There’s Amber Rose’s Ass in a Bikini

August 3rd, 2010 // 131 Comments

Here’s Amber Rose in Miami Monday where the paparazzi weren’t locked down by the rules of a canned shoot and were free to fire off shots of her ass like they’re trying to make the goddamn buffalo go extinct. (That sounded way better in my head.) For those of you wondering why I’m putting so much emphasis on Amber’s backside, allow me to put things in perspective: It’s what Reggie Bush used to replace Kim Kardashian. BOOM. Here I just assumed he’d duct tape two cheerleaders together and make them grow mustaches, but then again, I’ve always been the practical type.

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  1. Amber Rose Bikini
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    ass and ye shall receive.

  2. Amber Rose Bikini
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    There is a God.
    As I stated before, it is probably Halle Berry; and Amber Rose is Her prophet.

  3. chad scrogi

    She has such a great body! But her face and chrome dome ..

  4. WOW!! What a bod! She beats Kim in Bod and Boobs but Kim beats her ass. But lets be honest, 99.9999999999% would bang that ass anyway.

  5. anonym

    nice ass !

    real hips !

    real woman’s body

  6. Amber Rose Bikini
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    Gig-a-dee…if I told you, you had a smokin’ hot body, would you hold it against me? Wow!

  7. Amber Rose Bikini
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    Gorgeous and intriguing inside out

  8. Johnny Cage

    The fact that she once dated that douche Kayne West, it ruins her for me.

  9. Vera

    I dont understand why a woman can’t be beautiful because she is beautiful, black/white/asian/latina/bi-racial. Why do white people always downplay a womans looks if she is not white? And it is usually from the mouth of someone who looks like crap themselves.

    She has a wonderful body, not many women can pull off a close cut hair do like she does, and she is very cute in the face. Nothing on her is fake, and she is not a fake female trying to be someone she isn’t.

    Amber and Kim K can not be compared.

    Kim is very exotic, only issue I have is her butt is fake. Ask yourself where she got it from? Her mother doesn’t have it, her sisters are not even close, and her dad have it either doesn’t either.

    • Becs

      Kim does have a fake butt, and she’s had so much surgery she shouldn’t even be considered “hot” or even her herself anymore, they should give her a new name to go with her new face and body.

  10. Vera

    I just seen a whole bunch of pics of Amber here and other sites and if I chose to ever be with a woman, I would chose her. She just has this vibe about her.

    I don’t like her tattoos though.

  11. Amber Rose Bikini
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    Wow. She’s actually pretty damn good looking. However I will never ever understand why..she likes to be bold. Oh well, still gorgeous though.

  12. Amber Rose Bikini
    Lucas California
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    Could have been pretty hot in my book. Except for the hair (or) loss of. Not to mention the fact that if she is bangin’ reggie bush he’s probably a blck dude. No wonder kardashian and her are in same company. Superficial tramps.

    • Becs

      This girl is biracial, so what does it matter. Her mom is Black, she can get with all the Black guys she wants.

      Kim is a whore, not for being with Black guys, but because she is a whore who gets passed from Black guy to Black guy. yuck

  13. Amber Rose Bikini
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    Ugly face but her ass is incredible

  14. Amber Rose Bikini
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  15. Amber Rose Bikini
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    I like, I like, I like.

  16. Amber Rose Bikini
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    Very nice!

  17. Amber Rose Bikini
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    Beautiful girl!

  18. Amber Rose Bikini
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  19. Amber Rose Bikini
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    how can one person not have a single bad angle??? She looks cute from every single one! haha ;)

  20. Amber Rose Bikini
    Jack Ketch
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    I’ve always liked her, and I think she’s all-natural. How many can say that these days.

  21. Amber Rose Bikini
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    Coco’s a** looks abnormal, bad implants, makes her look like she has short squat legs. Coco has an ugly face and Amber has a pretty face

  22. Amber Rose Bikini
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    Fuck this bitch….I wanna see the twins!!!

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