These New Teen Moms Are Just Swell

January 24th, 2011 // 86 Comments

Here’s Jenelle Evans, star of the second season of MTV’s Teen Mom demonstrating how you top a previous season that involved Dom DeLuise getting his ass beat by Mama Fratelli and Adam Lambert’s aborted love-child that somehow survived: Baby explosions. Which is clearly better than my idea of making one of the baby’s gay. I’m talking hot pants and chaps gay, so who knows? Maybe season three.

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  1. Jenelle Evans Teen Mom
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    Que cosa más tonta, no soy ningún experto, pero de la gasolina emanan gases que provocarían una explosión.

  2. Galtacticus

    Gangsta i am. WTH!? What have we ever!?

  3. Jenelle Evans Teen Mom
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    oh my god what a dumbass

  4. Jenelle Evans Teen Mom
    Jill Ess
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    Inspired by Ellen Page

  5. Kamrynne

    These girls and the ones before them .have it all figured out I just wish the rest of America would get a clue ! Obviously we are the dumb asses for putting education first.establishing a job .then having the audacity to practice safe sex so I do not have to depend on the state …..yes I do know my comment is harsh ..
    …….THE TRUTH HURTS…….any responsible adult knows this…….

  6. Jenelle Evans Teen Mom
    I'm on my Period.
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    Abortions; why the fuck aren’t people taking advantage of them? I had one 3 years ago it really wasn’t that bad.

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