Think of Me as Your “Cool” Step-Dad

If you’ve found yourself in mourning over the resignation of Superficial stalwarts Mike Redmond (Fish) and Carmen Ribecca (Photo Boy), I’d like to borrow your attention for just a moment before you go back into your cookies n’ cream K hole to let you know that everything’s going to be alright. Myself and the team here at Digital Remedy have been slowly “Mrs. Doubtfiring” our way into running this blog for quite some time and you should take solace in the fact that not much will change.

I would like to address any obvious “who does this guy think he is” thinking right out the gate and say, yes… we’re all banging your mom and we’re moving in… but that doesn’t mean we can’t be friends and it doesn’t mean it has to be awkward when you see one of us chugging Powerade in the kitchen in the middle of the night (banging your mom can be very dehydrating). Over time you will find that we actually have a lot in common. Both of us enjoy dosing celebrity gossip with the harsh wit of realism. We love it when someone speaks out on the absurdity of American pop culture and appreciate an outlet of fresh air over the heaping pile of shit that traditional gossip blogs never fail to keep out in the sun. We both love dick jokes, we both like green-lighting photoshop ideas that are so dumb they are genius, we both think tennis is stupid, we both can’t comprehend how Taylor Swift won that Grammy over Kendrick in 2016, we both understand that the Grammys are a racist institution and we should let it go but never will, we’re both obsessed with how unpractical having a butt as big as Kim Kardashian’s must be when riding a rollercoaster, we both like pizza, I could go on forever- but like I said, not much will change.

What brought us here in the first place was the wit, style, and utter badassery of contributors like Fish and Photo Boy. Consider this post the proverbial “dumping of our 40″ towards those two as we continue their legacy. After all, for us to come in and flush that all down the toilet would be a real dick move and because we want to keep this tubby bitch floating (she wasn’t cheap) we’re going to stick with their blueprint to not be douchebags. In corporate speak, that might sound like: “deliver interesting entertainment stories with a raw, sarcastic edge to tease and tickle a sophomoric mind during a long work day or boring night existence without massive amounts of click bait or advertising driven layouts… and stuff”.

So from all of us here at Digital Remedy, we’d like to thank Fish and Photo Boy for a decade of awesome content. We’re so excited to see what comes next, you’re both freaking geniuses, and we’ll be following you wherever you go (seriously, turn around that’s our guy in the trench coat).

Also, if you would like to contribute to The Superficial – give us a DM on Facebook and we can exchange nudes.