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January 20th, 2006 // 20 Comments



  1. This guy is such a junkie that I started to get the munchies just from seeing his picture in the paper.

  2. SuperSpence

    “In a shocking turn of events, Pete Doherty pleaded guilty today to possession of heroin, crack cocaine, morphine and marijuana.”

    REPLY: What, no tic-tacs?

  3. Twins huh? Looks like Jennifer will be charging $70.00 an hour now instead of $35.00 to babysit. :p

    Sharon Stone is old. Like, the no name vanilla ice cream in the fridge that is freezer burnt old.

    Pete Doherty. Not much to say. I have never followed his “status”. By looking up some of his history, I never would have anyways.

  4. Jonboy in SF

    Don’t you know that beautiful people have ugly kids and vice versa? Not banking on the Jolie-Pitt twins being Gerber babies…if you know what I mean…

  5. Jayne

    Sharon Stone..that’s disgusting.

  6. Linnea

    Pete Doherty can come and snort cocaine with me. And by with me I mean off my naked body.

  7. amma

    …Sharon Stone looks awful. They make her look okay in the movie stills…But seriously, she is starting to look like one of those stringy old lizard guys one usually finds inhabiting places like Bakersfield…Yikes!!! Wha’ happened????

  8. Doherty is such a retard. And he kinda smells.

  9. derekd

    I disagree about the kids will be good looking. Interestingly enough, two good lookin’ parents usually produces a butt ugly child. We shall see.

  10. Viola

    “Interestingly enough, two good lookin’ parents usually produces a butt ugly child.”

    Well, not USUALLY, but it happens (Kim Bassinger’s kid, for once)…
    As far as the twins story, I don’t think so. They said the same thing about Britney (something to the extent that “there was a litte girl hiding behind the little boy in her ultrasound”) and that was all bullshit.

  11. Bloody_Knows

    Angenina is taking a lot of flack over “stealing” Brad Pitt. They called her “groom raider” in the Mirror here!

  12. DannyJames

    Groom Raider! Thats awesome! But yea im sicking of everyone talkin about this kid like its beauty is going to heal by lookin upon it. The child will have a combiantion of their two features which isnt necessarily a good thing. It good be this giant lipped beady eyed square jawed woman.

  13. zena marie

    Oh. More ‘news’ about Brad Pitt’s midlife crisis. cool. *Y*A*W*N*

    Sharon Stone looks nice in that photo, but the directors oughtta cut the crotch shot biz. The shock value of that wore off back while Michael Jackson still had a nose.

    Wow. That voodoo doll Kate Moss stick pins in sure must be workin’!

  14. Don'tPanic

    I think the twins story is bullshit. In that picture it looks like Angelina has a lazy eye.

  15. lomies

    Oh, right … every pregnant celebrity couple is supposed to have twins. Right.

    And when was Kim Bassinger Jolie/Pitt level of attractive?

  16. benjamin01

    I think Kim Basinger is at least as goodlooking as AJ (re#15), and better looking in some ways. They both, apparently are as neurotic as inbred poodles.

  17. moomoovacaroo

    is it just me, or is EVERY recent picture of Brad & Angelina a pic of her up in front and him standing behind her with a goofy look on his face like “heh heh I’m fucking the prom queen, whoohoo!”

  18. AmberDextrose

    “During Bill and Jane’s visit over New Year, Bill looked at Brad, then at Ange and said: ‘You made the right choice, son.’ It was very emotional.” Did he mean, “well she looks like more of a goer than the last one”?

    “Maddox also called Bill and Jane ‘Nanny and Grandpa’, and Brad’s eyes welled up,” says a family friend. That kid is wise. He figures he’ll be losing his mother’s attention pretty soon so he’d better fish around for a substitute.

    The Mirror article reckons they had Fertility Treatment?!!!

  19. someone better put jennifer aniston on suicide watch – really….

  20. very gay, no…..a little gay…hell yes – and that’s just from the long hair!

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