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January 27th, 2006 // 22 Comments



  1. mags

    It certainly couldn’t be a reminder to breathe.

  2. GirlyGirl

    Who writes these comments? Whoever you are, you are so awesome that I just fell out of my chair. This bruise will be a reminder of your awesomeness for at least the next week and a half.

  3. GirlyGirl

    Oh, and by the way, I meant the person who writes the comments that go with the pictures. Sorry mags, I don’t know if you are that awesome or not but I wasn’t referring to you. :-\

  4. CoJo

    LOL Mags! I was about to write the same exact thing…maybe her next tatoos can be an “L” on her left palm and an “R” on her right one!

  5. Hopefully there is room on Lindsay’s other wrist to get a tattoo that says “Don’t be a skanky coke whore”

  6. mia

    And a tattoo on her ankle that says “if you can read this…too late”

  7. who gives a flying fuck about anything that has to do with Lindsay Lohan

  8. Jayne

    Rock On Kidman.

  9. gossipmonger

    someone one the site with the LinLo story said it best…
    she should tattoo ‘EAT’ on her other wrist…

  10. mags

    And I felt happy for one shining moment.

  11. Captain Awesome

    This just makes me love Hottie Kidman even more.

  12. hafaball

    I think kidman got a tattoo that said, “Good thing I got out while I still could.” Cause now Tom Cruise is insane. I;m not sure if he always was…

  13. sophie

    Nicole is trying so hard to be like Angelina. First bringing that little boy dying of cancer to meet her, then saying how she envies her body, and now this. Stop Being Desperate Nicole.

  14. You know, it’s weird. Am I wrong or has Nichole Kidman gotten better looking the more she ages?

  15. trophywife

    all i gotta say is when Nic is through with KU, send him to me :) purrrrrr

  16. Jayne

    Angelina’s trying too hard to be the next Princess Diana.

  17. Moksha

    LOL gossipmonger! (she should tattoo ‘EAT’ on her other wrist…)

    BTW I used to know some cocaine users (way back in the 80′s, y’all!) who occasionally had to be reminded to BREATHE…! It would have been handy for them to have had the reminder right there, a la Lohand.

  18. andrewthezeppo

    DAMN I loves me some Nicole Kidman

    also, to whoever said she’s trying be like Angelina….just step off it.

    Nicole has been working with UNICEF for like 10 years and is just expanding her work into UNIFEM. She was doing this back in the days Angelina was dating ugly asian chicks and cutting herself.

  19. Captain Awesome

    Spindoc you’re right, she gets better and better.

    And sophie, Nicole’s been doing this type of work before fish-lips thought it was a cool “idea”. Google isn’t that “hard” to use.

  20. yeah, she needs to develop a better life!

  21. she needs to find new herself.

  22. emily

    OHMYGAWD!!!! ahhahahahahhhahhahaah she stabbed herself in the face!!!!!
    ROTFLMAO ahhahhahahhahhha!! I love it!

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