This is Not Baby Tiger.

June 17th, 2010 // 21 Comments

A DNA test proves Tiger Woods is NOT the father of the young boy above whose face first appeared on because his mother’s a filthy porn star who loves money. TMZ reports:

A source handling the situation tells TMZ the DNA test was performed in 2002, as part of “an ongoing child support battle.”
We’re told although the DNA test excludes Tiger, it establishes to a reasonable certainty who fathered the boy — a guy from Florida.

For the record, the boy is the son of Devon James (Link leads to NSFW photos.) who most Tiger purists still don’t consider a mistress in the official canon. Sort of like when producers tried to briefly replace Bo and Duke with Coy and Vance on The Dukes of Hazzard which further proves my theory the General Lee was a metaphor for butt sex. See? Nobody listens to me.



  1. Taz

    We need Maury

  2. I’d bang his mom!!!

  3. Evil

    Sucks to be that kid….

  4. Bennett

    Good to see a shine lover, porn pig looking to exploit her kid gets outed by her mother. That said, I need a chick to bukkake this weekend, and she fits the bill. A c-note would probably do the trick.

  5. SA

    “who most Tiger purists still don’t consider a mistress in the official canon.” — A-MA-ZING!

  6. cmyk

    I’m usually a stone-cold cynic but that bitch needs to be flogged for doing this to that kid. It’s one thing to be a whore but it’s another to pimp a kid like that.

  7. Jay Jeffries

    I feel for the kid. His mom is a psycho, money grubbing, gold digging cunt who will do and say ANYTHING to get money. Her family is right; she is mentally disturbed…

  8. If the kid was proven not to be his in 2002 why are they still talking about this? I’d say it’s a long gone and buried debate. Of course, this way this bitch can get 15 more minutes just by telling the media some obscure shit and hoping no one does their research.

  9. LeaveTigerAlone

    Is that a little Hamas get up the kid is wearing? Maybe he is one of Comrade Obama’s lovechildren.

  10. Jack Mykokov

    What great role models this kid has! Maybe he can be President someday.

  11. ROUGH the return, and taking no prisoners.

    What about the emotional distress of having your false accusation blow up in your face? She doesn’t get anything for that? Do you know how difficult that is on a woman or anyone for that matter…I think tiger should step up on the humane part of it.

    If she doesn’t summons Gloria Allred on this one, she better line up that kid for the Goonies sequel. Mama cant be a working girl forever ya know!

  12. missywissy

    poor kid.

  13. lol

    Tigers Woods kid? fuck naw…..that’s Will Smiths kid…look at him, just look at him!

  14. captain america


  15. Rfray

    Looks like an old school troll doll with less hair

  16. Darrin

    Poor, mis-shapen little bugger.

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