‘There Is Another… Sky.. walker.’

September 24th, 2010 // 154 Comments

As Lindsay Lohan prepares to appear in court today knowing she’ll never see the inside of a jail cell – her usual Friday – 16-year-old Ali Lohan is quietly being groomed in the wings to carry her sister’s torch so their mother will never have to get a real job. Here she is posing for Lindsay’s 6126 clothing line’s Spring/Summer 2011 collection (above) because you know what they did wrong with firecrotch? Waited too long to sexualize her. Clearly, that’s where everything fell apart and not at all the shitass parenting. “Can we get accentuate those illegal breasts some more? I don’t want to pull another daughter out of the opium den I drove her to because I’m Dina Lohan. These kids just have no moderation, I swear.”

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  1. Jill

    “But, but, but… she’s MODELING, and it’s ART… isn’t she BEA-U-TI-FUL?!??!”

  2. Bunny

    wow. these pix need to be photoshopped more. she looks like she has a horse-head.

  3. Nero

    *Sweet voice* How old it this girl folks?!

  4. Rough, assessing assessments, since now

    Uh oh! looks like papa douche cube going to have a brand new bag….

    Let the secret tapes begins…

  5. Carolyn

    What a pitiful family.

  6. Lori

    That’s right. Blame it all on the mother. Like her father had nothing to do with it. Typical woman-hater. You can’t even hide it very well.

  7. Ali Lohan Poses for 6126
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    I had a feeling she’d get semi-hot

  8. Ali Lohan Poses for 6126
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    i dont think she’s THAT ugly. I think she needs someone that knows what they hell they’re doing to reshape her eyebrows because she obviously doesnt know how so she goes with this evil look where she looks pissed off all the time.

  9. 16 is the age of consent in my state (and most of the US, for those of you hung up on 18 for some reason), so fuck it. And by “it” I mean her.

  10. Ali Lohan Poses for 6126
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    Friggin ugly

  11. girl who likes it in da butt


  12. Ali Lohan Poses for 6126
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    If people don’t think she’s already not doing massive lines of blow, they’re insane. That whole family is nothing but f*ck-ups.. a mere by-product of their mother and father.

  13. Ali Lohan Poses for 6126
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    Those awful, tacky sausage curls are NOT helping

    STOP SAUSAGE CURLS AND RINGLETS and other affectations of the retarded form of “entertainment” that is burlesque!!

  14. Ali Lohan Poses for 6126
    Cardinal Fang
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    Nice legs if they haven’t been smoothed and trimmed with Photoshop.

  15. Ali Lohan Poses for 6126
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    way overly photoshopped..surprise. she’s nasty :(

  16. It looks like those pictures were taken in someone’ apartment (note the carpet) and photoshopped (note the face)

  17. LD

    Must suck to be the uglier less talented younger sister especially when comparing to lindsey.

  18. just stop Dina

    When did it become okay to start to push your kids into this kind of stuff?! Really!! When your worthless husband left, or when Disney bought Lindsay/You a house to live in. Kids grow up fast enough as it is, let them enjoy what little childhood they have. What kind of mother denies their children the ability to grow up normally?! Just stop it, let them have what little semblance of childhood they have left.

  19. Ali Lohan Poses for 6126
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    i think she looks good.

  20. Ali Lohan Poses for 6126
    die cunt
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    God dammit the world can not survive another lohan. Jesus christ her face is photoshopped beyond belief.

  21. hungryzombie

    good before pictures. she won’t look like that for long.

  22. Ali Lohan Poses for 6126
    The Cynic
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    Poor girl. She’s got that long Celine Dion face, doesn’t have the incredible rack her sister’s got, and has a fucked-up family to overcome on top of it. Good luck being normal in a few years.

  23. Ali Lohan Poses for 6126
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    Damn! She makes jail look appealing.

  24. Ali Lohan Poses for 6126
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    Gangly, awkward and fug, with a single expression.
    Gross. Go away now, Ali, you have no talent, you aren’t pretty or interesting or smart, you have nothing to offer.

  25. Ali Lohan Poses for 6126
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    but.. shes even more unattractive – then her sister.

    kinda like rumor willis …thats her name right? the one with the squareish face?

  26. Ali Lohan Poses for 6126
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    That must be some serious photoshopping because Ali’s face is busted.

  27. Ali Lohan Poses for 6126
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    Poor girl has unfortunate looks … and is about as sexy as a tub of cold margarine.

  28. Apostate

    Looks Chintumer Willis just might actually have a little comp judging from this jailbait’s jawline….

  29. Debbie

    No, but seriously. Who is doing the photography for this “fashion” line? Michael? Because eegh. Bad backgrounds, bad lighting, unflattering angles and poses. Not just Ali (run, Ali!), but all the 6126 pictures I’ve seen.

  30. Ali Lohan Poses for 6126
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    No. No. No.

    I wonder if she or her parents ever considered any other career or future than hollywood. Just because one of your kids wins the lottery doesn’t mean you encourage the others to spend every dollar they have on tickets. And the odds of achieving the kind of success Lindsay had (then pissed away) are about the same as winning the lottery, even if you ARE talented and attractive, which this girl just is not.

    And remember when Lindsay was this age a huge part of her appeal was her freckles, big smile and not bone-thin body. She looked like a real girl. Not a blow-up doll.

  31. Ali Lohan Poses for 6126
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    Did Rumer Willis lose weight?

  32. Ali Lohan Poses for 6126
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    I don’t think she’s nearly as bad-looking as people are saying. However, the photos are way too photoshopped and that’s some really bad posing with the hands. It looks like she borrowed too much money from Fingers.

  33. lizzie

    that looks like a living room floor!

  34. Ali Lohan Poses for 6126
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    Kids let this be a warning, laxatives stunt your growth!

  35. Ali Lohan Poses for 6126
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    In some states, she’s “legal”, I do her in all three of her hot wet moist holes in those states. In other states, she is jailbait. I’d only talk to her, and ask her if she liked to travel to certain states in those states. Ali give me a call, we can talk about travelling.

  36. Ali Lohan Poses for 6126
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    Nice photoshoot in your living room you stupid bitch. We can see the baseboard of your wall. Great job. Oh, and you look like a bad of mashed up assholes.

  37. mike

    ali is so gorgeous she looks so much better than her sister hey ali i love you i’d marry you in a heart beat people say mean thing forget them i love you I WOULD MARRY YOU IN A HEART BEAT ALI IF YOU WOULD MARRY ME??????

  38. Ali Lohan Poses for 6126
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    again ali you are beautiful they are wrong about you they judge you by what your sister has done both good and bad so you lose most of the time,you are gorgeous ali i love you i love you i love you i love you i’m in love with you.

  39. Ali Lohan Poses for 6126
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    Ugh…I didn’t know that there was a demand for Celine Dion lookalikes. Pass on that.

  40. Ali Lohan Poses for 6126
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    ali is gorgeous you people are hateing on her because of her sister, but i think ali is beautiful, so suck on that suckers, as a matter of fact ali looks better than her sister i love ali.

  41. Ali Lohan Poses for 6126
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    hey ali you are beautiful be yourself don’t try to be your sister it’s not you ok, i’ll always love you i wish i could marry you.

  42. Ali Lohan Poses for 6126
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    heyyy ali forget these haters there not worth anything anyway, your gorgeous and beautiful, i bet you look way better than these haters do any day of the week, i love you.

  43. Ali Lohan Poses for 6126
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    hey ali you need to smile you have a beautiful smile thats my one problem with these photos nobody gets to see your inner beauty, it maybe hard to smile but it shows if your cut out to be an actress, when you manage to smile or cry when you don’t feel that way the same with singing you search your soul for those feelings makes you a great actress or not, oh ali ilove you.

  44. Michael Lohan

    You’re looking great up there sweetie, Don’t even bother with any of the comments on here. I’ll show you just how great I think you look when you get home from school. Let me know what you’ll want for a snack – we’ve got whipped cream and ripe bananas, chocolate fudge, peaches…

  45. JollyJumJuck

    Maybe when she turns 18, she and her older sister will do porn together.

  46. Ali Lohan Poses for 6126
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    She’s a pretty girl, but she’s not like Lindsey (was). Sadly, most models are young. 15 to 19 is their peek age, after that they’re washed up.

    I gotta say, I love the black lacy suit. It’s sufficiently slutty enough for me to wear.

  47. Ali Lohan Poses for 6126
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    She is actually very pretty. Looks like a regular sixteen year old trying to look like an adult (most kids these days pile on the make up). Does anyone else notice the cheap carpet in this shot? It looks like her Mom snapped a shot at home then photo shopped it.

  48. Reality

    She’s a crappy model and has a weird face (Thank you Photoshop? Or nature? Who knows?) but a nice figure. That being said, the dress in the last picture is adorable.

    This family needs to go the f*ck away. Now.

  49. Ali Lohan Poses for 6126
    your mom
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    Anyone else think she looks a little bit like tina fey/winona ryder?

  50. Ali Lohan Poses for 6126
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    I think she’s way better looking than her sister, she has classic looks, she just hasn’t fully grown into them. Lilo has a more generic look, and her nose and lip jobs do nothing for her. I know it s a matter of preference, but I feel ali is much more classically beautiful.

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