The Whores are Talking: Rachel Uchitel, Jamie Jungers claim they’re not hookers

December 11th, 2009 // 60 Comments

The Tiger mistress who started it all, Rachel Uchitel, is threatening to sue The View after Joy Behar suggested she’s a hooker, according to TMZ:

Gloria Allred, lawyer for Tiger Wood’s alleged mistress #1, is pissed that Joy Behar joked on the show on Thursday, “Yeah, you-ka-tell she’s a hooker.”
Gloria says the statement was false, defamatory and highly offensive — and hurtful, too.
G.A. says Rachel is “not amused” because “she values her reputation and her reputation has been damaged…”

I’m not a scientist, but I’m pretty sure Rachel’s reputation was damaged the minute she saw Tiger Woods’ married penis and a cash register went off in her head. In the meantime, Fuck-Buddy No. (Who the hell knows?) Jamie Jungers is threatening litigation over claims she worked for a Vegas escort service while in the same breath revealing on Today she asked Tiger for money to “help her out:”

“The one time out of the whole year and a half I was with Tiger, I asked him, ‘Can you please help me out?’ ” Jungers told Vieira. “I didn’t give him a dollar amount, I didn’t say, ‘Can you buy me a house?’ I wasn’t specific about what I needed, but I did say, ‘Can you help me out?’
“He said, ‘I can’t,’ ” Jungers continued. “I said, ‘I don’t understand.’ I thought maybe he was joking. I was already embarrassed to ask about it. He said, ‘I’m sorry, I can’t.’ And that’s when I told him, ‘That shows to me how much I mean to you, and I can’t do this anymore. I’m already in a rough position in my life, and I have more drama and that’s what I don’t need.’ “

pros·ti·tu·tion noun. 1 : the act or practice of engaging in promiscuous sexual relations especially for money

I rest my case.

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  1. FACE

    This is why white women like these are the lowert form of humanity and deserve absolutely no respect.

  2. gotmilk?

    how can one have a reputation ruined when this person is virtually unknown until she opens her plastic lips to tell the world she fucked Tiger. can anyone take this whore seriously? she’s fucking delusional.

  3. “I’m pretty sure Rachel’s reputation was damaged the minute she saw Tiger Woods’ married penis and a cash register went off in her head.”

    Riiiight?! I’m so sick of all this poor fucking mistress syndrome! Rachel Uchitel is a dirty money grubbing whore (thw orst one of all) who is reportedly pissed off that Tiger “cheated” on her with other women!! Are you fucking KIDDING ME? I love this, so he owes her something now, but she wasn’t very worried about his WIFE when she was underneath him was she? Pig. I mean, just looks at her. I don’t understand how famous/wealthy men can’t smell the motives of a chickclike this a million miles away! Dumb asses.

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  5. too many things in her hand lol~~~~~

  6. Rachel Uchitel, third from right, Is now in negotiations to pose for Playboy. Rachel was Tiger’s #1 ho.

  7. Yep

    This whore has a long history of attention whoring and fame whoring, to the point where she once gave an interview to some obscure nightclub magazine in which she claimed she’s “been romantically linked to” several pro athletes and actors.

    And then when the Tiger Woods thing broke, and she was revealed as megawhore #1, this ultra-slut enjoyed every second of her 15 minutes, going to extreme lengths to be photographed entering and exiting various buildings in NYC in her sunglasses, with her leathery fake tits popping out.

    The fact that she would claim to “value her reputation” when she was already a noted whore BEFORE the Tiger story broke, speaks volumes about how delusional she is.

    If the Playboy thing is true, and the reality TV thing is true, this ultraslut is really working to parlay her notoriety as a famous whore into true money-making possibilities.

  8. You Retards

    @ “Black Dragon” (#10) — It’s a generally understood rule that once you embrace celebrity and all the fame, money and perks it includes, you give up your right to privacy.

    This is why Sarah Palin looks stupid when she cries about the media reporting on her family, AFTER she used them (and continues to use them) as campaign props.

    So you see, this has nothing to do with racism as you insinuate, and I’d suggest you stop playing that card here. Tiger willingly took the money, the respect, the fame, and the life of a celebrity, and in exchange he gave up his right to privacy, like ALL celebrities.

    Now, as to the issue of Rachel Uchitel and Jamie whats-her-name, these are two very obvious fame whores who have turned out to be (surprise!) whores in the more traditional sense as well.

    The ultraslut Rachel Uchitel has already tried to parlay her 15 minutes into a reality show deal, and there were reports she was considering an offer from Playboy. She’s also known for being a consummate fame whore who has previously broken up at least one other celebrity’s marriage. And her mother (who is apparently proud of her daughter’s various whoring exploits) claims Uchitel has slept with Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez.

    So what we have here is a serial fame whore (Uchitel) overshadowing a dumber, more disgusting-looking fame-whore. I’m sure Uchitel is thrilled with her position as the most prominent of slores to spread her legs for Tiger Woods.

  9. RFrost

    I thought Tiger only banged blonde chicks?

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