shots. you have to know this is not what she really looks like, right?

  27. Gina

    #5 agreed…

    In fact while he was away she should have used the time wisely to play with other mens golf clubs. Women get cheated on all the time, and by men who bring peanuts and not bacon, to the table. If she wants to have a faithful relationship with a man, she should have married the Swede she went to high school with…
    She chose him for his ability to make money, lots of it.

    Money is the number one criteria by which most women choose their mates, and if not ,they don’t appreciate the rush of an expensive shoe.Society dictates that we have meaningful relationships with our significant others, why? Husbands can sometimes only be one thing at a time, so let it be a bank machine, I can get my love elsewhere.

  28. Mal Carne

    Safe to say none of these pictures were taken AFTER Tiger saw two kids getting pushed out her vagina.

    And I hear meaningless sex with trashy waitresses is the best.

  29. Stacy

    Women are far better cheaters than men. I bet you think your girlfriend/wife hasn’t cheated on you, and you will never know it, because we’re sly.

  30. fearsarewishes

    Big deal. So she’s hot.

    Tiger’s name for all these spunk guzzlers is “Next”! And by “spunk guzzlers” I mean “all women”.

    Don’t give me a hard time. This is Tiger’s mentality, not mine. I respect all women.

  31. Captain_Insano

    Of course he cheated on this. He has millions of dollars and can get pretty much any bitch he wants. I’d do the same. Plus his wife shit out a kid, her stomach is probably destroyed, so out with the old, in with the new.

  32. jlylec

    #8 is right…just cause she’s hot as hell doesn’t mean she puts out. she may be all cold and cunty. everybody’s jumping on tiger, but there’s two sides to every story. not that she’s guilty necessarily…but, call me crazy, she ain’t perfect. cause if she was perfect…i.e. fun, cool, laid back, likes to fuck a lot, funny, good cook, good mother, doesn’t bitch all the time about what-have-you…AND looks this good there’s not a straight, smart man on the planet who would risk straying.

    tiger is both smart and clearly and evidently straight. just sayin’.

  33. GLA

    She is probably a frigid b@tch… this does not however negate the fact that I would ride that like Seattle Slew!

  34. lily

    sorry but if you’re bored with that after 6 years even with 2 pregnancies there is something seriously wrong with your pleasure meter. she should get the fuck out now. she should dump him & ram this indiscretion right up his ass so fucking far that he crawls back begging. and she has the looks to do it. go for it elin. bring this arrogant fucker to his knees. then send him a picture another handsome man giving you oral satisfaction. i love you elin.

  35. robert patterson

    I love when someone complains about “tearing down a beautiful woman” and then responds by implying the poster must be gay. Nice to know that you’ve got less class then the people you think are beneath you.

  36. robert patterson

    I love when someone complains about “tearing down a beautiful woman” and then responds by implying the poster must be gay. Nice to know that you’ve got less class then the people you think are beneath you.

  37. who dat

    Get serious. That is what she looked like 5 years ago…BEFORE two children a year apart. Before she walked around the house for months on end, in sweatpants and no make up.

    The women Tiger is Fuckin currently are way hotter. That is why he is fucking them.

  38. Jack

    Dope. He should have lead the Jeterian life.

  39. It’s like the old saying goes….show me a beautiful woman and i’ll show you a guy whose sick of banging her.

  40. PunkA


    After you kick Tiger’s stupid ass to the curb and take half his cash, call me baby!!

  41. Captain_Insano

    #34: Not gonna happen. He’s Tiger Fuckin’ Woods. She a blond bimbo with a plastic chest. She’s a dime a dozen to him.

  42. #5 is obviously an idiot. No one should ever expect that their significant other has or will cheat on them, regardless of their financial standing. It must really suck for you (you know, living with such a negative and twisted outlook on life). Call me a day dreamer or call me naive, but if I marry someone…I would expect them NOT to cheat on me considering I would give them the same respect. Either way, it just goes to show that not even the most beautiful women can always keep their husband from straying…but it should never be EXPECTED. Ugh, fucking fools. =)

  43. rah! rah!

    She’s pretty, but not THAT great…

    Also, do you people realize that there is more to a person than how “hot” they are? I’m sorry, but I don’t care if you’re the hottest piece of ass around…if you’re DUMB and BORING, I don’t want to talk to you.

  44. kingofbeer

    #41 no she’s the blond bimbo that is about to take half of Tigers shit… lol

    pay day!

  45. G&T

    They’ve been married since 2004. Tiger makes 100 mill per year (I’m rounding down for the sake of simplicity) So after 5 years of marriage if she divorces him on grounds of adultery she could potentially call it quits and take about 250 million plus lifetime pension… This is the best thing that could’ve happened to her!!!! (in fact, I bet she planned it!)

  46. Rough'in ain't easy

    Good lord! a baby sitter with half a BIL? OOPS I mean proud mother, where are my manners…

  47. OJ's Mom

    For every hot girl out there there’s a guy that is tired of putting up with her shit.

  48. kljlkj

    men are wired to spread their seed, they dont get pregnant. so of course hes gonna go off with someone else when hes famous and filthy rich. especially if wifey aint givin it up, which i doubt she was. you can tell shes one of those annoying naggy women just by the fact that she was callin his contacts to spy. a woman that depends on a man has only one obligation: keep the meal ticket happy. if she got cheated on its her own damned fault. attentive pussies/mouths >>> super models. a computer can give you a super model, but it wont give you a warm, wet mouth or cunt to get off in.

  49. eatme

    Hot trophy wives ALWAYS turn into fucking cold cunts the day after the wedding, intentionally driving their husbands to cheat so they can get cut free with a big pay day. It’s their plan all along. Do you really think a girl this hot would be into Tiger Woods if it wasn’t for his fame and money? Tiger plays a good game of gold, but Elin plays a good game of “gold digging fucking bitch”. How many women here wouldn’t do exactly the same thing?

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