This Chick Says She’s Courtney Love

September 21st, 2010 // 98 Comments

For some reason Courtney Love was invited to the premiere of Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps So We Made a Sequel last night, and I might joke a lot about celebrities feeding on the blood of infants to rejuvenate their looks, but I never actually believed it until this very moment. Seriously, there’s a daycare missing an entire room of babies that reeks of heroin right now. “Shit, we got Courtney Love’d. Alright, who forgot to put garlic on the windows again? Consuela? Dammit. What did I tell you about el lechón bebé blanco?”

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  1. Dirty Sanchez

    WoW! Can we say ‘got some work done?!’ If that is Courtney, welcome to society..Still can’t polish a turd!

    • Drew

      Apparently you can. She looks great. Obviously she’s still a psychopathic moron, but there’s no denying she looks astronomically better than before.

      • Say It Ain't So!

        Is it absolutely necessary to start an argument with someone on the Internet for no apparent reason? Is life that bad for you?

    • pete

      It isn’t surgery, it’s called good make up and a brush. Her last surgery was in mid 2007. She’s not afraid of admitting when she goes under the knife.

      • Deacon Jones

        What are you, her fucking #1 fan?

      • Vito

        And how the fuck would you know? You don’t know shit from a good grade of butter and yet you know that Courtney Love hasn’t had any work done?

        Lemme guess…she came to you in a dream.

    • HeartTheLove

      No, I am her fucking #1 fan! Even at her worst I still think she’s hot.

      And she isn’t dumb, either – ever read that article she penned around the time of Napster v1, calling out the music industry for its exploitation of artists and fans, bemoaning the (then nascent) idea of suing downloaders, and suggesting artists ought to work for their pay (by giving their music away for free and making an income from gigs)?

  2. Courtney Love at Premiere of Wall Street 2
    Commented on this photo:

    Aside from looking like she’s loaded on coke and emaciated, this is the best she’s been in years.

  3. Say It Ain't So!

    Whoever she is, acts like Courtney..either she is badly mugging for the photogs or is about to fall over due to drugs/’s a toss up!

  4. Ray

    I so would……

  5. Viv

    Wow, santeria can do that? and all this time I was saving my money to pay for a good plastic surgeon.

  6. ToRiMiLi


  7. Mufasa

    I’m stunned … jokes aside, that’s a remarkable recovery from her previous crypt keeper status.

  8. Courtney Love at Premiere of Wall Street 2
    Commented on this photo:

    What is wrong with her right armpit?!?!

  9. fester

    Gad, with a little make-up in the right light she looks like a blonde Angelina (sorry Angie honey but you need to eat more sammiches).

  10. Courtney Love at Premiere of Wall Street 2
    Commented on this photo:

    Her flabby tatooed arms don’t lie about who she is, though…

  11. Fuck Canada

    I thought *everyone* has seen the south park movie by now…guess not.

  12. JR

    Her face looks well and good until you realize it probably can’t move. I know I say this a lot but, “uncanny valley.” Right here. Uncanny valley.

    • jared82

      I don’t care if her face moves or not. If she can open her mouth bring her to me, I’ll make her happy

  13. Rachell

    May I offer an alternative to your hypothesis Fish? I think that Angelina Jolie has merely been neglecting her infants blood intake regimen. They do look kind of alike in these pics…

  14. Drundel

    Clean living, good diet, makeup, exercise, surgery? Damn.

  15. Courtney Love at Premiere of Wall Street 2
    Commented on this photo:

    I agree. Not saying I’d hit it, but I would consider it. Which considering it’s Courtney Love, that’s pretty huge.

  16. Courtney Love at Premiere of Wall Street 2
    Commented on this photo:

    Sewn back together all over the place.
    No calorie intake for the past two months.
    Pushem up what she ain’t got.
    Last resort is covered up with base and powder and lipstick to where it”s obvious.

    Better like she was than fake like she is.

  17. Courtney Love at Premiere of Wall Street 2
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    I’ve honestly never seen someone skinny enough to hide behind her own breast implant.

    Where’d Courtney Love find the money to pay someone to do her make-up for her? I thought Frances Bean cut her off.

  18. Mafia Warshead

    Just how many times is she going to get clean, clean herself up, and fall off the wagon again?

  19. Courtney Love at Premiere of Wall Street 2
    Cock Dr
    Commented on this photo:

    Jeezus. She looks great. Is it top quality undergarment magic or is she on another cocaine/prescription meds diet?
    She is still super crazy though. That will never change.

  20. Courtney Love at Premiere of Wall Street 2
    Commented on this photo:

    yuck! tranny alert

  21. I am in shock that I would ever be saying the following statement, but here it goes….

    Courtney Love looks good.


  22. Matt

    According to google translate “el lechón bebé blanco” means “white baby piglet”. I don’t get it.

    • Viv

      I speak spanish and I don’t get it either so it’s not a language thing.

      Something to do with white baby pigs and satanic rituals?

  23. That Girl Jen

    Im MUCh nAStier then THAT!

  24. Courtney Love at Premiere of Wall Street 2
    Commented on this photo:

    She looks like Angelina Jolie.

    • …and that’s the most accurate observation that can be made about Angeline Jolie’s current sex appeal. Fucking bag of bones, it’s about time someone called her bullshit.

  25. jaybles

    is this a functioning addict?

  26. Gotta say she does look good in these pictures. She has a lot of make up on but it looks like she has cleaned up on the crack and heroine. Her skin looks really nice and her eyes aren’t glazed over. Very impressive and good for her.

  27. Courtney Love at Premiere of Wall Street 2
    Commented on this photo:

    If you look closer she still looks very trashy

  28. Uggh this bitch is buttugly. Hated her since she killed sid in that movie.. Her one hit was stolen. One of her fake tits looks collapsed. Id blow my brains out too if i were married to that hole

  29. jains

    Actually to me she looks just like Milla Jovovich, alot like her,

    I would do her, but, her arms are so freaky, her boobs are ok but you know as soon as you take that bra off is going to look like two flap pancakes rolling off a plastic bag, not a pretty sight, whats with her mouth? she looks like she is smiling backwards, wtf?
    she looks frozen in time,
    her freaky armpit and arm, it looks like is going to fall off!
    she still looks diseased

  30. Turd Ferguson

    OK, OK … now let’s see the AFTER your daily dose of heroin shots…

  31. Courtney Love at Premiere of Wall Street 2
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    She has major man hands! They’re gigantic! And she looks so emaciated and strung out it’s nasty.

  32. kpatra

    is that madonna?

  33. Courtney Love at Premiere of Wall Street 2
    Anti Gaga
    Commented on this photo:

    She started to look like Priscilla Presley. Maybe they’re using the same dr.

  34. fap

    She has man hands, a muppet face, and guy torso/hips. If you like this you’re gay.

  35. Put your hand over her “4 lbs of makeup” face, and it’s the same old Courtney.

  36. Courtney Love at Premiere of Wall Street 2
    Commented on this photo:

    God her armpit, in pic #4. Her neck too. Her whole body looks like it’s falling apart. Remeber that movie “Death Becomes Her”?

  37. Any Guy

    what? blind people using the internets? that can be the ONLY reason someone thought this tranny said she was Courtny Love (or that it was the least bit attractive in any way, shape, or form)

    what mess…. wow.

  38. RasputinsLiver



    ….pretty impressive what rebar and Portland cement can do to improve a skag’s looks.


  39. Jennyjenjen

    Is it possible this is a body double? I just don’t see how she could look like this based on the terrifying pictures just a few weeks ago. Even if she did get clean and hire and excellent stylist and had a professional shellac about 15 pounds of concealer on her face AND get plastic surgery.. I still don’t see how she could have reversed the years worth of destruction and abuse visible on her face due to her addictions. I wouldn’t be surprised if she was such an utter wreck, her people decided to hire a stand in. In Hollywood, stranger things have happened..

  40. Courtney Love at Premiere of Wall Street 2
    Commented on this photo:

    Upon closer inspection, I take back what I said. It’s her, lord knows how but it”s her.

  41. Courtney Love at Premiere of Wall Street 2
    Commented on this photo:

    Somewhere, Kut’s corpse is reaching around for another shotgun.

  42. Courtney Love at Premiere of Wall Street 2
    Commented on this photo:

    Kurt must be jerking off in his grave…

  43. Courtney Love at Premiere of Wall Street 2
    Greg H.
    Commented on this photo:

    Looks like Peg Bundy

  44. Courtney Love at Premiere of Wall Street 2
    Commented on this photo:

    I think she looks amazing. Her new album was awesome too.

  45. Hilton Hunter

    She looks like Freddie Mercury did when he tried to cover up he AIDS witth make up.

  46. Courtney Love at Premiere of Wall Street 2
    Commented on this photo:

    Facelift, cake makeup, anorexia…. Nuf said

  47. Mickey

    I don’t get all the “i’d bang her” comments… I mean, maybe in 1992 and IF I was as high as Cobain was… maybe. But now? You all know what she’s been through, right? And you’d still want to bang her? oh wait, this is the internet. I forgot that 98% of you all are fat teenagers that will never ever bang anything under 300 pounds.

    • pete

      I don’t get why you’re so concerned and judgemental. All her boyfriends say she’s great in bed, she has big chichis and doesn’t look bad. I’d bang her. And for the record, I think I’ve never seen a woman who is over 300 pounds irl.

    • Blondie

      Fuck off, old man!

  48. Courtney Love at Premiere of Wall Street 2
    Commented on this photo:

    The real question is, why can she never get lipstick right?

  49. Vito

    She looks so serene. Like maybe she going to die in the morning.

  50. blah

    it’s make-up. you can tell by her jawline and by the fact that she looks like she’s made of wax.

    don’t worry, all is right with the world and courtney love still looks like the crypt keeper!

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