These Take Me Back

July 2nd, 2010 // 115 Comments

So remember how Britney Spears was looking somewhat decent the other day? Welcome back to a land called “Reality,” my friends.

Here she is leaving Starbucks in Calabasas yesterday where she reminded all of us she’s never more than one java chip away from shitting in our faces because she custom designs her clothes for elegance not function. I wonder how many times her bodyguards have to lie and say she looks hot before pulling straws to see who gets to be the one shot in the groin with a pistol.

BODYGUARD 1: But, dude, you got to be shot last time.
BODYGUARD 2: The straws have chosen- Oh, God, she’s stripping in McDonald’s PlayLand again. Attack pattern delta!

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  1. Rhialto

    Wow.Just wow.

  2. Darth

    Don’t drink too much frappuccinos! It’s bad for your blood pressure!

  3. chelsea
    Commented on this photo:

    i wonder if she’ll ever get that killer body back… she doesn’t seem as dedicated as she was pre-kids. but she is yawning… everyone looks like a fat cow when they yawn lol. and the clothing… well… could’ve been better…

  4. Trava Rainwater

    Nice O-face. Kevin’s a lucky guy.

  5. Puke

    Brain freeze hurts y’all!!!

  6. fuuuuu

    ahhh the sweet smell of crazy in the morning

  7. Gene
    Commented on this photo:

    I’d do her, if she’d shut up…but I’m an old man.

  8. MightyD
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    Yyyy’Alllll! Yyyy’Alllll! * Bang*

  9. Gene
    Commented on this photo:

    The ass, it still looks ok. Ok? Ok.

  10. Slut Mary
    Commented on this photo:

    Which way are her nips pointing today?

  11. These pictures are all out of context and incorrectly framed, we can’t see the midget coming out of her anus.

  12. oh uh

    This is the stuff nightmares are made of.

  13. Sugar

    Can we all finally agree that this bitch is ugly and disgusting? Or are all the Britard apologists going to start screaming at anyone who dares insult her like usual?

    • Jay Jeffries


      She’s a disgusting little trailer trash slut. Mentally disturbed, low class trash. You can shine a pile of sh*t all you want; it’s always going to be a pile of sh*t…

    • Lenny

      Don’t forget she has no real talent.

    • hahaha

      Oh yeah. She is so damn low class. And someone whose comment consists of the following.. “BITCH FUCK SHIT WHORE BITCH BITCH SLUT WHORE” isn’t low class or trailer trash, they are just well mannored with an educated and factual opinion. Funny, huh?

  14. Ah, shit, am I in a flashback to 1997?! … Where’s my Adderall? Can someone tell me why I’m pregnant?

  15. And when I say 1997, I mean 2007. These flashbacks are violent. Shit.

  16. barroom hero

    Total white trash. Just imagine how she would look had she not become famous…


  17. Cock Dr

    She looks rough, and needs a courageous stylist to guide & dress her every minute of every day. They would deserve a 6 figure salary.
    At least daddy got the bra on her today. The eternal struggle…..

  18. Deacon Jones

    I’m turned on personally…the more mental, the better the fuck…! And that’s the truth

  19. tfbiii
    Commented on this photo:

    Dear God – where is the video link for this?

  20. ac

    ah the Bret Michaels look

  21. havoc

    Deacon Jones is wise…..

    Besides, those are obviously photoshopped. There’s no Cheetos…


  22. Cardinal Fang
    Commented on this photo:

    Yes it does Gene

  23. Realist/Ahole

    Can any of you fellow idiots imagine how it feels to have the parasitic media hounding you night and day? I would long ago “gone off” on them.
    A shame about how low this nation is sinking. Well, not for the $cool$ folks it aint!!!

    • the thing is

      @”Realist/Ahole”- ahhhh, I see you are one of those elitist types who likes to consider themselves “realistic,” and since you are a “realistic” thinker people see you as an “a-hole,” so you brandish yourself an “a-hole” in a proud, unappologetic way. I GET IT. I really do. But lighten up Mr./Mrs “Elitist.” Yea, lighten up or shut the fuck up.

    • Just Ahole please

      “Elitist”? Dude, are you stupid? Your ability to analyze is poor. Stick to what you know, like sucking elephant cock.

  24. Miles Long

    Looks like my blow up sex doll…

  25. pimp

    i’ve never been to starbucks, is it really that good you have to go everyday? i’d rather just snack on her dirty asshole…

  26. buttercup
    Commented on this photo:

    why is she making that face?

  27. Need pic of the Marlboro MIld in her other hand, for the tri-fecta

  28. Commented on this photo:

    Whoa. Those are the legs of a soccer player. Poor Britney, she never gets a break. Always followed around by the paps, always being reported for child endangerment, always controlled by her father. She’s never going to get her life back on track, is she?

  29. Commented on this photo:

    “Thunder Thighs, HO!”

  30. Commented on this photo:

    I was eating cottage cheese, then I had to stop

  31. TS
    Commented on this photo:

    Why is there no video of this?

  32. Beebaby
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    Why does her hair ALWAYS look like that?!?! It perpetually looks somwhere between dreadlocks and rat’s nest. Jesus Christ! I can understand her being a little chunky, or not having the best clothing taste… but even women who don’t have money can somehow manage to find a hairbrush. Britney, you don’t need a stylist… just wash your hair… please!

  33. TS

    why is there no video of this?

  34. RoughRomantico

    Whats wrong with making different chimp sounds to keep things lively once in a while? Always the entertainer that Brit Brit. Everyone around her should consider themselves lucky….

  35. Commented on this photo:

    My god she’s got cute legs…love her with a few extra lbs on her :)

  36. Jay Jeffries

    2007-2008 were magical years in shitneyland. She snatch flashed, she shaved her head, she went mental, she did the gas station/hote/driving aimlessly chinese fire drill dozens of times, she did drugs, she drank like a fish, she f*cked the arab terrorist, she was taken off to the loony bin. All her shitney fans say “she’s getting better”, but these pics show me that she’s still the mentally disturbed shitney of old. I suspect we’ll be seeing a shitney snatch flashing very soon…

  37. Mandy

    These look like the faces people make when they’re joking around hanging out with their friends making fun of other people — sadly these look like the faces Britney makes every day!

    She is so disgusting. Seriously, it’s time to stop bleaching your hair when it looks like THIS.

  38. Expert on Everything
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    any video of this moment? that’d be awesome!

  39. Momar
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    LEAVE BRITNEY ALLLLLOOOOONE, YOU ARE LUCKY THAT SHE….having said that, I’d still do her, nice tits, thick thighs, good breeding hips…love me some Brit.

  40. Momar
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    oh, and she can leave the socks on ;-)

  41. Is that her O face?
    Can she still climax with all the laxatives and coffee going through her system?

  42. Lulu
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    There are no words for this ‘outfit’ WTF!

  43. SATAN
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    why does this stupid mound of shit even get paps anymore?

  44. Goblinkatie

    Looks to me like she was photographed mid-sneeze.

  45. shortblonde

    What the fuck is happening in these pictures? What is is she wearing? WHAT THE FUUUUCKKKK??? And she probably shouldn’t havent gotten the whip cream… that’s an uphill battle right there.

  46. Fati87

    Geezuz, what the fuck is wrong with this woman? I think she actually belongs in a loonie bin. Why don’t they make her well? :(

  47. BeatMachine

    Mmm…need to throw a big ‘ol cock in that yap.

  48. Fati87
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  49. Violet


    Just looks like she’s sneezing.

  50. rickardo
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    batshit craayyzaayy!

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