They’re Cutting Kevin Spacey Out of The Jean Paul Getty Movie

Kevin Spacey is being purged from all his upcoming projects as more people come forward accusing him of sexual assault. Ridley Scott’s J. Paul Getty movie All the Money in the World was set for a December 22 release date, but (after another victim came forward to talk about his signature get-you-drunk-and-grab-your-dick move) they decided to reshoot Spacey’s scenes with Christopher Plummer in his place. Honestly, they should have just gone with Plummer in the first place, at least he wouldn’t have had to wear those dumpy-looking, old man prosthetics.

Now that everyone knows that K-Pax is the predatory old queen you thought only existed in nightmares, that “power face” that scored big for him on House of Cards now reads completely different

I doubt Mark Wahlberg put up with any of Spacey’s tahm-foolery on the set of this movie, though. He seems like the kind of guy who’d shove a burger up your ass if you tried to get him drunk and grab his penis. I don’t think Spacey could make it five minutes with Wahlberg before he’d pick up on his game…

“Mark, why don’t you have another drink.”
“Kevin, what’s this?
“What’s what?”
“The fuck you lookin’ at me like you wanna grab my dick or somethin, eh? What’s the matter with you? Just put on this fuckin’ Wahlburger’s hat and take the goddamn Instagram selfie…”

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