There Are Still Nipples On The Site, Folks

June 10th, 2010 // 98 Comments

Because, understandably, no one read the text of yesterday’s Danielle Staub post, there’s been some confusion as to whether there’s still NSFW pics on the site. Let me clear that up for you:


And to demonstrate here’s the just-released uncensored stills from Danielle Staub Raw. I hate to use this chick again, but you people apparently couldn’t get enough of her yesterday which has single-handedly crushed my remaining faith in humanity. Her tits are square! I’m all for breast augmentation, but when they start showing up in the shape of a pentagon– Actually I’m board with that one. But a rhombus…

NOTE: “View Full Size” versions are NSFW.

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  1. Brooke

    Yeah, tits aren’t supposed to have a smeared effect to them.

    I think this old bag had work done to her face, too. Must be weird having a mom who looks like a stretched-out troll doll.

  2. clamhammer
    Commented on this photo:

    Some one needs to pay this pug fugly bitch to put her clothes back on. Besides,her tits have flat spots,yuck! I do not want to hammer that clam.

  3. grody

    gross tits. no ass. picture of her young daughter in the background. this woman is ugly…inside and out.

  4. Ewwwww!
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    Much better with the stars covering the nips.

  5. Reallllyy
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    So did she leak her own sex time because who honestly films themselves. She should be ashamed of herself, its sad how more mature her children then she is. What mother of 2 older girls films themselves and then leaks the video. Her children must be so embarrassed at school. Also her body is awwwfulll her tits are gross maybe with whatever money you make from this sex tape you should go get them fixed honey. Being a Jersey girl my whole life, you are an embarrassment to New Jersey.

  6. Dick Throbbin
    Commented on this photo:

    She MUST have SOME skills, perhaps she can SUCK START A B-52 Bomber ?

  7. Huh
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    links dont seem to work anywhere on the site with my mac using firefox 3.6.3

  8. CocosGirl
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    How can she even think she looks good? Botched boob job, her skeletal frame, the AWFUL botox, eyelift and every other thing she’s done to her face. I’m embarassed she lives in my county and is telling everyone her bullshit “adoption” story (no WAY. NO F-ING WAY is that true). If she was molested as a child I’m sorry. But girl get your f-ing act together for your girls and move on. You’re acting like a whore…

  9. turd da third

    She needs a big f-ing star right over her whole face.. She has a freaking pig face, guess we will have to wait for the video to see if she snorts and squeels like a pig too……

  10. turd da third

    The only centerfold she could make woud be on a pair of sheets of toilet paper,, and you know what I would be doing with this toilet paper…seems kind of fitting in a way doesn’t it ?

  11. mrsfiveday
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    her tits are more wonky then Audrina Patridge’s…now who knew that was even possible.

  12. mrsfiveday
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    lmfao wonk tits..remember the days girls of sticking oranges under your shirt to pretend you had boobs..well this chicky took it a step forward and had the oranges shoved under her skin bahahaha.

  13. mrsfiveday
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    haha Johnny stab-O I just made similar comments on these pics lol..did anyone notice the fat rolls over her stockings lmao

  14. full noise
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    stoked i can see the nsfw pics in my phone now but damm didn’t want to see those

  15. therealone

    Used and abused, OY VEY.

  16. bah

    I want to see the butthole

  17. staubhog

    I dunno she’s kinda attractive in a leathery sort of way?

  18. sarah
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    aw come onn. people are being super harsh. her face isn’t terrible, not great, but not terrible. better than lady gaga!!

    but beyond that, great – GREAT – legs, nice waist, overall great shape except (tragically) for the T and A. i like her hair too. it’s true she’s celebritish, but she’s also just some fameball on a new jersey reality tv show. whatever. she’s like 45. have you seen your mom… at 45? danielle looks okay

    i dont think she’s like super hot.. but i felt like all the comments were so so negative it was almost unfair

  19. AmeriCanadian

    This whore is trashy, just like the other whores on that stupid show. You can take the whore out of the trailer park, but you can’t get the trailer parkitis out of the whore.

    I don’t give a shit how much money those cunts have. They have 0 class.

  20. Holy hell
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    Anyone notice her boobs are square(pic 4)….? Just sayin.

  21. me

    Wow, I’m glad I never watched that show
    1) fake tits, and they still look like shit
    2) fake face, and it still looks like shit
    3) probably a fake attitude, shit all over it.

  22. Brenden
    Commented on this photo:

    I can’t be the only one to catch the fact that she’s trying to get sexual on camera with an abnormally large photo of her daughter in the background.

    Mommy loves you, sweetie.

  23. Commented on this photo:


  24. CY
    Commented on this photo:

    I would “do” that. (i mean sex.)

  25. Dirkjan Ochtman

    Ugh, so we don’t get images in the RSS feed anymore?

  26. Rob Two
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    Who is the guy in the mirror? (pic #3) He’s the camera guy, I get that, but is he from the tv show? (anybody we know?)

  27. anonslut

    Gary Coleman’s DEATH PICTURE!

  28. qwerty
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    There’s no way to get this kind of scars by a simple breast augmentation,she must have had a lift/reduction too

    • tina

      actually there is. My cousin got breast augmentation, and she has a large scar running from the underside of her breast and all the way around her nipple. Tara Reid has a similar scar.

  29. OG
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    ill fuck her anytime

  30. Commented on this photo:

    Her nipples look like they have cancer. Complete turn-off.

  31. turd da third

    Next she will be doing commercials for KY Jelly,,, just watch…

  32. ct
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    That’s one fugly chick. I’d have to pretty drunk to bang that. No lying…

  33. john

    she has the face of a squirrel and the body of a 40 years old bitch. She is so pathetic

  34. k

    this old whore took the kim kartrashian road and leaked her own sex tape for money and attention. pathetic!

  35. Dan
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    DUDE.. OK, the website is gayer now.. But the stars don’t go away on the pics now..WHAT THE HELL. I give it a week to fix, else I am out of here and do something else with 20min of my life each day.

  36. jonesy

    oh my God!

    There are nipples on the site. She looks quite ok for her age.

    bags factory

  37. josh
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  38. RasputinsLiver
    Commented on this photo:


    Er….those are some of the most horrible udders I’ve seen.

    She really needs to but a over-sized baggy hoodie on. At least for us.


    And….uh…the site…yeah….well um…..wouldn’t matter what I think anyways.


  39. captain america

    ……….please tell me where?

  40. RasputinsLiver
    Commented on this photo:


    One thing I will say, Fish, and maybe others will agree…

    …there’s just way too much white on the comments board. Blinding as hell.


  41. beefbeef
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    I dunno…..I’d still probably hit it. I like pink stars.

  42. Commented on this photo:

    How do you get the star to go away?

  43. How do you get rid of the stars?

  44. LT81

    Uhh dude, I thought this was Octomom when I first looked. Then, after vomiting a little in my mouth, I read that it was some other trash bag. Nasty.

  45. Bosco
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    Damn things still look censored to me no matter which image you click

  46. Crusty

    Desperation never looked so.. desperate. Could the girl at least put some makeup on?

  47. lauraa

    i’m surprised you didn’t post pictures of katy perry’s vagina when he flashed it during whatever event.

  48. lauraa

    she* – fuckoff.

  49. The Matador

    Don’t know the gal, but she looks fine. I’d eat her backside.

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