This is Why They Hate Us

July 27th, 2010 // 51 Comments

It’s probably wrong to wish a terrorist attack would’ve happened, but I don’t know any other way to describe the feeling I felt when I saw the cast of Jersey Shore ringing the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange this morning. Seriously, such a flagrant display of American excess in one room couldn’t be a better recruitment poster for Al Qaeda if each of these kids took turns shitting on the Qur’an.

Which the little guy in the black dress definitely did off-camera. *ducks*

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  1. GeneralEmergency

    When they asked Snooki if she would like the honor of banging the gavel, she replied “Who?”.

  2. no joke

    Completely serious: MTV needs to at the very least put a WARNING at the beginning of “jersey shore” because people should be warned like they are with cigarettes, “jackass”, and alcohol.

  3. Freebie

    This is so sad. What has happened to our country when people like this are put on a pedestal? Is it like this in other countries too? Is it worldwide? Please, please let their 15 minutes end already.

    • James

      Nope, it’s unique to the good ole U.S. of A.

      Most likely though, the Wall Street opening/closing bell celeb thing is just another purchased PR opportunity. See the huge Viacom logo there?

  4. TidePride
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    She’s checking the ticker to see what cock is trading at

  5. dantman

    why do you even make these people relevant????

  6. Carolyn

    What asswipes. Who the hell watches this show? Other asswipes I guess.

  7. Douchebags all around. If anything, the kind of people who work in stocks are the same kind of people that JS is, just less cheesy and more diabolical. Fuck them all.

  8. boogieman
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    Wow America you fuckin suck

  9. An European
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    That is so wrong is so many ways… USA just showed the world how f****** retarded they were.. Rest in peace silly violent redneck idiots

  10. tom
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    I’m gonna puke

  11. pooter
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    who are these people?

  12. captain america


    • missywissy

      as a woman, I can easily say no. I don’t want to have to cover up in a bhurka and get a beating when I walk down the street because I looked at another man or something.

  13. Burt

    The NYSE closed down a point today.

  14. Salim

    I am muslim and I don’t have anything to remark about American’s way of freedom: it’s your culture, even if means freedom of stupidity or trash, as I read from you; what I would like is that you leave us alone living our lives and stop creating hoaxes to justify your government intentions to steal our lands goods and trials to criminalize and destroy our culture. You can keep your TV and movies and music, and all those celebrities, but hands off our lands.

  15. Salim

    And, by the way, we are tought not to hate anybody, even our enemies or who attempt to us and our families lifes, but when we are attacked we simply have to defend ourselves. HATE is a word USA uses against us, but we are always in peace, just come to visit our countries and you’ll see. Thanks a lot, may God enlight your life.

    • Rough BOOTY punisher

      No thanks! I am staying right here in my comfy attic. Being shark bait is not one of my dream…

    • missywissy

      ummm…. I tried reading the Koran once and some of the first words in it is “all nonbelievers should die”. First page was full of “negativity”. Scared the shit out of me. I respect you if your ideas are peaceful, but the only folks strapping bombs to themselves or to retarded people that don’t know what’s going on are your fellow worshippers. How is this peaceful? I agree our govt. is using Islam as a means of their own propaganda, but nobody is going to have sympathy for you when you don’t practice what you preach.

      • Salim

        This is because you prefer to believe your broadcasted news than approaching normal believers, and surely you have in your country, who care their families and jons, and like to live in peace. Then, imagine to wake up one day in your town, and find it full of strangers dressed like soldiers and shooting no matter who, children included, tanks everywhere and planes bombing, pretending they have to establish peace. Wouldn’t you get rid of all that in any possible way? Better watching crap tv sitcoms and believe muslim die each day to allow you living your freedom. Sorry I know this is not the place to talk about faith, but when they label us as haters I can’t shut up. In case, you can say we criticize your values, and your need to export them, but not that WE HATE YOU because of them. More, if you open a holy book (Koran or Bible or Torah) looking for violence and war, you surely find them, but when you turn on the tv looking for entertainment and you realise you only find crap and shallow role models, then it’s time to ask yourself if your society’s values are good or not, and not to blame muslims for not accepting them. Peace.

  16. chick
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    Snooki actually looks good with red hair… Better than dark…. Shocking!

  17. RasputinsLiver



    …what would be the enetertainment value to the vapid gizmos who watch this idiotic show in having their “stars” open up the market?

    Hell, you know the low-brow “cast” of this shitty show, especially that fugly cow Snooki, have no clue about finances and the market. So what brainiac in the production end figured this would be of any interest to the morons who watch them?

    Stunning how far down this nation’s been reduced.


  18. And to think, they said the end of the world would be upon us in 2012. They were only off by a couple of years.

  19. the only opinion that matters
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    Will everybody please stop watching the f*!@ing show!? What a bunch of ugly little Gino and Ginettes. I cannot understand the mentality of people who watch this crap. What is freaking wrong with this world when this bunch of absolute losers are famous? None of them are anything to get excited and, the only person with a redeeming feature is the guy with the abs…too bad about his face! All the fans of this putrid show should grow a brain.

  20. missywissy

    I don’t know, if you think about it, the whole concept is fitting. Here we have a failing economy, and here’ s these people with a “reality show” representing the opening of another day of crap economy. I think it’s genious. As a matter of fact, the terrorists are probably just laughing their asses off watching what is being allowed and how we are screwing ourselves.
    I don’t even know these kids, but I just want to punch them in the face. I can’t believe this is the standard now and it’s what gets PAID. I’ll be glad when the air brushed tan, tatoo laden, body piercing, boob implanting phase goes away and natural beauty and hard work is hailed. I’d like to see a reality show with people working their asses off and making a contribution to the human race. I wish all these Paris Hiltons would dissappear. I’d just like to thank all the people that buy their shit and watch their shows for demeaning the rest of America.

  21. Samba

    Wow… You americans sure are retarded. Thanks you for reminding me once again why I’ll never even visit, let alone live, in your coutry

  22. Commented on this photo:

    What he’s saying is “yeaaaaa, I’m a douche!”

  23. chris
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    i still swear the fat midget chick looks like the jigsaw puppet from the saw series of movies

  24. These talentless fucks! I don’t even watch tv, and still I see these sorry shmucks too much..
    I cannot fuckin fathom how people consider this Jersey shore garbage entertainment..
    It would have been a joyous moment had it been an execution.

  25. God

    I’d hit it.

  26. iceman4896

    I can’t believe that J-Woww is actually the closest to being appropriately dressed….

  27. YourMom

    Fake people…..they are all over the place… i know why 2012 is just around the corner….to wipe the earth clean of these mongrel scum.

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