This Has To Be Child Abuse

January 13th, 2011 // 92 Comments

Instead of contacting child services like a responsible adult, JWoww decided to retweet this photo of three young, impressionable children dressed up like the cast of Jersey Shore. Then again, I probably shouldn’t rule out that this is actually Snooki considering she looks to be about the same height. No, wait, that’s not cool. Now I’m abusing children by equating them with over-tanned slam-pigs. Is everyone seeing what this show is doing to us? This used to be such a kind, loving site. A family place.

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  1. This people, is America’s future. God help us! This is a damn shame. SMH

  2. suck it

    aww the one dressed as snooki i really cute!

  3. MarkM

    It’s probably wrong…but it’s DAMNED funny!

  4. Jersey Shore Little Kids Snooki The Situation JWoww
    Commented on this photo:

    Them three probably have a higher IQ than their Jersey counterparts.

  5. Oh snap

    This is horrible. Absolutely horrible. What is wrong with the world!?

  6. ElleKay

    HAHAHA! I Have NEVER loved Snooki so much!!!

  7. DM

    I saws some kids actually dressed/hairstyle like them in walmart the other day. Except they were age ranged 10-15 So they did it on their own. Guess this is the “cool” thing for our upcoming spawn.

  8. Govt. Cheese

    This is sick!

  9. The damage is done and it is irreparable.

  10. Mortimer Duke

    These types of pics are a pedophiles dream. Parents should be smarter than this. But then again, they allow their kids to watch Jersey Shore so…

    • Romulus

      uh, why would a non nude photo of kids playing dress up being a pedos dream? you are a sick fuck.

      • So because they’re not flasing their snatches to the camera it’s all fair game, right? Sure, 2 young girls dressed up as cheap hookers will definitelly not get a pedo’s attention.

      • Mickey D

        Because it;s not just nude photos that pedophiles like. They also like “dress up” pictures. Some pics that emphasize “innocence” (white dresses and lace). While others see kids as little, sexually enticing adults. Yeah, their minds are F’upped.

        For ones who can look at a 4 yr old and see sexual temptress, photos like these are a godsend.

        The OP is the sick fuck. The world is. It’s a shame you are too ignorant to know that.

      • whatcomesfirst

        that is stupid. If pedos are attracted to innocence then why would they be attracted to kids trying to look like adults? pedos want kids to look like kids.

    • Mortimer Duke

      Thank you @ Marr and Mickey. These fools act like the world aint what it is.

      • rebel

        You fucking moron these pictures would definitely be stimulating to a pedophile and as far as I am concerned are borderline.
        The media/banksters are purposely steering us into a financial abyss. That way they can run the world and pay the working class (no dangerous free thinking middle class) nothing.
        Vote Palin for a more idiotic puppet.

      • Romulus

        Ah, well I complete concede the point to you guys. I wasn’t even thinking about it. I just can’t stand people even bringing up pedophiles, pretty sick to even mention it i think. I bet they can search good now and this comes up for pedophiles. haha.

      • Romulus

        Google now, haha not good. oops.

  11. savanah

    Snooki looks like a premium pair of balls

  12. Johnny Cage

    This is disgusting.

    Please people never to the children.

  13. Peanutty

    This is really cute. The JS dirtbags only wish they were ever so adorable.

    • Maybe these are their kids.

      • Swan

        How is this “cute?” Give me a fucking break, it’s disgusting that these kids most likely have been watching the show. That in itself is child abuse. NO child should know what those fuck offs are doing….drinking, fighting, fucking. You think that’s “cute” ??????? Unlimited exposure to TV and shitty parenting at such a young age is what’s going to ruin our kids.

  14. Droz

    I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.

  15. Jillia

    Yea, lighten up people. It’s supposed to be cute and funny. Anyone remember the pics of the little kids on Halloween dressed as Napoleon Dynamite and Pedro? If anything maybe the kids will learn that this is just DRESS UP, and not how normal people conduct themselves.

  16. Idiocracy we come

  17. Too friggin’ cute :)
    Spray-on abs ftw.

  18. Facebook me

    What kind of daycare is this? Must be the welfare recipients OR “Teen Moms” kids..either one is acceptable.

  19. anon

    Yup, just the kind of pics that encourage sick people to see children as sexual objects. Dont believe me? Ask the experts who treat kids after theyve been abused and or law enforecment who track these people down. I know both.

  20. GravyLeg

    I hope their parents get bulk pricing on therapy.

  21. The Listener

    At first look, I thought the kids were supposed to be 2 prostitutes and their pimp. Then, after a minute I realized it was supposed to be the cast from Jersey Shore. Come on now, I can’t be the only one who made this mistake at first glance.

  22. Jersey Shore Little Kids Snooki The Situation JWoww
    Commented on this photo:

    This is disturbing on so many levels.

  23. Any Guy

    never thought I’d ask this on this site – but Fish, dude – take this post down. its just too damn DEPRESSING. these kids are DOOMED I tells ya.

    • Jerry Jams

      I agree. It’s cute but very disturbing to see kids this young emulating those depraved Jersey Shore retards.

  24. burton

    its fuuny and no worse than the mother who dressed her child up as madonna, complete with cone bra on toddlers and tiaras…but yeah kinda creepy at the same time because you know some pedo will use these pics for self gratification.

  25. Lil

    Hilarious. It’s not just the look, they even have the characters down.
    Oh, and the world will end in 2011 instead of 2012. This was the seventh sign.

  26. Jerry Jams

    They actually look adorable but the mental after effects will be scarring if the kids have any understanding of what they’re doing at such a young age. The parents or guardians should be ashamed for even letting these kids see that show. The only good thing that might come out of this is if Snooki, Situation and JWow see this pic they might have second thoughts about the behavior they display and how people see them and how it affects little kids who see them.

  27. youcandieNOW

    These kids are ruined now. Might as well drown them in the Jersey Shore hot tub.

  28. Rough moves the crowd in unison

    “me voy a la perra camiseta costas” Joan Bennet wouldve been proud…

  29. Jersey Shore Little Kids Snooki The Situation JWoww
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    Unfortunately, Mexicans really understand our culture. It’s a good thing they’ll never take over America en masse, otherwise we’d really be in trouble.

  30. Randal(l)

    aaaaaand God is now officially dead.

  31. This makes me glad that I am “old” and will be 6 feet under while the rest of you who think you are so young and smart will be swimming in the cesspool that society will become.

    • Romulus

      Your parents were saying the same thing old man. Get over it. Your generation was nothing special.

      • Reamus

        Romulus kill yourself. You are not a man but rather a walking turd. Some of us actually care about children and attempt to foster their development, not exploit them. I would imagine your mother was a prostitute?

      • molly

        Yeah, really. The generation where hitting your wife and kids was common and even accepted. Alcoholism was no big thing, and the man of the house made the decisions and everybody else was told to put up or shut up.

        Even with horse shit like Jersey Shore on the air, we’re still better off than kids in the 50s and 60s that were taught that women were to be quiet and dainty and black kids were to be shunned.

  32. Um, I’m pretty sure the busted meatball on the left is creepin’ on me.

  33. kelly

    omg the one dressed up as snooki looks like snooki alot! probably has the same height too

  34. Jersey Shore Little Kids Snooki The Situation JWoww
    Commented on this photo:

    The little one is freaking adorable. I think Jersey Shore is a sign of the Apocolypse, but I must admit I find Snookie somehow charming, God help me.

  35. GravyLeg

    And just like on TV show, they are all actually Puerto Rican….

  36. molly

    Everybody on the internet thinks they’re a psychologist. What fucking qualifications do you have to decide whether or not something is “emotionally scarring” or going to ruin the kids? I guess people need something to be outraged about, whether it warrants it or not.

    that being said, fuck Jersey Shore but the kid dressed as Snooki is the cutest damn thing I’ve ever seen. Lookit that face bahaha

    • molly, if you don’t think there’s something very goddamned wrong, sad and defuckingmoralizing with kids this age dressed like that, you’re an idiot.

      tell you what: go have some kids and when they turn 4 or 5, dress ‘em up like paris hilton. or lindsay lohan. and take pictures of ‘em doing little fake lines of baby powder coke and drinking their kool aid in martini glasses for our amusement, eh?


      • molly

        Don’t speak about demoralizing people and then use a word like “cunt”. Pull yourself together you fucking falldown.

      • word up

        From her response, I’m fairly sure Molly doesn’t know what the word “demoralizing” means…

    • Anonymous

      Some people on the internet ARE psychologists. Many more of us have studied psychology and sociology at a tertiary level. I might not be in a position to know whether THESE children are/will be emotionally scarred by this – but I AM in a position to tell you what the sexualization of children is doing in general.

      Kids (especially girls) are growing up in a world where porn stars and celebs with sex-tapes are treated like royalty, and those making REAL contributions to society are basically invisible. We come here and poke fun at young women who get wasted and/or flash their shit for the cameras – call them whores – yet what else do we expect? That’s what the people want, right?

      If being sexually desirable is what society values, we shouldn’t be suprised to find girls and young women emulating these “train-wreak” celebs – and dumbing themselves down so not appear nerdy. We have a whole generation of girls who will find having self-respect and intelligence to be an uphill battle against the pressures to be “hot”…”desirable”, etc… Imagine how much more difficult it is to take the high-road when it’s not just media, but your own parent(s) encouraging you to follow the crowd – and look up to these famous-for-nothing celebutards as models of how to be.

      Still, you don’t need a university degree to know this. Pick up a book – do a little research – then weep for the world we’ve helped created.

      • +1 internets to you sir or madam…very well said.

      • noone

        Yes well said and don’t forget, we should prosecute the media for it’s perversion. Who the fuck are these monsters creating this filth for our youth to television? What kind of society are we living in? Shouldn’t we be reading books are learning skills? And there actually are people here that are defending this behavior.

      • Amy



  38. tara


  39. Mel Gibson's Shrink

    Fuck this

  40. Mary

    Christ on a Cracer. Those are the kids who will be in charge of our social security. They say suicide is a sin, but did those religious folk ever meet snookie? I think not.

  41. Ricky Rao

    oh god they’re multiplying!!! KILL THEM ALL!!!!

  42. Anyone remember the movie Idiocracy?

    In 1000 years Mike Judge will be looked upon as Nostradamus.

  43. Jersey Shore Little Kids Snooki The Situation JWoww
    Commented on this photo:

    those dresses are the actual ones worn on the show

  44. burner

    Fucking disgusting, only in America.

  45. dontlooknow

    I recognize Jaden and Willow Smith, but who’s the Snooki-do?

  46. gigi

    please… I’ve seen more makeup & jewelry on 5 year-olds at a gypsy wedding… this is just funny & cute. Chances are 10 minutes later they were playing with their barbies & trucks or whatever & watching cartoons. If the pedophiles wanna get heated over this that’s on them- something tells me that given their motivation, it wouldn’t take much

  47. LISA

    i don’t see anything wrong with it. I hardly doubt that htey dress like this everyday. It was out of fun ppl. lighten up

  48. Jersey Shore Little Kids Snooki The Situation JWoww
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    Wow Snooki better find a mate and breed FAST, she has at most 3-5 years left before she is Rosanne Bar and is as wide as she is tall.

  49. Jersey Shore Little Kids Snooki The Situation JWoww
    Commented on this photo:

    Such a cruel tease too, according to her ex bf/manager she is the worst sex he has ever had, it sucks that something so obviously built for lovin, is worthless in the sheets. :-(

  50. Jesus

    Come on guys, they don’t look anything like the cast of Jersey Shore. Check out the girl dressed as Snooki.. everyone knows the real one isn’t that tall.

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