The Superficial Quickies

January 16th, 2006 // 12 Comments



  1. HollyJ

    I love Carrie Fisher! She laughs at herself. Not many Hollywood people do that.

  2. I hope the most talented rapper on the planet steadies himslef before he ends up a cliched has-been.

  3. derekd

    Somehow I can’t see Britney Murphy pass her role in “Clueless” when she utters the unforgetable line, “I hope not sporadically!” Now that was classic. So what she banged waiters. At least she’s an equal opportunity whore. 6 outta 10.

  4. No Pre-nup? I hope that all that money Em already has is tied up so that when he divorces her in a year he can tell the court it was previously earned income and she can’t grab half of it. I wonder how long it would take her to snort up 100 million dollars?

  5. As for Britany Murphy, she looks a bit like the girl that you see in town a few years after you graduated from high school, and is still kinda cute in a burned out way, but you get close to her and she smells like two day old perfume and B.O.

  6. Jayne

    Carrie Fisher is a media and attention whore.

  7. ishtar

    all that stuff that went on with eminem and kim was a way blown out of proportion fight meant as a publicity stunt…she always knew all of that stuff was said for monetary gain

  8. Meh Toole

    I love this site so much. All the best gossip in one quick post. And Eminem. Yeah, it’s about the money. No, it’s an enduring love story that will one day be made into a major motion picture staring Andy Samberg.

  9. Populist

    Does Carrie Fisher admit to being insane? Really, if you’ve seen this chick interviewed, it’s a surprise she’s not signing autographs with crayon and feces.

  10. ZoomBoy

    Rap. Will.I.Am. Talent?

    Must I repeat “Let’s get retardedddd in heyyaa”?

  11. When I first saw her picture on this website I thought – “dam she looks like she likes to takes a few good snow ballings”.

    You have one of the whitest smiles I have cum across Murphy. :D

    Just kidding, but it is funny.

  12. Kitchy

    Her face looks like it’s removable. I like her movies but her smile is going to make me hang myself someday.

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