This Is The List For The New Batman Already

August 5th, 2013 // 100 Comments

So forget Tyler Hoechlin. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Warner Bros. is going for a grizzled, older Batman to take on Henry Cavill‘s Superman, and the list is already getting out of control. So here’s everyone already being considered plus some from Lainey Gossip, Batman On Film and my own hopes and dreams. Although, before you get too excited, io9 reports Frank Miller is officially consulting on the film now, so chances are Batman will be Ron Paul punching hookers for looking Middle Eastern-ish. And being women.


  1. Karl Urban Batman
    Commented on this photo:

    And he was a Bad Mother Fu**er as Kiril in “The Bourne Supremacy”

    Him or Brolin, man.

  2. Mark Valley Batman
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    Awesome on “Keen Eddie” and “Human Target”, but seems more like a Harvey Dent or Captain America instead.

    But who knows, the guy’s great, maybe he could pull it off.

  3. Max Martini Batman
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    Have any of you seen Max Martini in ‘The Unit’ he’s a pretty grizzly badass c**&….

    His aussie accent was horrible in ‘Pacific Rim’ though

  4. Richard Armitage
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    Finally, a Batman I can think about when I masturbate.

  5. Jim Cavaziel
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    Cavaziel is totally lickable. Yes.

  6. Joe Manganiello Batman
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    10/10 would gallery again.

  7. Karl Urban Batman
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    Thank you for your words of wisdom. This Ryan Gosling/Ozymandias ish is pissing me off!

  8. Richard Armitage
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    Fuckin Armitage! I vote for him out of all listed.
    1. He can actually act
    2. Would bang
    3. British
    4. Thorin
    Second pick is Jon Hamm just cause it would be hilarious to see them fit his junk into a latex suit.

  9. Joe Manganiello Batman
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    This guy has great potential as a gigolo, but he can’t act for shit. He couldn’t even act his dick into Sookie, which is bizarre because even Rutger Hauer almost got a piece of that.

  10. Wes Bentley Batman
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    I’ll only ever be able to think of him a that pale ass kid from American Beauty.
    If he became part of the Justice League I would expect a woman to randomly pop up and flash her tits through a window, then Kevin Spacey would get shot by Bruce Wayne’s dead gay homophobic father and I would just…No.

  11. Josh Brolin Batman
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    Would Sloth also be part of the cast?

  12. Joe Manganiello Batman
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    Liam Neeson’s cock?

  13. Jon Hamm
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    His junk in a latex suit…
    That’s it.

  14. Mark Valley Batman
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    Too rough, too blond. No one wants a blond to rescue them (Thor excluded).
    Aquaman is blond. Nuff said.

  15. Joe Manganiello Batman
    Joe who
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    Damn, this guy is such a fucking tool. And every time I go to the movies, his stupid ice cream commercial pops up, illustrating what a completely untalented hack he is. The fact that they’re even considering him is amazing in a profoundly tragic way. And for as big as he is, he’s too manufactured and oafy and prissy. He moves like an awkward maligned pussy, like he’s never known a fight or what it’s like to be a man. He looks like a big, slow, shaven tree.

  16. Karl Urban Batman
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    Urban would be a bad-ass Batman. Tall enough, probably needs to pack on a bit of muscle, has the facial intensity, and a good Kiwi bloke to boot…

    Hope Snyder rips this film up. Love his film style/cinematography.

  17. Mark Valley Batman
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    …good pull, fish (he was my choice for ‘cap’ too) …this guy was the shit in “human target”, i have no idea if he can pull off the acting stuff (as bruce wayne), but with a good dye job, he’d make a great batman.

  18. …why the fuck are so many of the comments “too rough” … supes is the smooth muthafuka, bats is the badass… and badasses are rough.

  19. JMC

    I could see it working with Wes Bentley, Bruce Wayne is very traditionally handsome, strong features, but this Karl Urban dude has a head shaped like a Big Mac.

  20. Josh Duhamel Batman
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  21. Patrick Warburton! :D
    hehehe C’mon, The Tick was awesome!

  22. Stephen Hawking
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    Stephen Hawking FTW.

  23. Stephen Hawking
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    In all seriousness, the only one I said “Not Just No But Hell No” to (other than the obvious) was Matthew Goode. He was great in WATCHMEN, but not for this.

  24. Josh Brolin Batman
    The Pope
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    Jonah Hex. Men in Black III. Gangster Squad. And, he’s only the third rated Josh on IMDb. That’s why.

  25. Josh Duhamel Batman
    The Pope
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    He’s like Timothy Olyphant, just without the talent and coolness and… hey why wasn’t Timothy Olyphant on this list?

  26. Joe Manganiello Batman
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    “Because not only would he have shot his own parents to get into character” –is singularly one of the greatest comments about Daniel Day-Lewis ever. I’m still laughing!!!

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