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January 31st, 2006 // 26 Comments



  1. rena

    is gwyneth paltrow quoting from harold and kumar go to white castle? nph forever!

  2. Jewbacca


  3. Zed

    And who is that a picture of? Elizabeth Ann Arnold? And she was a “beauty queen,” you say?

    Do they not have a lot of women in Kentucky?

  4. Looks like Nick has moved on from huge funbags to superhuge funbags.

  5. mikeski

    I’m sorry, was I supposed to be looking at her face?

  6. escapevelocity

    whoa. boobs bigger than pamela anderson’s. never thought such a feat would be possible. must’ve gotten a bundle from Miss Kentucky prize money.

  7. PinkRose

    OMG!! Nick is dating a man!!

  8. monkeypup

    That’s the best looking man I’ve ever seen. Maybe a bit smiley though.

  9. gossipmonger

    Elizabeth Ann Arnold…wow, you’d think she’d have taken some of that implant money, maybe gone one size less, and gotten her nose done…

  10. If that is his re-bound from Jessica, lmfao he’s got issues. I am not attracted to blondes, but wtf?

    She kind of reminds me of the chicken lady from kids in the hall. They have the same beak.

  11. BrendaPayne

    That’s the most attractive person in Kentucky? From the neck down she’s spectacular, just like Lisa Loeb…but what is up with these girls having uggo heads?

  12. Kitchy

    My God she must float like a buoy.

  13. SuperSpence

    Nick likes them big ol’ titties. Get in line, shrimp.

  14. cinns

    good for lisa! the last time i saw her was in ‘happy endings’ the independent film… but, she’s not exactly nonexistent yet.

  15. Mandy

    I think you need to remember that just because someone wins a beauty pageant(which facial appearance is a small portion of) doesn’t mean they are the most attractive person there. From my experiences, most of the prettier girls are not entering the pageants anyway. Have you not watched Miss USA on tv? They’re not all beautiful in the face by any means. Attractive, usually, but beautiful is definitely not a standard. I am from Ohio, but Kentucky actually has some of the hottest southern girls on the planet. You can walk down the street in Lexington, KY and see many women who are hotter than this. She has a great body, but with all of the plastic surgeons in Lexington, I’d think she could get her nose done. Unless anyone hasn’t noticed, Jessica Simpson and her sister both need nose jobs! I have noticed that for some reason, the prettier girls in KY don’t enter the pageants and their winners are definitely not the prettiest girls in the state. Hmm…

  16. MystressJade

    If you go to the link above and read her bio, it says she volunteers for Toys for Tits. Appropriate…

  17. Captain Awesome

    “Lisa Kudrow is appalled by the media’s treatment of Jennifer Aniston, and even more appalled that nobody cares about Lisa Kudrow.”

    hahahahahaha laughed my ass of here.

  18. Gwenyth, it’s not that we think you’re boring…it’s that you coasted along for YEARS because your daddy was a famous producer and mommy was a well known actress. People are now just starting to realize that you haven’t had a hit movie since Shakespere in Love. As for Lisa kudrow heres an idea. Go down to the Sunset Bowling Alley on the corner of Hollywood Blvd and San Vicente around 4am, Mira Sorvino works the night shift at the hamburger stand, maybe you can get her to do a sequel to Romy and Michelle, that was the last good thing either of you did.

  19. LaydeeBug

    Gross! That hag is a freaking bag. It just proves what I always said….what did I always say….I forget, her face scared me. Oh yeah, Big Fake Boobs, that’s all it takes. I wish my mom had told me that when I was a kid and I would have prepared. I wouldn’t have gotten that nose job.

  20. JTTenuf4Me

    I hate…HATE Gwynneth Paltrow! $100 says she used a fake English accent to say that bullshit about coke and strippers. Dear Gwynneth: It’s not so much that you’re boring, it’s more that you’re unattractive and a complete phoney. England can freakin’ have her and her stupidly-named children. It’s pretty clear that pretentious skank prefers it there, so good riddance.

  21. slinkhard

    ‘England can freakin’ have her and her stupidly-named children.’

    *sobs brokenly* But we don’t WANT her!

  22. kymomandstuff

    Actually the boobs are real.I’ve seen her in pageants since she was 13 and they’ve always been that big.She’s also a very nice person and quite stunning in person.These pictures over accentuate her strong features making her appear not as attractive.I’d bet the women making fun of her on here would trade looks in a second if given the chance.I mean even in these pics she’s far from unattractive.

  23. LaydeeBug

    So how old are you now, 18? Shut the Eff up!

  24. kymomandstuff

    Actually I’m 40 and have a daughter almost Lizzie’s age so maybe we can have a conversation when you’ve grown up.

  25. who’s that girl on the picture?

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