This is What Slash’s Wife Kicked

February 7th, 2011 // 276 Comments

Just when you thought performing with the Black Eyed Peas last night was the most offensive thing Slash could ever do, it turns out Samantha Slopes (above) is the woman his wife Perla Ferrar decided to kick in the stomach backstage at an Ozzy concert thus defying all laws of logic and physics. TMZ reports:

Sources close to Slopes tell us … the model claims she and Slash had interacted online multiple times in the past year and she went to the Ozzy concert to watch Slash perform.
Slopes has told friends she was watching the show in the crowd when Slash and his wife Perla suddenly approached her … and Slash told her, “You caused a lot of trouble.”
Slopes claims Perla suddenly kicked her in the stomach — and had to be dragged away by security.

I’ve been sitting here trying to wrap my head around the logistics of how an attack like this is even physically possible, but all I keep coming up with is Slash forgoing rock star ass to talk to fat chicks on the Internet all day when his wife’s not around, which is just messed up. I’ve read stories about kids with cancers that are less depressing. I’m not saying someone needs to take Slash out to the shed and put him down, but I’m also not saying Ted Nugent wouldn’t be into it. We should feel him out.


  1. Samantha Slopes
    Commented on this photo:

    What’s Beth Ditto doing in here?

  2. Papa Hot Nuts Lives

    Ever notice the “View Full Size” link above the pic tags? I think we just did.

  3. lala

    omg she’s morbidly obese and made a career out of it, maybe instead of making money by trying to show people its okay to be this big she should look at all the dangerous health risks associated with her size and get her manatee looking ass on the treadmill so she doesn’t die from heart disease before she’s 40…truth

  4. KayKay

    By the wise words of Bryan Griffin…..

    “Put down the fork! FACE!”

  5. sad dumbasses

    So many of these comments are pathetic. Assuming that if someone is overweight they automatically refuse to work out and eat poorly is incredibly ignorant. Lots of people eat well and get exercise and still struggle with their weight. Samantha Slopes is not morbidly obese. She’s overweight, yeah, but I think she’s got a gorgeous face, sexy curves, and a beautiful set of breasts.

    You ignorant people should be ashamed of yourselves.

    • Being FAT is SAD

      And you “dumbass” thin person hater, yes you have serious issues. FAT has NEVER been attractive. It is UGLY. You have to be very lazy or have serious health problems that you cant be bothered to fix to become THAT large, I dont care what anyone thinks. That woman could be thinner. Dont make ” everyone is so ignorant” excuses, the truth is she is too big and too lazy to fix it. Enough said. No need to throw comments on how smart people are in this blog, its natural people are going to comment on what she looks like, she is a freak. Get it, not NORMAL.

      • ally

        how do you know she isn’t working on it. i’ve been big my whole entire life since i was seven and i’m working out eating right probably more than somebody who’s thinner. i’ve lost 100 pounds and still get called names, what about me, am i lazy just because i’m fat even though i do the work seven days a week an hour a day and eat 1200 calories gave up junk food and fast food. and have you ever thought that name calling just makes you look like a sad little person! there are some people who are naturally skinny who look anorexic and no i do not think that they are disgusting because thats how god made them! just because you love yourself and are big does not mean that you are supporting obesity. one of the reasons people turn to food isn’t because it tastes good, its usually because people treated them like shit so they turn to food. i had to learn to block the noise and do my thing, maybe she’s struggling with this. the only bad thing to say about her is that she helped slash cheat thats it.

  6. Being FAT is SAD

    If you say you have been ‘big’ your whole life, then yes you are lazy! You are big because you are eating too much, and not using it by sitting on your ass all day at work. Either eat less, or exercise more. If your an adult and you have had a medical problem for years, get yourself on some medication or see whats available fast because YOU WILL DIE young as a result of being so fat. Alot of people are fat and feel the need to defend each other, however you all seem to claim “Ive got a medical problem, thats why Im fat”. Have a look at the statistics, how many people are fat in the US? How many of those people are fat due to a medical problem? Not alot!. So get moving. Give a crap about how long you have on this earth. And she is still a freak, people would stare at her because her size is not normal for a woman.

  7. Peter

    She is definitely ugly! I don’t know what all u guys are thinking. She is beautiful and I bet u she is probably a cool girl to be with. Y’all just jealous cuz she got everything u guys can get

  8. Samantha Slopes
    Commented on this photo:

    Wow. What a bunch of pathetic assholes you people are. Truth be told,you all probably jerk-off to her.

  9. no

    a) These retards making fun – you can’t say shit in person cos you know you’d get beat down
    b) You men need to remember it’s worse for men to be fat – much worse
    c) Slash shoud be getting the kicking for doing the cheating
    d) I’m thin

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