GRAMMYS: Marilyn Manson’s camel toe is freakishly life-like

January 31st, 2010 // 146 Comments

Here’s Lady GaGa at the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards Sunday night where she pushed the boundaries of sexual perception or whatever the hell you call the outcome of eating a bucket of acid then wearing Superman’s crystal computer as a hat. Which also explains why her vagina looks like a pale Marlon Brando circa 1978.

JOR-EL: Kal-El, down here. Down here, Kal-El.
SUPERMAN: Yeah, dad? Aw, Jesus.
JOR-EL: Haha! Made you look!

Photos: Getty

  1. where is fish?

    Seriously, is Fish still writing these? I haven’t been on here for a while but fucking hell the standard has shot way down. Also, please cut out all this “amirite”, “amirite”, “om nom nom nom” meme bullshit. It’s actually embarassing having to read and you’re doing it all wrong anyway. Lurk more, fuckhead.

  2. It looks more like Marilyn Manson than Marilyn Manson does. Maybe he should try out that yellow hair wig/dress.

    So GaGa is about 40 yrs old now?

    @ 34 – Heidi Montag Rulz. RULZ!! I believe her album sales will cross the 1000 mark some time between February and November. I KNOW they will. Certified sandstone baby.

    @ 46 – He might be rethinking parenthood.

  3. Helena HAndbasaket

    First Ali Lartner last week, and now this? Fish, vaginas are soooo 2008. Please post more snausages. Somebody must have Scott Brown’s deleted pee pee.

  4. pappy smear

    i think i see some skins remotely in the vicinity of a vagina… where’s the giant pink star fish…

  5. Rough uncut--well actually...

    Is this a glimpse of how creatures from the 3rd dimension look like?

    Cant anyone do an expose, on where and how she come up with those prop get ups…Now im curious a little, maybe

  6. Truk

    I don’t care for her, but I know all you losers are gonna see a VH1 behind the music-type deal on her in a few years and be like “oh, she’s soooo wonderful and great.”

    Anyways… She obviously thinks of herself as the chick David Bowie or something, the bad part is, DB went androgynous and looked more feminine, GaGa goes there and POOF! Marylin Manson.

  7. Heard the faghag was with Jayz and Kanye backstage taking shots of rectal juice !

  8. Natalie

    I really thought it was Marilyn Manson.

  9. Darth

    Which of these three is Marilyn Manson?

  10. susiekilini

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  11. Boogeyman King Dong

    Could Angelina Jolie keep herself in control?!

  12. Rhialto

    Her bikini line has been licked bald.Who’s responsible for that!?

  13. SO RIGHT

    Lady Gaga is actually more talented and more interesting than 3/4ths of the other clowns on that stage, last night. I thought the Grammys were AWFUL this year. Ugh – I was totally bored. It was like how many random people can you get on the stage for each performance? Seriously, sometimes less is more. Taylor Swift & Beyonce? Is that what we’ve been reduced to? Too bad, actually. I mean I love Taylor Swift. I think she’s darling, but neither Taylor nor Beyonce are very good singers! Sheesh!

  14. Bleh

    @ #3

    Yea that’s pretty much what he’s saying, what the fuck did I do to get stuck behind this moron. He’s also thinking how much it would cost him if he just cut off her damn hat and cutting himself.

    On another note, why the fuck does the editor of superficial insist on showing us pictures that just rape our eyes with stupidity and painful uglyness?

    Come on stop trying to show us crap like Borat’s fucking green bathing suit. or Pamela anderson’s junk or now more recently THIS HO BAG with Manson as a double fuck you to the readers.

    Not cool, not cool.

  15. TetterkeT


  16. DON’T CLICK on my name.


    MY EYES, MY EYES!!! Okay, we had enough punishment. TAKE DOWN THE DAMN PICTURE!

  18. Gumby Dammit

    Looks like she’s channeling Amy Winehouse in a few of those. Turn back from the precipice!

  19. sdfsdfds

    25, well actually it’s easier to be an “artist” when you don’t have to worry about holding a real job to keep a roof over your head

  20. @63: So are you saying that Lady GagMe was the best of an awful bunch? High praise indeed.

  21. sdfsdfds

    I mean I wish I had a trust-fund, so I could major in something I actually found fun instead of something practical :/

  22. Whoa it's Marilyn Ma- ... oh.

    Whatev. People say she’s “such a freak” but she ain’t. She puts on some silly costumes. Whoaaaaaaaaaaaah. What a freak. Imagine, a performer wearing some crazy-ass outfit.
    If she were such a freak she’d be at home masturbating in a bathtub filled with body parts and fruit loops, tracing the outlines of news broadcasters on the television screen in magic marker and refrigerating jars of her own shit, and nobody would even know she existed.
    So until she freaks it up like a proper freak, I don’t wanna hear none o’this “freak” talk.

  23. heh

    She looks like Amy Winehouse in that yellow wig thing. Pfff – she WISHES she were an actual freak like Winehouse.

  24. pic 3 – is what the futurictic people from pluto?..haha

  25. pic 3 – is what the futurictic people from pluto?..haha

  26. pic 3 – is that the futurictic people from pluto?..haha

  27. titsonsnack

    Didn’t she used to be curvier? She keeps getting more and more twig-like.

  28. Much better version here of Lady GAGGAG’S Pukerface

  29. oooaaahhh

    Gaga makes me wanna gagag

  30. Pseudopodia

    shes not trying hard enough

  31. chupacabra

    she has VERY interesting sparkly costumes. I may be a hippie, but I like sparkly too.

  32. WTF?!?

    There’s only one reason Lady GooGoo dresses like that; she hates you. And me.

    Mostly you, though.

    And she probably hates her vagina, too, except for the banging Angelina Jolie part.

  33. DogBoy

    The space outfit is pretty hot, and she’s better than average looking for sure. Love the integrated wig– the other outfit could have used a merkin the same way!

  34. No GaGa.. You are NOT invited into my head.

    I know that I should probably have something funny and witty lined up for such a sacred event, such as Lady GaGa at the Grammys, unfortunately… I just can’t wrap my mind around such nonsense… And as everyone in my life knows, I only make fun of serious matters.

    I just… I don’t get it.

    I hate you GaGa… I can’t wait for the day that you choke to death on sparkles and horse hair.

  35. el ces

    LOL these two, i swear.

    gaga looks pretty with long hair

    manson is a demigod, business as usual ;)

  36. God

    While I think I did pretty good job overall with the evolution thing, this is a good opportunity to point out how there are transitional stages along the way. You may have wondered, while drooling into your bowl of Lucky Charms after a night of downing vodka and dog spit shots, why it is the male seahorse that gives birth to baby seahorses. Because I made it that way. Much like fossils of “ancient” dinosaurs, these pictures exist for no reason other than to test your faith.

  37. jake

    That guy next to her IS HER FATHER! The one who needed heart surgery, who she convinced to have it!



  39. Sara

    ‘If Freddy Mercury and the Lucky Charms Leprechaun Had a Love Child: It would be Gaga in her opening number” from MSN.


  40. Sara

    Her dress is not “freakier” than Elton Johns was in the 70′s. Some people can handle it and others can’t.

  41. SirMstr

    That guy sitting behind her is Space Cowboy. Her DJ. I’m sure he doesn’t mind sitting behind her, weirdtards.

  42. Reesy

    this is one chick i will never get!…..what is with her?!?!

  43. mitch cumstain

    I have an inverted boner, I mean the exact opposite of whats supposed to happen. EW!

  44. Igottabemeeee

    For those who say this proves she doesn’t have a penis – have you ever seen the genitals of a hermaphrodite? If they have both parts, the penis is relatively small. It is called “tucking” because they can tuck their penis INSIDE their vagina.

    This proves nothing.

    Check out Chyna’s penis if you don’t believe me. And hers is just from roid usage.

  45. Check out the black dude in pic 4. He’s tranfixed by her magic star.

  46. PunkA

    I call bullshit on this. No way is that a photo of Lady Gaga. That is 100% Marilyn Manson in drag.


  47. rachel

    who thinks of this shit?

  48. teebol

    she is HOT, get over it. Real and better than these idiot Grammy grannies who ought gettoughta da biz. Mealy Cyprus? Come on? Brittney? over.

  49. bert

    She’s gonna poke-r face with that one costume! get it? Poker Face. I kill me.

  50. AnonymousError

    I want to see lose her balance one day and get stuck on the ground in one of those ridiculous get ups.

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