There’s a new Tiger mistress.

March 23rd, 2010 // 113 Comments

This is Devon James, the latest mistress to come forward and say she had an affair with Tiger Woods, according to RadarOnline. But let’s not act like finding out Tiger banged another porn star even qualifies as news anymore, so let’s take a look at Devon’s website. Namely the section that lists the items she won’t do, one of which is shockingly hilarious considering the context of this story:

- Creampie
- DP
- TP
- Group
- Gangbang
- Anal

Wow! Really? It’s a good thing Devon isn’t claiming to have sex with a black guy who’s pretty much the Shakespeare of Anal Sex. Except, oh, wait, I just completely described Tiger Woods without using the word golf. Back to the cock mine!

Fun Fact: These are apparently the only pics of Devon James online where she doesn’t have The MILF Hunter’s penis in her. Not an exaggeration.

Photos: Devon James

  1. Ha!

    Love it. It’s like crack. Keep em coming. You KNOW there’s 20 out there for every one that comes out…

  2. KIKI

    These bitches are like cockroaches.
    I do have two questions though:
    What is a MILF lovers penis?
    What is the sex act cream pie?

  3. Mandi

    Big deal. At this point I could come forward and say Tiger stuck it in me and the world would have no choice but to believe me.
    However, I do find it interesting that she list all those things as no-no’s. Uhm, you are a porn star, are you not? What WILL you do, have sex on tape?

  4. Taz

    Tiger is so cool

  5. A. Dolph

    You’d think if ‘DP’ was listed, ‘TP’ would be implied…

  6. BitemeBitche$

    #2 What are like 12 yrs old?? Ask your mother if she’s a MILF and likes creampies?? If she says yes get back to me and I’ll show you.. Tiger tracks all over the place. 18 holes and still playing.

  7. SiX

    Looking mighty nasty…

    Something tells me he could have done better.

  8. pooter

    That’s my mom

  9. Ego

    I can see Tiger explaining this to Elin, “… Oh I would have told you about her but I thought she was dead… At least she’s not a Nazi… hun?”

  10. jlylec

    fucking gross…white trash. come on tiger. step it up you horny fuckwad.

  11. Superevil

    What is this stupid whore even doing in porn if she won’t do creampies or anal?

  12. Superevil

    What is this stupid whore even doing in porn if she won’t do creampies or anal?

  13. yuki

    no tattoos = tiger FAIL.

  14. Haywood Jablowme

    #2 KIKI: read her site. Enjoy!

  15. bribios

    If the chick won’t do DP, shouldn’t no TP be implied? It’s not like she’d be down for DVDA since she didn’t list it.

  16. gigi

    hello?? he’s cablasian…!? get it right…. lol

  17. Tek

    LMAO @ listing interracial as some of the things she wouldn’t do, yet she comes out to say “Hey, Tiger fucked me too! Look at me! weeeeeeeeee!”

    Personally I have nothing againts the swirl, but this goes to show how these broads would do absolutely anything for attention/fame. And if this chick really is a MILF, I’m sure her kid(s) will be so proud of mom!

  18. AlabamaFatbody

    Is this the same Devon James at the Bunny Ranch?

    Cause if it is? Gross dude, gross.

  19. KIKI

    Haywood, I would if I could. Maybe a sneaky google search of cream pie is in order.

  20. frankw


  21. KIKI

    For all you other 12 year olds: Cream Pie is sex without a condom. I am telling Mom!

  22. Sardonic

    She looks strung out and infected in her MILF video.

  23. Peter Griffin says...

    Man…it’s one thing to find out your man cheated on you…but with multiple women…all whores…and porn stars who have had an ungodly amount of cocks inside them.

    Elin has got to have her head examined if she stays with El Nigre after this…if she does, she’s either insane or a bigger money-whore than anyone realized.

  24. Tek

    Yes, AlabamaFatbody. That’s her. UGGGHHHHHH! God Tiger, WTF?

  25. Dread not

    That last one is a misprint. NO INTERRACIAL is supposed to be NO INTERSPECIES. Tiger Woods is a total jackass, but that isn’t really a disqualifier.

  26. i have yet to see one who holds a candle to elin, so far they have all been like holding your penis to a candle


    click on this if you want to see how meth addled, used up and ugly this skank is. We are talking TOTAL TRASH

  28. small asian penis

    I agree with Tek , Alabama, that’s her. She is an official whore at the bunny ranch. The photos are funny she looks cold (temp. wise) and unhappy.

    Kiki – not having a condom is a start, but it is the act of ejaculating in/on the vagina. Thus, Cream Pie.

    What is DP and TP?

  29. Alan

    What is TP? Obviously, I know DP.

  30. If you be my bodyguard, I could be your long lost pal

    Hey Alan, it’s “Triple Penetration”. So presumably she told Tiger that he couldn’t use the putter and the driver at the same time.


    This is a complete photosho[ job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow’s are all wrong.

    This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never Back Down where Max was walking through the jungle with his friends, and was arguing about who would win in a fight, superman or the flash, and then stepped on a tripwire, and almost got killed, but Desmond saved him.

  31. Crabby Old Guy

    TP = add 1 to DP okay? Got it now? All orifices are filled.

    And here’s another less-than-attractive bitch that I wouldn’t fuck with Teddy Kennedy’s cock.

    She’s got a face for radio.

  32. George P Burdell > sarasota adult entertainment > sarasota escorts

    Devon James Available – 29

  33. Richard McBeef

    What’s anal? I hear this Parker guy talking about it all the time, but I am not sure.

  34. havoc

    You know, I just don’t think I could be in serious relationship and have that emotional bond so essential for creating a meaningful union with a woman who won’t do anal creampies…..

    Its just not what God intended.


  35. Richard McBeef

    I see no mention of schisse play or watersports, so she must be down with that.

  36. johnson

    Bitch looks like Stiffler’s mom

  37. It's Mom


  38. KIKI

    Honestly Richard, You are not going to shame me because I am not up on the latest porn lingo. I know enough about enough, honey.

  39. mikeybikey

    id hit it

  40. Mr. Nice Guy

    Well I like the Red Shoes, other than that “Not before Last Call”.

  41. Mr. Nice Guy

    Do NOT Insult Stiffler’s mom!

  42. turd da third

    In pict 1 her face is a totally different color, must be a ton of makeup on there or a bad photoshop job..

    I love the “don’t do list”,,,, she is obviously not a real woman,, just a used douchebag

  43. Richard McBeef

    @38 – Not trying to.

    @37 – Yes, mom.

  44. turd da third

    JFC, what a bowzer… she freakin looks just like Celine Dione with titties… that IS gross

  45. blackout501st

    what i still cant understand is how he would cheat on his wife, which has to be one of the hottest chicks on the planet, with all of this whorish trash. none of them that i have seen are at all attractive.

  46. Deacon Jones

    hmmm, def transgression from pic 3 to 4 (post to pre meth binged weekend)

    perhaps she should make a footnote next to the no-list
    TP (excludes Tiger Penetration)

    BA DA DAA! I’ll be here all weekend folks! (In my basement playing COD)

  47. dicktits

    Oh my god. For juuuuuust a second there when I saw the first pic I thought Tiger banged Snooki. At least we’re spared that PR leviathan… all he did was bang a chick that looks a helluva lot like her.

  48. Ain't nothing wrong with a little Rough pride

    Well why doesn’t she get a sag card and audition for the Gossip girl and 90210′s…

    Who wants to deal with a saintly porn star…

  49. johnny

    I like that she is the WW2 pilot. there should be some kind of jokes here with Bombshell the nazi, and her the american hero, and Tiger and Jesse James, but i cant think of them

  50. Parker

    Hey, wait, I thought I was the Shakespeare of anal sex.

    “If brevity is the soul of wit then anal sex tis its substance”
    “An ass, an ass, my kingdom for an ass!”
    “But soft, what light through yon nightgown breaks? It is her ass, and Juliet has nice buns.”
    “Her ass was such stuff as dreams are made on, rounded with a little crease.”

    And let’s not forget, “The better part of anal sex is discretion; the best is the sandwich she makes before leaving!”

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