There’s Video of Lady GaGa Getting Puked On

March 14th, 2014 // 31 Comments
Lady GaGa Puked On SXSW

Earlier today I linked to pics of Lady GaGa getting puked on at SXSW (deliberately in the tit), and now there’s video of her “Swine” performance which will really promote a culture of tolerance and acceptance for the homosexual community, so I take back everything I said about her non-profit. I was a fool. A DAMN FOOL.

WARNING: Audio is NSFW and, oh yeah, a tit gets puked on.


  1. Pretty sure this is just Brazilian porn. Except for the mechanical pig.

  2. Run n Gun

    Im calling it – Miley will fuck a live horse on stage next weekend.

    • JC

      Pshaw, the horse thing is played out. If she’s a true artiste, she’ll fuck a dead porcupine in the ass with a strap on that’s molded to look like her father. Make it happen, Miley.

  3. What a fucking asshole.

  4. Doctor_Joystick

    “Balls in your court Little Miss Miley.”

  5. nicole

    In general I don’t give a shit about what performers do on stage to be edgy because in the end they still have explosive diarrhea sometimes like everyone else, but this? Ugh – for a person who has stated she’s struggled with eating disorders, this is not okay.

  6. Also, passing off this nonsense of being a “vomit painter” as performance art is bullshit. If that’s the case, my kid turns into a performance artist when she reads in the car for too long.

  7. Sorta looks like Anna Nicole Smith. Channeling her spirit perhaps.

  8. Is it too late to repeal the 1st Amendment?

  9. BRILLIANT! You induce vomit because it represents the glitter of commercialism. Why didn’t I think of that? Cut, print, check the gate, moving on…

  10. Makes me want to have mushed peas and lime sherbert.

  11. The Japanese called: They want their porn back

  12. Completely BS. Oh the puking starts at 2:30+ minutes. A “fake” puke like her so called “music.” IMO the puker was quite attractive. I would have watched furhter if she dildo fucked Gaga with a glowing “Green” strap on. :)

  13. hahahahaa i love that she is LEGIT bulimia throwing up there, not just swigging it in her mouth and spitting it out. now that takes some balls…i guess? lol, not to mention its teaching all those little girls how to do it right.

    hair back, ladies.

    anyone will do anything to stay relevant, and in Gaga’s case this is sad because she has some SERIOUS talent.
    starts at 00:28

  14. coljack

    It might seem like an elaborate stunt, but I have the same reaction when I hear her music on the radio. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go get my car’s upholstery cleaned…again.

  15. oh i know


  16. …is it possible to be self-loathing, and a narcissist?

  17. anonym

    She needs to do 2 girls 1 cup.

  18. She is a real piece of work, steals from her charity, hangs out with that rapist Terry Richardson and now has to resort to shit like this. Pure garbage.

  19. Little Tongue

    Stephanie Germanotta, AKA Lady Gaga, was just found dead from an apparent infection with Hepatitises A, B, C and E, AIDS, Rabies, Leprosy, Cholera, Diphteria, Malaria, Leptospirosis, Lyme Disease, Mumps, Plague, Poliomyelitis, Ringworm, Salmonella, Scarlet Fever, Small Pox, Tetanus, Varicella and West Nile Virus, after being puked on by various “unsafe” performers. Her producers, claiming loss of revenues, will be suing them asses off.

    RIP, Lady Gaga. You will be missed.

  20. TetterkeT

    Brought to you by Doritos!

  21. YourMom

    Max Hardcore did this like 10 years ago! What a ripoff!

  22. open minded as I am, I am stuck for words on this o.0 WTF is happening to music these days? I feel like I should go to the doctor just for watching this video..I´m sure I caught something!

    Having said that, It´s now Mileys turn!! I´m guessing her next act will be a live Bukkake on stage.She´ll lay with her legs spread, and gargle the cum of 25 homeless guys whilst she lets a random fan fist her in the ass…or she might go ahead and do something dirty.Who knows…

  23. MeMeMe

    Not sure what the big deal is. I feel like throwing up practically every time I see Gaga performing.

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