There’s Another Justin Bieber N*gger Video

“Hard niggas use hard words, son. PUT ME IN MY GRACO, BITCH.”

Shortly after the release of the first Justin Bieber saying nigger video, there was already talk of another video being shopped around. According to TMZ, two months ago the leaker asked for $1 million from Justin’s team who not only refused to pay, but just released a second video (below) themselves to get this shit over with:

A 14-year-old Justin Bieber did a horribly racist version of his own song 5 years ago … looking into the camera and singing … “There’ll be one less lonely n*****.”
Bieber and his team tell TMZ … they want this video out, because he wants to own what he did.
We’re told when Justin was 14 … he had seen a random video online in which a comedian parodied his song, “One Less Lonely Girl,” but the guy replaced the word “girl” with the n-word.
Justin then parodied the parody … right on camera.

But don’t worry. Shortly after the video was made, Justin Bieber confessed to Will Smith and Usher who took the teenage boy into a private room to watch videos which is practically the foundation of their relationship:

We’re told years ago Justin told both Usher and Will Smith about the videos, saying he knew almost immediately it was a stupid thing to do … Usher took him into a room and showed him historically racist videos to drive home how hurtful these words can be.

In 2005, Corey Feldman once gave the following answer when asked if Michael Jackson ever showed him inappropriate images:

“If you consider it inappropriate for a man to look at a book of naked pictures with a child that’s 13 or 14 years old, then your answer would be yes.”

I think I’ve said my piece.

Photos: FameFlynet