This Guy Knocked Up Christina Aguilera

November 23rd, 2010 // 70 Comments
Christina Aguilera Matt Rutler

Christina Aguilera was photographed (above) leaving her hotel before the American Music Awards Sunday night, but more importantly, she was caught holding the hand of Matthew Rutler, a production assistant on her latest movie Burlesque which filmed back in February. Now, I’m not accusing anyone of impregnating anyone – Oh, right, the headline. – but this guy doesn’t look like a mole creature, so almost immediately the evidence is mounting. Not to mention there’s clearly a baby in her stomach and you don’t just divorce the father of your unborn child. — Unless he looks like a mole creature. Wait…

Okay, let’s try this. Why doesn’t she squeeze the kid out now, and then we’ll inspect it for nocturnal vision? That seems reasonable.

Photo: Mavrix


  1. Catani

    So…who exactly cares who left the pig pregnant? Wasn’t she old news?…..pfff….

  2. Jane

    Is she wearing a Britney Spears T-Shirt??

  3. Mezzy

    I’m not sure that she’s truly pregnant. She’s looking more and more like a drag queen every day.

    • Ian

      How could anyone mistake Britney for Heidi Klum? Heidi even after 4 kids and being 37 is still way hotter than Britney and always was.

  4. Facebook Me

    Who is she wearing on her shirt?! An old tour tshirt of herself?! Wishing the body back she had before she got knocked-up from someone other than the “Mole man.”

  5. Martazianto

    She’s not even good looking. I’d hate going thru life knowing that everyone knew I hit something that ugly.

  6. fester

    Minor correction, Fish. The guy’s name isn’t Matthew, it’s MASSENGILL Rutler. I think we can rest assured that he is completely disposable.

  7. jam it

    I hope she gets smarter next time and gets knocked up by the hairdresser/makeup guy. She really needs a makeover. Whoever colored her hair the last time should be shot!

  8. Dick Face

    Christina and Jessica expect us to cheer and be in awe of their careers and or presence, but they can’t put down either the fork or the cock long enough for us to see them as they want us too…so we might as well become cross-eyed and retarded Sarah Palin groupies, hoping for her next retard book or presidential-run while stroking our grayish beards or wrinkly and hairy pussies! …WTF.

  9. She has looked preg lately. Momsen too

  10. kaylia

    the picture on the shirt is heidi klum ;^) i actually kinda want it :^)

  11. Ash Bones

    What does a production assistant do?

    • They help produce things, like baby rumors for fat chicks.

    • Sandy

      They go and get things, for example – laundry, coffee, drugs, etc, and used to be called “Gofers” in Hollywood. The title change is sort of like a cook at McDonald’s having the title of World Renown Chef. Well, it’s not a lie,….but a real stretch.

      • John

        ding ding. Seriously wtf? A PA… really?

      • Patrick

        They may also cue actors who are out of the earshot or site of the director, assist any department that needs an extra pair of hands (both of which I’ve done–I spent a large amount of time helping the art department when I PAd a film), wrangle extras, etc. PAs are more than mere gofers, and the title is appropriate. We ASSIST on a production.

    • Mike Walker

      If you’re still walking around with a backsack, you know it ain’t much.

    • This particular production assistant forgot to get the condoms it seems.

  12. you know how zombies bite someone and sometime later the person bitten becomes a zombie. Well we just found out that it’s the same with molemen.

  13. He’s got a backpack on. Maybe she’s helping him catch the school bus.

  14. Krank

    Are they actually walking or is she just awkwardly leaning against him? Do people usually walk with one foot across from the other?

    • Reese

      Nah unless he’s got read nail polish. :)
      Either way they’re walking out of her hotel together. PA’s don’t randomly walk out with the stars of the movies unless there’s something going on. Esp stars who just filed for divorce.

  15. bassface

    Whew. Great news. For a while there, I thought she had eaten Britney.

  16. DKNY

    This guy hires uglier hookers than Charlie Sheen.

  17. Christina Aguilera Matt Rutler
    Commented on this photo:


  18. Christina Aguilera Matt Rutler
    Commented on this photo:

    Too bad he’s second but you know when he heard the words “I’m pregnant” he thought Ka-Ching! Promotion from production assistant to co-producer in one hot night!

  19. Hmmmmm

    lucky sumbitch…should’ve been me.

  20. Lepper

    so lemme guess, she was having an affair, cause she couldnt stand to look at moleman any longer as he mounted her, found out she was knocked up and saw it as her out!

  21. nope

    EW. She really loves her some Jew dick.

  22. lalala

    Gosh, and you guys brag on Kim Kardashian. Look at her make up! She’s a freakin clown.

  23. Upskrt Celebs

    Look, I know whorez…i mean women. They don’t break up with a guy unless they have someone else to fall back on. Women are too insecure just to break up, I don’t care if you are Christina Aguilera or Jenna Jameson. I’m sure she was banging someone else. The truth will eventually come out. Women cheat more than men these days, but for some reason it’s just the men that look like the scoundrels when they do it. That’s why Charlie Sheen, Tiger Woods and Kobe Bryant are my heroes.

  24. Ash Bones

    she’s got millions of dollars, so it’s worth it. I’m sure her uterus feels fine with the lights off.

  25. LJ

    The new Kevin Federline.

    WTF. Can’t these bimbos find some one who at least they don’t have to support?

    Fergie needs to give lessons to these fools.

  26. Wait I thought she left that ugly ass guy that got her pregnant??
    #2? WTF?

  27. kulit

    Daaaamn she really slathered on that make-up!

  28. Mike Walker

    I actually like the extra weight. It fills up the cavernous hole between her bowed legs.

  29. jojo

    Cankles anyone?

  30. Kelley

    The baby is in her belly, Fish, NOT her stomach, lol !!

  31. GravyLeg

    Well, at least she looks happy now….

  32. Champ

    Seriously, what normal dude would get involved with her?

  33. Whatever

    Why does she wear full tranny makeup everywhere she goes?

  34. Salad Face

    A back up dancer, a music marketer and now a production assistant. Unless Xtina can actually provide some type of career opportunity to her salseech, she just can’t seem to form a relationship. Even with a “mole man”. That’s pretty sad. I’ve always maintained that Xtina was a marginally attractive female- at best- but this pretty much seals the deal. Come on X, prove us wrong. Have a worthy smudge on your resume, ala Billy Bob Thornton, Lyle Lovett. Perhaps yours could be Ke$ha.

  35. Aja

    She’s such a slut…and she has no shoulders. What did she wait, five minutes until her divorce to date again?

  36. PhoenixFire

    This article is pure s**t! there’s no proof of anything. I have male friends who are not my boyfriends that I sometimes hold hands with and nothing goes on between us. Also about the whole pregant thing, I just saw her on the AMAs and she didn’t look pregnant at all! She just looked like a woman who had given birth before. Women’s bodies change after pregnancy fools. Not just a little but alot. It might not even be physically possible for Xtina to be as thin as she used to be. That happens to alot of women. Just stay out of her personal life!

  37. Lara

    They both look like mole creatures to me :/

  38. Christina Aguilera Matt Rutler
    Commented on this photo:

    She has the worst taste in men.

  39. change it up

    This is a stupid article witten by a dumb ass cown. Mole? WTF are you talking about dipshit?

  40. Karma

    I just saw her on DWTS and she looked like she put on a lot of weight. Pregnant? That would explain it. Didn’t she just have a kid? She has a powerful voice. To all the ones above who post nasty comments. Karma gets you every time. Grow up.

  41. I can haz half-unzipped cameltoe?

  42. Patrick

    “you don’t just divorce the father of your unborn child.”

    Right, because this NEVER happens.

  43. Brandi

    Mind ur own @##@ing business!!

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