This is Your Chin.

March 11th, 2011 // 66 Comments

This is your chin on drugs.

Any questions?

Photos: Flynet, Pacific Coast News


  1. Captain Dick

    This is your chin in jail

  2. Any Guy

    also, BLEACH THAT MUZZY girl.

  3. Marley

    Isn’t that Dina?

  4. huh

    maybe she did stop drinking. u usually gain weight after getting sober. hahaha, who are we kidding?

  5. Lindsay Lohan Double Chin
    Commented on this photo:

    What am I looking at here – the extra roll? I’d venture to say the extra roll of fat means she’s not on coke anymore…

  6. Oh Snap


  7. Cock Dr

    Sam’s juice must be high calorie.
    Quit swallowing LiLo.

    • creamy zinger

      DAH!! That was one freaky visual. Watch for zits to start appearing after she takes your advice and switches to facials..

  8. Where is her hand going and why is it not mine?

  9. which chin’s the one on drugs?

  10. Nate

    Or off drugs. Idiot! People tend gain weight after quitting drugs.

  11. These are your lips…these are your lips with the flu.

  12. Lindsay Lohan Double Chin
    Commented on this photo:


  13. Star Droppings

    Maybe her face is finally caving in from Samamtha Ronson using it as a bar stool.

  14. Goldie Hawn got boobs?

  15. Ross

    She looks like she just smelled her own fart.

  16. Vandal

    Exactly how big are her eyes? If they’re like normal people they why the FUCK does she needs glassed that big? Cunt.

    • KindaJudgemental

      Oh come on now. Cunt? really? why go there?
      There’s many reasons to get on her case, but calling names is not one of them.
      Please, think about that.

  17. N

    Ozzy with blonde hair in the 1st photo.

  18. CrunchyCheeseTwists

    Somewhere, Mac Tonight is crying softly to himself…

  19. eh i love the extra weight on her. hate the bleach tho, makes her look like one of charlie’s porn actresses

  20. It’s not a chin, it’s a shelf for my balls.

  21. slappy magoo

    I’d ask why you’re bothering looking at her chin, but I’m afraid I already know the answer, Peaches.

  22. Very kind of her to increase the bukake canvas.

  23. Superficial Bitch

    Crack! Hay lapa no ya, Crack!

  24. Lindsay Lohan Double Chin
    Commented on this photo:

    no, if she were on druuugs she would be skin~n~bone including her chin, plus the junkie with the flakes in her nose isnt with her in any of these…

  25. Lindsay Lohan Double Chin
    Commented on this photo:

    “Pay your surgeon very well
    To break the spell of aging
    Celebrity skin is this your chin
    Or is that war your waging?”

    –”Californication”, Red Hot Chili Peppers

  26. Not even the majesty of those comically over-sized sunglasses can distract it from drawing focus.

  27. Lindsay Lohan Double Chin
    Commented on this photo:

    The search for the new banner girl is over.

  28. Bucky Barnes

    It appears to me that she has started growing gills to go with those fish lips. Good for her! Her next role can be starring in a retooled version of the Don Knotts movie classic called The Incredible Miss Limpet.

  29. Lindsay Lohan Double Chin
    Commented on this photo:

    Kirstie? Is that you?

  30. toopier

    She stores fat for her lips in that extra chin.

  31. I hear sucking cock gets rid of that. She should hang out with Sam more often.

  32. MrsEllis

    That’s kind of weirding me out because I think the rest of her body is kinda bangin right now.

  33. Lindsay is turning into Britney

    • KindaJudgemental

      You know – both Britney and Lindsay will pull themselves together and be solid, strong women. With millions to spend.

      And you all will still be petty and stupid little people. Trying to make rent.

  34. Lindsay Lohan Double Chin
    Commented on this photo:

    when Lindsay gets off the coke she’ll be a shoe for narrator of a starving kids in Africa commerical

  35. LEB

    She’s had so many procedures done on her face that she ALREADY looks like a 40 year old desperately trying to hang on to her youth. No one should look that way at 24.

  36. Dustin-James

    Even though I know it would fall off……I would STILL put it in her!!!!!

  37. lils

    I thought it was Britney…

  38. jordann

    Well wowza! This chick really does amaze me. Just when I think I understand her somewhat, she blows me away again with her uncommon sense! Anyways, I really do see her in a backsliding mode these days. Its pretty sad beings she’s only 24. I wish her the best, but, my patience with supporting Lindsay and her issues is thin now. All this “being ok” with whatever she does, she is blowing us all off, so we r just being enablers really. Somethings gotta change to save her, or an innocent pedestrian. Someone’s going to lose their life somehow considering how careless and uncaring she is being. Its sad.

  39. Lindsay Lohan Double Chin
    Commented on this photo:


  40. the captain

    lilo again?

  41. Eric

    Does anyone know what she does for a living besides get her picture taken falling out of a car?

  42. bradspithair

    Would someone please teach this young lady about fashion?

  43. Burt

    Well, it’s easy to spot the teenage boys.

    No, it’s just that time of month.

  44. shemponymous

    I honestly think she’s a lot hotter when she’s got a bit of chubbiness on her. And the chin is sexy. Fuck alla yez…

  45. CallMeNeutral

    Now, before you go off on a chin…keep in mind that one substitutes one addiction for another.
    It’s common knowledge – you give up one thing you gain in many others.

    I think Lindsay looks great.

    Whether or not she oughto go to jail – absolutely I think she should. Many many many MANY women in not such a ‘privileged’ status have served longer sentences than Lohan.

    And she should cut off her parents and find a true parental figure for herself.

  46. KindaJudgemental

    No, this is LINDSAY’s chin.
    A pretty young woman, severely damaged by her parents. Still, day-in-day-out

    The chin you mention – show me yours! yeah, I didn’t think you’d show your own turkey neck!

    Still, I’m not a Lindsay Lohan fan. She has talent, but her parents are fucking her up now and since her birth.

    That eetsie-bitsie chin you’re talking about – face reality. How many men and/or women have some steely chin/jaw line? wait, how many?

  47. theTruth

    i like her better with weight on her too

    she looks disgusting all boney and skinny

    she should eat like eberyone else and not worry about what anyone else says

    she is pretty no matter what

    leave her alone

    pa arent we a little too old to make fun of her bc she has a same ssex partner? really what are we in kindergarden???

  48. Rhialto

    There exists only one blonde for me. I even didn’t know about another blonde before.

  49. Hugh Gentry

    maybe her boobs are growing too……I can’t wait for summer and some bikinis!!

  50. Rodolfo

    I think it’s time Lindsay Lohan starts to get in shape if she is going to make a come back to Hollywood Oh, and quit the partying and stealing- it doesn’t help. Soon she will be too old and Hollywood will kicker her to the curb.

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