Things Getting Ugly for Nick & Jessica

simpson_lachey_split.jpgIf you thought that Nick & Jessica stories were over just because they’ve split up, think again. Apparently the two were so sure they’d be together forever that they didn’t sign a prenuptial agreement. And since Jessica made most of the money, with around $35 million just last year, she could end up paying Nick a mountain of cash. Therefore she’s hired divorce lawyer Laura Wasser, who handled Angelina Jolie’s divorce from Billy Bob Thornton.

I have a feeling that Jessica had a lot less to do with hiring this lawyer than Joe Simpson, the Lex Luthor to Jessica’s Otis. Things are going to get very ugly. If Joe enjoys tormenting Nick as much as he enjoys ogling his daughters, then it’s only a matter of time before Nick ends up dead in a dumpster with a throng of Malaysian boy prostitutes.