There Is Nothing Tori Spelling Won’t Do For Money

How broke is Tori Spelling? Psychic hotline broke. She’s now the celebrity partner for Psychic Source, a somehow still legal business that connects you with real clairvoyants for the low price of $1/minute. Seriously though, she must really believe this stuff, because no one would debase themselves into duping the simple-minded fucks — who amazingly know how to work phones — out of money they desperately need just for profit, right? Via ET:

And the new job couldn’t come at a better time for Spelling. Last month, she was sued by American Express for payment on her balance. According to legal documents obtained by ET, Spelling had a balance of $37,981.97 on her American Express card, and hadn’t made a payment since June 26, 2015. The payment in question — for $1,070 — was also returned.

Oh. Well, shit. Then let’s just call out these lying sacks of bullshit crystal deodorant rocks for what they are and have fun making fun of their faces and words. Cool?

Here’s Carmaleena. Her psychic specialty is “emotional damage.” Her name sounds like Mexican knockoff candy and she looks like she used to be an evangelical Christian until she got caught boning a married pastor in a Walmart parking lot.

Here’s Robert Gene. He practices Reiki and knows everything about you just from hearing your first name. Also, he looks like if Alf fucked Louie Anderson and nine months later they still tried to abort it.

And here’s PuJu. Goddamnit, people are paying $1/minute to talk to a guy named fucking PuJu. He’s a man who wears eight rings, and that’s pretty much all you need to know here.

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Photo: Psychic Source