This Betty White Thing Needs to Stop

October 5th, 2010 // 37 Comments
Betty White

Let me start off by saying Betty White is a national treasure. She’s an adorable, whip-smart, progressive old lady with decades of comedic timing under her belt, and her resurgence this past year has been a sincere, well-deserved little movement that no one could speak ill of without looking like a purse snatcher from a Bugs Bunny cartoon. That being said, it’s time to pay the bill on this one, and that bill is octogenarian sex talk. Via People:

“Does desire melt away with age? I’m waiting for that day to come,” the 88-year-old tells AARP Magazine in its November/December issue. “Sexual desire is like aging,” she continues, pointing at her head. “A lot of it is up here.”
“The secret to our marriage was enthusiasm,” White says. “When I knew Allen was coming home, I would freshen my makeup and put on a new blouse.”
And the sex was apparently great, too. If Ludden were alive today, White thinks they’d still be sleeping together. But if he were unavailable, White has a second choice. “I don’t have a fella,” she says, “but if Allen – or Robert Redford – were around, we’d have a very active sex life.”

I guess this kind of talk is unsettling to me because I have basically the quintessential 72-year-old grandma who lives across town and there’s really only three things I need to know about her:

She bakes delicious cookies.
She likes Nicholas Sparks novels.
She drinks white zinfandel out of the smallest glass I’ve ever seen in my life on special occasions.

But now, thanks to Betty White, I’ll be at this poor woman’s funeral trying to erase the words “melting with desire” from my brain. I knew this would happen.

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  1. Angelina

    You go girl

  2. I’d bang Betty in a heart beat!!!!

  3. Cock Dr

    It might be too much information for some, but it’s good to hear someone her age speaking candidly & positively about senior sex.
    She may talk about Robert Redford, but someone as hot as Betty should aim higher /younger than that old war horse. I’m thinking George Clooney….it’s past time for him to swap out girlfriends.

  4. Johnny Cage

    “This Betty White Thing Needs to Stop”

    That’s not what your girlfriend says!

  5. lulu

    I love it. Older people should enjoy sex as much as the rest of us, and she is absolutely right. She is one smart lady.

  6. Rae

    i hope when i’m in my 80′s, i’m still fucking my husbands brains out.

  7. Oh

    Dude that’s awesome!! My husband and I agreed that until one of us dies, we are going to fck like rabbits on speed! HELL YES TO BETTY WHITE!!!!

  8. Grandma

    I’m 92 and horny as hell. Every Saturday I let the neighborhood boys do something they call “running a train” on me. When they’re making love to me they say sweet things to me like, “How you like it, you old white bitch?” and “I hope you baked us some cookies, cuz tappin’ yo’ old white ass makes me hungry.”

  9. Betty for President! lol

  10. Gene

    When you become 72…IF you can still get it up, you purse snatching dork from a Disney cartoon, it won’t feel QUITE as weird to you!

  11. The Real TAB

    You got me on “AARP Magazine in its November/December issue,” what this magazine doesn’t come out monthly? For fear of the age range it is desinated for might die off sooner.

    I say go Betty White and still gettin’ her grove on! Although somethings are better left unsaid..the thought of my parents still still doing kinds creeps me out..

  12. Christian Virgin Girl

    What a disgusting story.

  13. skippy


  14. honesty

    I find it hard to believe that any guy really wants to sleep with an 88 year old woman unless he is a moron looking for strange thrills.. Those old geezers who blog are bragging. Most of them would die of a heart attack at the first beat. Moreover, Betty White can use botox, have operations to certain parts, but when age hits, the body is not the same as it was in youth and the parts necessary for pleasure dry up as well. Incidentally, I work in a hospital and I am speaking the truth. Betty should try to leave this earth with some dignity. She is disgusting. Her remarks are made for profit and attention.

    • The Real TAB

      And I thank GOD I will not be seeking care in your hospital, as your bed-side manner sucks..but I guess so coming from the cafeteria staff..

      • honesty

        Maybe I should feel more sorry for someone like you; Betty is probably on her way to dementia. What is your excuse?

      • The Real TAB

        Apparently I don’t suffer from dementia, I was able to read and comprehend your asinine post..

        Tool..go back to wanting to be like Dr. Swango..provided if you really are in the field of medicine, then you would already know who they were..

        10:1 you go and Google him..

      • Fredo Burrito

        How ironic that TAB is bragging about being able to comprehend posts when last week he agreed with and gave props to someone ragging on him.

  15. insrtwittyremark

    Your Grandma is only 72? This confirms my suspicions that you are really a homeschooled 12 year old.

  16. ♫Mr Rough stuff...Who do you think you are♫

    You know whats depressing? No one in our life time will be around to see the discovery of a time machine or the cure for aging.

  17. not funny

    Poor Allen Ludden, Betty’s deceased husband, he is probably sitting, hopefully among the angels, and asking “Who is this woman?”, and denying he even knows her.

  18. burton

    This is great, i ll read anything she writes, sick of the young idiots who know shit.

  19. anon

    She’s a multi-award winning comedy icon. Love. Her. Agree it’s good to see a non Joan River’s looking older actress in Hollywood proving bucking the system and saying your body might get older but it doesnt mean you lose what makes you a woman. I’d rather hear from and about her than most of the younger stick thin wanna be’s. Bring on Cloris Leachmen next and more of Helen and Dame Judy. You know, REAL talent.

  20. C’mon Fish, just imagine it …

    “You get to your place and see a note on the door. It says ‘meet me upstairs’ in that unmistakeable hand writing. You walk in throw off your jacket and put down your computer and take a whiff of the air. That unmistakeable scent of baked goods and ben gay. Instantly your groin moves, blood surging to your manhood as the thought of her, laying in your bed, her hair snow white, her skin pale grey, vericose veins running too a froe on her pasty legs. Yuo run up the stairs, and as you approach the bedroom door, you see her walker just outside the room, her shawl thrown over it. You walk in, and there she is, Betty, spread eagle facing you, her delicately wrinkled fingers piddling her deliciously purple love box, lips flapping in the breeze coming from the window, glistening with her wine like preserved juices, that get more aromatic and thicker with age ….”


    • Mr Squid, you have given this a lot of thought.

      • Mr. frtr actually no, no I did not … it came out naturally. fluently. Like some divine inspiration told me to type it …

        Fack that’s scarey that I could come up with a disturbing image like that right off the top of my head. I gotta go see a psychiatrist …

  21. HuckyDucky

    You like her because she’s “progressive”? Why does that word even belong here? Jesus, people. Fucking Communi *ahem* “progressives” have to insert politics into everything. You should try being a real man sometime, I bet you’d like it.

  22. jelena

    Love Betty! Accepting that older people in our society are sexually active and that means our parents todayas well! It could lead to openness and acceptance of sexuality in general. Happy healthy sexuality for all ages. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to know what goes on in my parent’s bedroom, but I’m happy that they are happy.

    Sexual revolution at it’s best.

  23. Drew

    Love this. People need to get over the age discrimination and ill-informed belief that old people don’t (or shouldn’t talk about) having sex. She said nothing disgusting, only that if her husband were alive she would still be a healthy, sexually active lady. Kudos to her for speaking out and being honest!

  24. xanax in my beer

    OHHHH NOOOOOO say it ain’t so. Am I the only one who doesn’t wanna vomit out my ear holes when old people hint at having an active sex life? It doesn’t phase me. I just don’t care. It doesn’t bother me any worse than the idea of anyone else having sex.

  25. Mustang

    I work with teenagers and I gotta tell ya – I am much more grossed out by the thought of teenagers plooking than elderly people. Because teenagers are very gross. Eww.

  26. sasha

    Get over it children. Older people have sex. You love to try to shock older people all the time by talking about everything sexual but can’t deal with an old woman talking about it even when she doesn’t get into any details.. Sorry your delicate little sensibilities have been violated.

  27. Seriously?!?

    First things first, I totally happened upon this site from Google, what a COMPLETE waste of time!!!!! I don’t know who’s more stupid, the writers, or the people who actually come on here everyday posting their idiotic comments.
    Nothing like checking out sources just to make sure everything is legit, just post them even if it’s a complete lie, or fabrication. VERY unprofessional!

    How could you even talk bad about a woman 88 years old still having a sex life? I bet all of your old, mother’s still fuck your father’s, so what’s the big fucking deal?!?

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