Things Are Getting Worse… Chris Cornell Died

Very sad news to wake up to this morning, Chris Cornell of Soundgarden, Temple of The Dog, then Audioslave (then Soundgarden, then TOTD again, then Audioslave, then Soundgarden again, and solo stuff peppered throughout) has died at age 52. One fan in attendance of last night’s show at Detroit’s Fox Theatre said the Grammy-winner “seemed tired on stage, but still gave a lot of love to Detroit.” Just goes to show that even on the brink of a suicidal breakdown, the best fallback as a performer is to say, “HOW WE DOIN’ TONIGHT, (insert city)!!” and they’ll let it slide.

Cornell struggled for years with OxyContin and booze, which is a brutal lead toward finding out why he was found locked in his hotel bathroom with a “band” around his neck. He had three kids.

Some cryptic shit, the last tweet Cornell posted before the show last night was this one below containing the hashtag #nomorebullshit. Yeesh…

The hardest part about losing a rock n’ roll icon like Chris Cornell is that out of all the Sub-Pop godfathers of the early 90’s… all we have left is Eddie Vedder- the most annoying vocalist of the grunge-era that patented that “-EEYYAH” after every word. 2016 was especially brutal in the celebrity-loss/all around shittyness category, but 2017 is already giving it a run for its money.