There is no Mischa Barton, there is only Zuul.

Mischa Barton is about to crazy her way out of a job, according to Page Six:

A source on the set of her CW show, “The Beautiful Life,” says Barton shows up to work so bleary some days that it holds up filming. One day, says a source, “she was getting snippy with the director and kept demanding that someone make instant coffee for her. Often, she’ll stare at the coffee for minutes at a time and say, ‘Who will fix my coffee? I need someone to fix my coffee.’ “

You know what I like about Mischa Barton? You know what you’re getting into upfront. All the batshit’s out in the open, so there’s no surprises. Unlike some women who pretend to be sane until you sleep with their sister. Then suddenly they’re throwing your Xbox out the window and threatening to break up with you. Cuckoo.

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