This is getting ridiculous.

February 24th, 2010 // 95 Comments

Here’s Paris Hilton getting out of her car in Hollywood yesterday and I’m not even going to comment on the fact you can see her groin because, at this point, it’d be like commenting on whiskey making you drive better. Stop the press!

In the meantime, I’m pretty sure Paris has a personal plastic surgeon on staff who inflates and deflates her tits like other women change eyeliner. Then again, that’d be insanely unhealthy, and I don’t want to get my hopes up. Sometimes you don’t want to dream too big.

NOTE: Full Size versions are slightly NSFW.

Photos: Splash News

  1. Daisy

    it is photoshopped!

  2. JR

    Whaaaaat, no Davy Jones?

  3. Draxie

    Next, but really…seen it once, seen it a billion times. give it to the chinese, they will eat anything.

  4. Aww.. i see nothing. Superficial fail?

  5. Richard McBeef

    nothing to see here, move along… hold on wait, are those titties new?

  6. Soupmanson


  7. misterfister

    I can see the crabs trying to escape!!

  8. Soupmanson

    ok. Whatever. Since There really isn’t anything to see, I will say it first. Fuck Obama.

  9. I am loving the spandex and stocking all these women are wearing! Check out these Spandex Gushers and

  10. Mr. Nice Guy

    God I want to Fuck Her.

  11. Fati87

    There is nothing to see but the crotch of her pantyhose and her flesh colored panties. The eggs I had for breakfast were more exciting.

  12. chad

    what’s with her tits…..mos times they’re flat as pancakes and then other times they’re giant melons.

  13. bevo

    “This is getting ridiculous.”

    What is getting ridiculous? Oh, The Superficial’s use of the star that makes you think you will see some naught bits. That’s what is getting ridiculous.

    Who runs this site? An 11 year old boy? Jeez, nuns wouldn’t even masturbate to these pictures.

  14. r k

    If you stare long enough, you’ll either see a lobster, or go blind..

  15. Andrew

    Ya…pretty sure that’s just the line in her tights/whatever. FAIL SUPERFICIAL

  16. oooaaahhh

    @9 – right on bro’

    if it weren’t for her huge flipper feet, she might be something.

  17. JR

    @13 Nuns don’t masturbate to anything, you dolt. That’s why they’re nuns. Find a better analogy like:

    Paul Reubens wouldn’t masturbate to this.
    Ernest Borgnine wouldn’t masturbate to this.
    Sex addicts wouldn’t masturbate to this.

    It’s only funny if you mention someone who masturbates a lot.

  18. -I got a Rough complex, & you got a problem-

    I love how the world fell for how the three usual Bimbos devised a plot in order for the Paps to find a new focus, other than breast cleavage. And no one picked up on it…

    What did you think the famous Bimbo summit(photo) was all about 3 summers ago?…

  19. I masturbate a lot

    I wouldn’t masturbate to this.

  20. Richard McBeef

    @17 – All of your examples are exponentially less funny than nuns.

    Besides, nuns rub it RAW

  21. rex kramer

    Wow, I never thought that a bad smell could spread via a computer pic.

  22. chazz

    those titties have to be new right? I would love to bone this rich bitch

  23. terry

    Paris lost her pubic hair when she was about 18 and it has never grown back! Actually she does have a very cute “coochie”!

  24. jlylec

    she’s lookin’ better and better!

  25. jlylec

    titties are POPPIN’ too…man…i’d hit it.

  26. What a skank

    Paris hilton’s gameplan for success:

    1) Grow up a self important, conceited, arrogant little c*nt.
    2) Have face surgery, so no one will recognize how ugly you are.
    3) Do porn video, sell to porn video company, then say “I never made a porn film”, then “I made it, but it was not to be released”, then “I didn’t have a choice, I had to release it”. Collect money from sexually frustrated 13 year old boys who don’t know any better.
    4) Drive like a retard, endangering peoples lives while not giving a damn. Repeatedly violate court orders, then complain when you are put in jail for your crimes. Cry like a little wussy when being carted off to jail.
    5) Do massive amounts of drugs, making sure you are videod doing it. Go on Larry King & tell lies to America that “I never did drugs”, forgetting that the video is now housed on the internet for everyone to see what a liar you are.
    6) Get out of car in short skirt, making sure lots of photographers are there. Open legs wide to show off twatter.
    7) Complain that “everyone is being mean to me” after leg-spread slutty pictures are published.
    8) Repeat steps 6 & 7 as many times as is necessary.

    Yup, that pretty much covers it. What a waste of skin. Why somone hasn’t off’d her by now, I will never know…

  27. Ripper Owens

    Why does this waste of skin that she is, remind me of rotten, smelly, cheese?

  28. Kelley

    The fake eyelashes are so trashy, just so trashy …

  29. jag

    Commenter of #26: You are lost in this.

  30. John S.

    I love how everyone tries to say how she is a great marketer/entrepreneur/business person….Well I have been in a few business meetings in my life and no one ever walked in with their cooter hanging out.

  31. @12 – it’s called a push-up bra, dumbass.

    Now get off your daddy’s keyboard & come back when you’re old enough to drive.

  32. Lenny

    This is why when you shave you pussy, it looks dull. Hair bring out the adult in a woman.

  33. Mr. Nice Guy

    Lenny – Chocolate and Vanilla, I love Bald Pussy. Much better to eat.
    Kelley – Some of us LOVE both fake eyelashes and Trashy Women, they keep us interested.
    John S – She gets $2,000,000 to fly to London to SHOW UP at a PARTY. She gets the $2,000,000 because she is BOLD, not Boring.

  34. Mr. Nice Guy

    Also Lenny, if you go for a Curvy Woman you know she is an Adult.

  35. mfbinc

    i’d still love to bang her….

  36. Trousers

    “In the meantime, I’m pretty sure Paris has a personal plastic surgeon on staff who inflates and deflates her tits like other women change eyeliner.”

    It’s probably just me, but I got serious deja vu when I read that. Has the fish said this before?

    Or maybe im just drunk and I read the same post earlier

  37. Trousers

    @ Mr nice guy

    your marijuana is fantastic

  38. Rasputins Liver




  39. That dress looks like a cheap market-bought one. You think with her money, she’d be able to buy a decent stylist.

  40. Omnias

    whatever I give #26 a thumbs up

  41. why am I not surprised by this? She’ll do anything for attention. What would she be without the papparazzi…….jobless. Oh, wait….she has no job already.

  42. turd da third

    Da Turd is really glad that so far nobody has invented network-smell….

  43. Rhialto

    Is she gonna hand me over her car keys?! That’s about time after all those postings!

  44. Darth

    Just leave your keys and purse right there.You’re dismissed!

  45. Boogeyman King Dong

    Looks like she’s bringing a present.Dammit,now i’m gettin’ really suspicious!

  46. Your Dad at his workplace

    Please let me chew on your bald, hanging labia and drink the cock-pickling brine made in your sweet and soured cunt.

  47. captain america

    “CHEAP & FILTHY” must be american.

  48. stop posting about this goddamn no-talent stupid cunt. we already know she’s a self-absorbed attention whore.She looks ridiculous as usual. I don’t understand how someone so rich can look so cheap all the time! and how old is she?? like 30? she dresses like a child


    I want a nice white girl like her!!


    I want a nice white girl like her!!

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