There’s Another Britney Spears Tape

Despite explicit instructions to place their lips gently upon her Southern derriere, RadarOnline has just released another Britney Spears recording even though absolutely no one is buying these things, and audio experts are laughing themselves to sleep over the obvious manipulation used on them:

On the new tape, Britney’s ex husband Jason Alexander also confesses to smoking dope and says: “You know I got the best pot in California if you really want to smoke.”
That candid admission is followed up with a reply where she admits “I smoked the (bleeping) joint and went back to bed.

Of course, in Radar’s defense Jason Alexander, who’s getting paid for all this, is adamant it’s her, so clearly, it must be:

But Alexander is not backing down at all. He passed a polygraph test and produced an audio tape of the conversation. He told Star magazine that he stands by the story 100% and certainly knows what his ex wife sounds like on the phone.

Oh, phew, Jason Alexander knows what Britney sounds like on the phone, and I think we can all agree that’s a level of authority you just don’t abuse. Which now makes me regret all those times I said this is bullshit. Obviously, I should’ve waited for all the facts first. Forgive me.