The Whores Are Talking: Holly Sampson bragged about banging Tiger in May

Porn star Holly Sampson was reportedly bragging about having sex with Tiger Woods back in May 2009, according to SPORTSbyBROOKS:

Sampson: “I f— Tiger Woods. … Me and my girlfriends did a bachelor party for Tiger and it was amazing. And then he (Woods) picked me to go in the room. I have to say he was really good. … I think it’s pretty amazing. He’s (Woods) like the whitest black boy you’ve ever met. His teeth are perfect and he’s the perfect gentleman. He’s beautiful.
Sampson also confirmed performing oral sex on Woods and that he used a condom.
Sampson: “It was pretty simple, straight up sex. He’s got a lot to protect himself from too. I think he would probably die if he knew I was telling this on the internet but that’s okay, I don’t care. It was fun, it’s not like it was any big mystery.” [Emphasis mine.]

Racial connotations aside, only a porn star could bang a married man at a bachelor party then refer to him as a “gentleman.” I wonder what part was the most chivalrous: When he didn’t bother to take off his wedding ring or the fistful of 20s followed by threats of death if she opened her mouth? There’s just so much dreamy to choose from, I don’t know you do it.

Photos: Splash News, Video: TMZ