There’s Mel Gibson E-Mails Now

July 30th, 2010 // 46 Comments
Mel Gibson

Because the audio recordings weren’t enough, RadarOnline is now quoting e-mails Mel Gibson wrote Oksana Grigorieva they day after he allegedly punched her in the mouth while she may or may not have been holding their baby. (Child services thinks not.) In the emails, Mel is apologetic and begs for Oksana to call him which I think we all know how that turned out: has discovered that authorities possess an email apology from Mel to Oksana that was sent early the morning after the altercation.
“Could you please call me. I want to tell you how unspeakably sorry I am,” Mel wrote at 9:50 am on January 7.
But that wasn’t his first email after the fight. learned that at 8:38 am, Mel emailed Oksana: “How’s your tooth?”
Interestingly, when Gibson was interviewed by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department on Sunday, he asserted his Fifth Amendment right against self incrimination, refusing to discuss the domestic violence aspect of the case.

Jesus Christ, is there any form of communication Mel Gibson didn’t use to implicate himself? There’s probably carrier pigeons flying around southern California warbling “Blow me!” at each other as we speak. No, really, it’s only a matter of time until authorities find an Etch-a-Sketch with the words “Mel No Punch No More” written under a penis going into a giant pair of lips. (We forget the man’s an artist.)

Photo: Pacific Coast News


  1. firsttard


    • Bob

      What a fucking surprise!!!!! Enough with this shit!!! That bitch just wants money and will lie through her asshole to get it!! this aint news no more!! Pendeja!

      • sugar tits

        Yeah, because she wasn’t making it on her own as a famous pianist before she met him. Where did he find her, a box in Russia?? The only way she could ever get money is to trap Mel Gibson into parenthood and get him so angry that the usually “calm, sweet” Mel lost his temper by accident over and over and over. I bet he never spoke to anyone like that before and she drove him to it!
        What a user! I can’t believe she wants to make her own money by selling her own albums! Gold digger! She should get a job flipping hamburgers if she wants money to support her baby, not from the baby’s father. I don’t understand why she would record what he said? If there was abuse, all she would have to do is tell somebody and surely they would believe her for her word alone. Poor Mel.
        She dresses like a ho! Cover your neck PLEASE! Why would any self-respecting woman show her wrists??? I can see why he would be angry and tell her she will get “raped by a pack of niggers”, aren’t low class black men attracted to women who show the bottom half of their arms???
        Everybody keeps calling these recordings “rants” but this is a free country and Mel should be able to express himself with his own opinions. Why didn’t she just appologize? She deserved every “blow me, bitch, cunt, whore, gonna bury you in the rose garden” and I don’t see how she didn’t find any of this helpful. I know if I was her I would have been like, “I know am all these things you say. Please don’t kill me, I love you and I’m sorry. Come here and I’ll blow you over and over. My lip is almost healed anyway.”
        Thank you for setting a gold standard Mr. Gibson. I have hopes for my daughter that she’ll marry a special man just like you. My little sweetheart is only 8 right now and really into skooby-doo and hello kitty, but I’m sure we’ll get her moved along by playing the “rants” and telling her this is the life and love she can have someday, IF she’s lucky. I’m sure she’ll be excited!
        love, sugar tits (this is a very affectionate name I have adopted and it makes me feel respectable and beautiful)

      • Aussie Mama

        her own albums…THAT HE PRODUCED, FINANCED AND BANK ROLLED ALL THE WAY. even with his help, th 1st album sold what….4 copies.
        yes, very independant, famous pianist?
        more famous for being a penisist.

      • Tien

        Omfg sugartits that was the best thing I’ve read online for weeks. I had to come back and read it again – that was freaking hilarious! Love your work, do it again!

    • WOW, well said sugar tits, well said. Guy is a douche, too bad we are all learning that just now.

      • Doc Schweinstrudel

        Here are ugly jealous bitches striking again, ass kissing abuser enablers who probably GO OFF thinking about being punched. Women like you are the dipshits.

      • WTF report

        Doc, do you have any idea what truly great sarcasm is or do you so ready to call everyone a jealous bitch that you don’t bother to read? Dipshit yourself.

      • Doc Schweinstrudel

        WTF- what sugar tits said wasn’t a sarcasm. She actually meant it, if you don’t have enough brain to decode the semantics of the text and get the communicative message (aka that it’s normal to act like this old asshole) -
        you are as much of a dimwit as her

  2. Shecky

    Get off of Mel’s balls already!!

  3. Cock Dr

    Will charges of assault be brought against Mad Mel Gibson?
    Will charges of attempted extortion be brought against USSR big yap?
    Will any of this be resolved before I go on vacation next month?

  4. Fritz


  5. Dood

    There ARE Mel Gibson E-mails Now.

  6. missywissy

    “child services thinks not”.

    MEL GIBSON PICKED OUT AND PAID THE PEOPLE THAT THINK NOT. Come on! This is Oksana’s whole point! The guy pays people off and nobody says anything! That’s why he’s so pissed off!!!

  7. Miked

    Mel should be wearing her mouth like a shoe.

    • Cock Dr

      That treat is for the next girlfriend. There’s always someone willing to fellate & to be abused by the wealthy.

  8. Alastair

    Sir, apparently,
    you don’t understand what Mel Gibson
    was trying to do! He was trying to express,
    through cinema, the horror and filthiness
    of the common Jew. It has made people
    over the world open their eyes.

    If I knew where Mel Gibson was, I’d
    be down on the floor licking his balls
    at this very moment, sir. All I know
    is he lives somewhere in Malibu. Now
    stop wasting me and Mel Gibson’s time,
    you little wussy prick.

    • Aussie Mama

      “down on the floor lickin his balls”
      that is a cracker of a comment…hahahahahahahahah, frickin’ love your humor!
      i agree waaaaay too much has been over exagerated, truth stretched and inaccuracies, such as….hell just 1 example…gas chambers, which we know today, never existed, even the jews themselves now admit that.
      tip of the ice berg really.
      there are holocausts going on all over the world as we speak, which are ignored. yet we still rabbitt on about the 40′s. process and move on. there are no innocent parties in war, but the common man.
      the governments, with their financial backers are the real villians. war is profit. when the same people own the munitions, that own the halliburtons that rebuild the countries eventually, war or peace makes no difference. the rich bastards make money either way and we all know WHO the rich bastards are.

  9. joho777

    Of course Oksana was prepared to goad Mel into a fury over the phone. She had already made plans to record him at that time.

    Mel was a fool to believe he still had a chance with her, and that she had any feelings for him.

    Perhaps a girlfriend you have to buy and then pay a salary to is not the best kind of companion. Especially if you are sensitive to public opinion.

    • cc

      “Perhaps a girlfriend you have to buy and then pay a salary to”

      They are all like that, to varying degrees.

      • Ivy

        Well except for the sugar mamas

      • Brooke

        Only the shitty girlfriends are. My boyfriend of almost three years and I go dutch about 90% of the time. Sometimes he pays for me, but sometimes I pay for him, so it evens out. Lots of my guy friends have dated really high maintenance “treat me like a princess” girls who cost them a small fortune, and I never quite figured out if sex was really worth all that effort. Obviously Mel is regretting it…

      • Doc Schweinstrudel

        Brooke, your bf is fucking around obviously. You ain’t doing him big favor by not letting him be a real man and court you. That was advice #1.
        Advice #2: you should leave him. If a guy is not proposing after 6 months-1 year of r-ship, he probably never will as he has been stringing you along.
        Such is life, Brooke.

  10. Viv

    Leave Mel alone!!! Just leave him alone!!!!

    • Aussie Mama

      are you chris crocker?
      i agree….let him be and wait for him to present his case in court, like civilised westerners do, not through the stinky, one sided … owned media.

  11. Zack

    meh. This story has gone stale.

  12. stinky mcpoop

    That’s what SHE gets for falling asleep when she was supposed to be blowing him.

    That’s what HE gets for Passion of the Christ.

  13. anyone else like to see mel gibson and michael lohan in a cunt kicking contest? that is, kicking eachother in the cunt.

  14. shelby

    it’s sad to see so many people defending mel. it doesn’t matter if she’s a russian whore as some of you have said, or an opportunistic bitch, as some of you have said….it’s about a man behaving in this shameful immature way and hitting a woman , a woman he has had a child with. a man speaking in such a racist way when he thinks no one else is hearing him. the definition of character is behaving in a way that makes you proud of yourself even if no one is watching.

    • Johnny Cage

      You’re basically describing the way everyone in Hollywood acts. Thus the whole singling out of Mel Gibson for the 72,089th time is just plain ridiculous.

      • Cock Dr

        You know *everyone* in Hollywood then? You have knowledge of this abuse that the ravenous paparazzi & tabloids does not?
        Let’s hear some evidence when you make sweeping statements about “everyone”.

      • Johnny Cage

        @Cock Dr

        You’ve got to be kidding. WTF do you think you have you been reading these past 20 or so years? You just now coming to the realization that a lifestyle where things like coke, prostitution, occult, loads of money, the idea you can get away with anything, extreme depression, broken families, high divorce, mafia troubles, cosmetic surgery, publicity, and the ever taunting paparazzi, might lead to things like abuse, corruption, or anger?? Did all the stories of celebs getting arrested, becoming scientologists, dying of “unknown causes”, doing drugs, Heath Ledger, Tara Reid, Lindsay, Britney, Tommy Lee, Rober……Ok wait a minute, you were just trying to troll me weren’t you? LOL, Cool I admit you got me there. I fell for that one. Good work bro.

      • Cock Dr

        There is no “everyone”. Get over that idea. That gets us all into trouble.
        There is only individuals….in this case living in a city built around the entertainment industry. Certainly there are many people with the big big troubles that you describe, but how many more are just doing their jobs, taking care of business, and completely steering clear of all that shit?
        Don’t malign a whole damn town for the highly visible bad apples.
        Now, if you have tape of another A list leading man calling his lady of the moment a glum cunt or having a tantrum over lack of oral sex, post em up.

      • Johnny Cage

        I find it odd Cock Dr, how people like you enjoy making fun of folks like Sean, while at the same time you are the one naively believing in fairy tales.

      • ShuttheFup

        Hey Cock Dicker,shut the hell up..everyone knows Hollywood is full A-holes.Sweep this statement,the whole San Fernando Valley and everyone within a 100 miles of it is an A-hole. And I know.

  15. captain america

    he has DENTURES yet?

  16. sillygirl

    mel is crazy, but this bitch is making herself look bad. should have just stopped at the tapes. everything looks so calculated when its released piece by piece.

  17. Jack Mykokov

    RadarOnline must be cumming in their pants over all this shit. Just think of all the clicks on their sponsor ads! I mean fuck, every time anybody goes to listen to one of Mel’s “hate filled” EXTREMELY lucrative rants, they have to watch a pre-roll for fucking Shark Week. Which is kind of ironic now that I think about it.


  18. Ukrain Russian

    Search Green Card Hunters to learn the steps such Ukrainian Russian women do to westerners. Falsiying abuse accusation is an essential steps of the scam. If a lot of money is involved, well, the ski is the limit on what they can falsify. They know the western laws and loops b efore they leave their countries. They always do it. It is a standard procedure. It is a national pride and honor to decieve westerners. Anyone like them would help them as well. Mel is lucky did not marry her. He is still alive.

  19. Jamie

    It’s ridiculous to me how Mel has so much support. I swear this is ten times worst than the Chris Brown situation but Mel won’t get half the hate as him for half as long. Double standards of Hollywood and the world today.

  20. Aussie Mama

    she will be proven wrong.
    today they are reporting that over dinner he asked his ex wife robyn for a reconcilliation and she said no way!
    two people that never released an iotta of information, to do with one another, throughout their whole marriage and very amicable divorce…are now supposedly passing on conversation about one another to media?
    puhleez, the lies are sooooo obvious, the smear stinks of the stinkiest shit possible!

  21. Aussie Mama

    Oksana Grigorieva has gone through two publicists already, because they keep telling to shut her lips to the media about all things Mel Gibson but she doesn’t listen. Case in point: OctoSana gave an interview to Radar Online outside of a Ralph’s in Los Angeles this morning. I’m not saying the interview looks completely choreographed and staged…Okay, yes, I am, because it does. At first, OctoSana tells Radar that she can’t talk to them, but then she continues to talk…and talk some more.

    OctoSana says that Mad Mel’s verbal tornado of blue bally rage was recorded all on the same night. (Wow same night, now that’s different to what she has indicated, what has been smeared/reported by the media!) She secretly recorded him, because she wanted proof of his craziness in case he did anything to her that night. She swears on her collagen supply that she didn’t try to extort cash out of Mel in exchange for the tapes. She says that rumor is a part of a smear campaign against her by Team Mad Mel. OctoSana went on to say, “I think Mel, basically, is trivializing domestic violence. It is unfair that by standing up to somebody — and speaking out — I am being victimized all over again. He has hurt so many people.”

    When asked if she has a message for Mel, she asked him to start spitting out the truth for the sake of their daughter. Ummm maybe you shutting up would do your daughter the world of good too?

    OctoSana has been playing things perfectly up until she started blabbing to anybody who put a mic under her face!

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